Top Olympic Medallists Of All Time

By Toby T

The goal of every Olympic medalist is to win a medal that rewards all the efforts that have been put in for the competition. While the ultimate dream is to get the gold medal, there is still some pride in picking up either the silver or bronze medal. In the history of the Olympics, many athletes haven’t been lucky enough to pick up any medals. However, some have distinguished themselves and have made it a habit to win many medals across various categories of their sport repeatedly.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Here are the top medalists that have ever graced the Olympics:

  1. Michael Phelps: 19 Medals, Swimming

Michael Phelps is ahead of every other athlete to have graced the Olympics. At the Olympics at Athens, he became the second person to win eight medals in one Olympic Game, and then in 2008 at Beijing, he won 8 gold medals in 8 competitions.

Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash

She was the record holder for the highest medals for half a century before Michael Phelps won his 19th medal. The Soviet gymnast won her 18th medal in 1964, winning six awards at each of the Olympic games she attended.

The Russian legend knew his gymnastics, ensuring that he picked up seven medals in one Olympic (Montreal 1976), four of which were gold.

No fencer is has decorated as the Italian maestro who had a long and illustrious career. His career was 24 years long, and in the process, he picked up six gold medals, two bronze medals, and five silver medals.