Being Undefeated Is Hard -

Being Undefeated Is Hard

Being undefeated is hard; ask Gonzaga University’s Men’s Basketball program. Gonzaga lost in the national championship game against the Baylor Bears after going undefeated through the entire season. Over the years, there have been other teams that fell short on the last game.

2007 – New England Patriots

The New England Patriots were undefeated going into the Super Bowl in 2007. But, the New York Giants shocked the world, giving Eli Manning one of his two Super Bowls. It is amazing to think Tom Brady could have won even more Super Bowls.

2015 – University of Kentucky

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Coach Calipari had an amazing team that went 38-0 before they lost to Wisconsin in the Final Four. There were NBA prospects like Devin Booker, Willie Cauley-Stein, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Trey Lyles on this team, but they could not get the job done.

1991 – University of Las Vegas (UNLV)

#6 Duke stunned #1 seed UNLV 79-77 on a buzzer-beater that lives in college basketball lore. Christian Laettner gathered a full-court pass from Grant Hill, and the rest is history. The NBA players on this squad included Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, Greg Anthony, Eric Gray, and Elmore Spencer. This was a massive win for the underdog Duke team because the UNLV team was averaging almost 97 points per game and only giving up 71 points per game.

1979 – Indiana State

Indiana State, led by the great Larry Bird, lost to Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the NCAA championship game by a score of 75-64. Bird and Indiana State were not a dominant college basketball pedigree like Michigan State, but they had an amazing year where they went 33-1.

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