45 Times Folks Stumbled Upon Interesting Objects

By Luis G

Life is 90% unpredictable. At times, we can be out and about, and nothing interesting will happen. It is just another regular day molded by daily routine. We, and probably you, have certainly been there and done that. It is a normal occurrence. But there are also times when we think it will be another dull day, and something unexpected happens that throws our bearings off. This can come in the form of meeting an old friend or acquaintance, a lost puppy, or even something weirder, like finding some archaeological piece of human history. Well, this is a bit too far-fetched, perhaps, but it can happen. We don’t necessarily need something as crazy as that to befall; it can also be that we find something as “meaningless” as a cool pen. But what if that pen has an amazing story behind it? Imagine if it dates back to the Victorian era or something similar. Behind every common day object, there is an exciting story waiting to be told. Here you will read the coolest stories about some of the most unexpected finds you can ever think of.

Volcano ash note (M. Vogel)

There is a famous mountain known as Mount St. Helens, which is located in Washington state. This mountain has an active volcano that last erupted in 1980, which resulted in one of the most powerful eruptions of the twentieth century.

Image courtesy of blachat/Reddit

A person named Maury Vogel found that it was a good idea to use the volcano ash to deliver messages to friends from the future, as a person later found his note in the back of a cupboard when all he wanted was a simple cup of tea. Crazy indeed, huh?

Cast iron fireplace

Iron casting is an activity that dates back thousands of years ago. As a matter of fact, one of the earliest known discoveries of cast-iron objects is from the fifth century BC, somewhere in China. And it’s still prevalent these days.

Image courtesy of thoughtnova.com

Somebody found an old cast iron fireplace while demolishing a wall inside a Victorian-era house. It is unbelievable to think how these houses usually have the most bizarre hidden rooms that were constructed from uncanny materials. It is no secret that these houses usually have lots of history behind them because of this.

Black Mist Chronicles

All of us, somewhere along the line, go through a phase where we go out of our way to channel our inner latent Edgar Allan Poe by taking a shot at writing amateur novels. Name one curious kid, and we’ll show you a story he tried to construct when he was a blossoming teenager.

Image courtesy of blueskyn01se/Reddit

This is the case of someone who found a two-hundred-page novel, hand-written on regular scrap paper called Black Mist Chronicles. Judging by the name of it, we will take a guess and say that it’s probably some kind of murder mystery. 

Osperlioceras bicarinatum pyrite made of gold

The Osperlioceras Bicarinatum is a type of extinct cephalopod that lived during the Jurassic era. There are different collectors of fossils all over the world. To find one is almost near to impossible. Now, you are going to observe a scarce specimen you will probably never be able to see in real life.

Image courtesy of Browndog888/Pikabu

Who said nature couldn’t be awesome? The shape of the Osperlioceras Bicarinatum is similar to that of a snail, but this one is made of iron pyrite. If you observe closely, it also has some kind of “jigsaw” pattern. We can see why it’s so rare.

Salt square

As we already know, salt is a necessary condiment for adding flavor to our foods. We literally need it to survive, too. It can also be used for other things. But, it is unusual to find salt in different forms and structures other than salt grains. However, let us enlighten you.

Image courtesy of c3r3n1ty/onedio

In the image, we can see that inside a salt packet was a perfectly shaped square that’s obviously made from salt. It can happen, but as we said before, it tends to be unusual and rare. It slightly looks like mint candy, which would make for a pretty hilarious joke.

70s colorful floor pattern

There are many things from the 70s that are overlooked (by some, at least.) Some of those things are disco songs, luscious afros, and colorful garments. But, a couple of trademark items are best to be forgotten. Here’s an example…

Image courtesy of CallistoChemical/Reddit 

The crazy aspect about home makeovers, especially in ancient homes, is that we tend to find things (or rooms) that can be somewhat uncanny. This is a prime example of a floor pattern made of diverse colors and shapes—Groovy, baby.

US Air Force drone ashore

The US is home to many incredible things such as movies, music, food, and US Air Force target drones. Yes, you read that just right. Imagine strolling out and about, minding your business, and that thing just appears. The bronze color makes it even more intimidating.

