Top Athletes From Other Sports Who Are Great Golfers

By Toby T

 It is not strange for athletes to be involved with more than one sport. Many athletes play one major sport and then have another one as a hobby. Yet, some do well and excellently in more than one sport. In this piece, we are looking at athletes from other sports who have also done quite well on the green field of golf. Some of the names will surprise you.

Photo by Lo Sarno on Unsplash

Steph Curry is a remarkable player in the NBA and is considered one of the best pure shooters in the entire history of the NBA. However, he doesn’t just stop there. Steph is also renowned for doing quite well on the golf course too. He led into the final rounds of the American Century Championship (one of the top celebrity golf competitions), and he eventually finished fourth.  He has a significant two handicap, and he also hosts a couple of golf tournaments.

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

He won 14 Grand Slam Titles as a tennis player, and that has him listed as one of the game’s true greats. However, he also did well on the golf course, with an impressive handicap, and there are several reports of him playing golf very well, even against top players.

He has won the Stanley Cup and has recorded five seasons where he hit 20 goals, so he is quite the Hockey Player. He has also played golf for a while and has even picked up some golf tourney trophies.