NBA Players With The Most Trophies

By Toby T

All NBA players have dreams and ambitions to win accolades and lift trophies in front of their fans and loved ones. From the NBA champions to the Most Valuable Player Award, athletes work hard individually and as a team to fight for these awards and recognition. We have compiled a list of notable players who have been some of the most successful in the NBA career.

Michael Jordan: 22 Trophies

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It is not surprising that the man who is usually referred to as the greatest player of all time is also the first one on our list. He was, without doubt, one of the most dominant players in the history of the basketball. In his career, he won 6 Finals MVP, a defensive player of the year award, 6 NBA Championships, 3 All-Star Most Valuable Player Awards, and the Rookie of the Year Award. He experienced an extremely successful career.

Bill Russel: 17 Trophies

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Another player who was not a stranger to gold and silver in his career was Bill Russel, having picked up 17 trophies in 13 seasons. He led the Bolton Celtics to 11 Championships while winning an All-Star MVP and 5 Most Valuable Player Awards.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 15 Trophies

Abdul-Jabbar was one of the leading players for the Lakers during his prime, ensuring that they enjoyed one of the best sports eras in their history of the game. Throughout his career, he won 6 NBA Championships, 2 MVPs in the Finals, 6 MVPs, and a Rookie of the Year Award.

Several other NBA stars are no strangers to winning, having carved a niche for themselves in the history of NBA. They include Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Tim Duncan, etc.