Image courtesy of coolmanjack/izismile

This happened to two people who were taking a nice stroll on the beach and encountered the US Air Force practice drone. The real question here is the following: Should we call the Men In Black? Hey, what is that bright light…

Frozen small fish

One of the wonders of nature is watching the changing seasons go by right in front of our eyes, from hot weather to cold weather, to hot weather once again. Everyone has their favorite season, but we can all agree that Winter is a season one needs to be prepared for.

Image courtesy of Daddywithguns/pikabu

In this photo, we can appreciate this tiny fish that was frozen inside a sheet of ice, most likely from being exposed to chilling temperatures. We can also say that this piece of ice also resembles a broken plate of food, except WAY cooler.

Starfish inside a mussel

Wildlife is pretty spectacular. But marine life can be just as wild. There are hundreds of thousands of species of different life forms that are yet to be found underwater and in the deep sea or that were thought to be extinct. It never ceases to amaze us.

Image courtesy of DalhousieU23/Reddit

Here we can observe a very small yellow starfish, presumably even moving, inside a mussel shell. So that is Mother Nature’s way of offering a 2 for 1 deal. It even looks as if the starfish were hypothetically shaking its “fist.”

Edge’s of goldfish

“Goldfish” is a salty snack with a strong taste of sharp cheddar cheese and a bright yellow color to accompany it. Some people like them, and some people can’t come to enjoy them. They also come in a small and cute fish shape.

Image courtesy of Gorji/Twitter

Here we find that a lucky consumer received an “extra” ration of this snack but in the form of a leftover edge that the company forgot to chop off. If we have enough imagination, we can picture the border as part of an imaginary fish tank.

Pearl in fried oysters

Takeaway food orders can have a special blog post of their own, but we also have room to give them some love here. You ask for one thing, and you most likely receive another. Then, you have to return it, and then you get it back after an hour.

Image courtesy of ehhhidowhatican/Pikabu

Now, picture yourself asking for some fried oysters, and you find out that a pearl comes with the order if you are one of those that like fried stuff with an extra crunch and a side of a few thousand dollars. This is bound to appeal to your taste.

Tiled bathtub behind wall

Returning to the theme of old home makeovers, here we got ourselves something similar to the cast iron fireplace we saw earlier and the 70s floor situation. However, this one is a bit more serious. Imagine not only finding an item but an entire room hidden behind a wall.

Image courtesy of FeedtheFat/Imgur 

This is the case for these (should we say “lucky”?) homeowners who discovered a full-blown bathroom hiding behind a wall that was demolished. And now, they got themselves a shiny new room for the soon-to-be remodeled home. They definitely don’t have to worry about a bath.

Self-growing circular tree branch

Nature has many mysterious ways to entice and enchant us. Nature creates and does things that can’t be put into words and things that can’t be explained. There are simple objects, like trees, and then there are trees like this one here…

Image courtesy of FishayyMtg/thechive

How can we even describe this tree? You can help us, maybe. Forget about it; we should just find a name for it that sticks and refer to it like that from here on out. How about the “teacup tree”? Or the “ring tree”? Whatever sticks…

Spherical rock

Rocks come in many shapes and sizes, and many people like to collect them as souvenirs from different places they’ve visited. Sometimes, they also like to just pick them up from the ground because they like their shape or color.

Image courtesy of Fudgemnky/thechive 

This is a perfectly spherical, grey rock this person is holding. As we may be tempted to think, round rocks are not necessarily artificial. They can also be a natural phenomenon, and they are called “concretions” for those interested in terminology.

Spiral-shaped dandelion

Aren’t dandelions beautiful? Some may agree that some may disagree with the statement because they can be a bit messy if you blow on them. However, they are quite interesting, that’s for sure. If you blow them, they disintegrate. If you don’t, they keep a sphere shape at the top.

Image courtesy of Reddit user Golden_Snail_DK

This one is the king of singularity. It took on a spiral shape in its stem as if it tried to hide within itself. The reason for that is because it was looking for sunlight in order to undergo photosynthesis. Nerd alert sound!

Hand-sized tree frog

A tree frog is a type of frog that likes to hang around trees for the majority of its life. Captain Obvious reporting to duty here. Well, that is not the interesting part. This is the interesting part, actually…

Image courtesy of onedio user hardcoredad

Look at the size of that big boy! It is as big as the person’s hand, as you can tell. You need to keep in mind that most tree frogs can grow up to 4 inches (or 10 centimeters) or more. That is one big fella!

Red mini telephone booth

Everything is funnier when it is created to scale. It is the closest representation of what the world would be like if humans were the size of mice. If you have ever seen the movie, Ratatouille or Stuart Little, you will know what we are talking about.

Image courtesy of Reddit user iMack7

Somewhere around the world, probably somewhere in England, this scaled replica of a red telephone booth can be found next to a real-life-sized door, which serves as a means for comparison. We wonder if it does have a real, practical use, though.

Post that marks the Equator

Walking through the jungle can be a scary thing on its own. Now, imagine yourself doing your thing, going for a stroll, and all of a sudden, you encounter some type of Indiana Jones-esque post just chilling in the middle of the woods.

Image courtesy of Intagvalley/Reddit  

Fret no more, people. There is a coherent reason that does not involve aliens (or does it?) for why there is an eerie post built in the middle of nowhere with no explanation. However, it symbolizes how the equator is parallel to the earth.

In memory of “Punch”

Running into, metaphorically speaking, a grave can be a haunting experience in its own right if it’s not expected. What is a way to make the thing even more dreadful? By stumbling upon it deep inside the woods. Time to run in the opposite direction!

Image courtesy of James_Fennell/Reddit 

This seems to be the grave of a dog or some beloved pet, or so we want to believe, named Punch. It is a grey (well green from overgrowth) tombstone that explains that the 13-year-old animal died on June 7th, 1885. If you have ever watched Pet Sematary, you know it’s time to go.

Misprinted penny

Pennies are produced all the time (especially in countries with high inflation rates). They have existed for very long periods of time throughout the history of humanity, as they are a way of representing the value of an object in exchange for another.

Image courtesy of jar0fstars/Imgur 

But some like this one will not do the trick. This is an outstanding exhibit of a “you only had one job” case scenario. They were misprinted on both sides. Collectors everywhere are going to go crazy over this one special coin.

White arrowhead

There should always be a good reason for digging a hole in the back of your garden, especially if you have cops as neighbors. Here, we have the best excuse we could have ever thought of for you to use.

Image courtesy of Jonahw8/thechive

You know, it is a very casual practice to just dig holes in the back of your house in order to find white arrowheads. It’s nothing out of the normal. That sounds like a very good alibi. But hey, that seems to belong to the kitty!

Picasso-styled pebble

Art can be viewed and appreciated anywhere. All we need to have is a bit of imagination and an open mind to discover new things. We can even appreciate art in the smallest moments of everyday life, like this next example.

Image courtesy of ebay.co.uk

If you like Pablo Picasso, you are probably going to think there is some wild chance that this could have been created by him as well. The silhouette, the color, and the overall aesthetic of the pebble make it seem as if it were a creation of his.

Cyclops moth

Cyclops moths are a type of moth that exists in North America, mainly found in the United States and Canada. They are usually different shades of brown in color, and their wingspan is around 6 inches (or 15 centimeters.) This is not your average moth!

Image courtesy of JustAMemeBeingADude/Reddit

Basically, they are damn big moths. As you can appreciate, with open wings, they can be much larger than a human hand and almost as big as a forearm. The patterns that are located in the midsection of the wings are really unique too.

Love u honey

There are few things in this world that can feel worse than the feeling of losing someone, especially a person we are very fond of and love. It can also be heartbreaking not to be able to say goodbye in a proper way.

Image courtesy of Lacy-Summers/Onedio

Lucky for this person, her husband left a written note on a board that read, “Love U Honey,” before passing away from brain cancer. This is even more heart-wrenching after figuring out the fact that they had been married for 24 years. 

Albino leaf

Amongst the vast conundra of nature, here we find a specimen that is an albino plant. Talk about rare. Little did we know that such a thing could ever exist. Thank you, internet! Here is a beautiful example of an albino plant specimen.

Image courtesy of Lunabora/Pikabu

What is even more interesting is that these plants do not live long enough because they cannot undergo photosynthesis because of their albino characteristics. Their only way of surviving is acting like parasites and absorbing the nutrients from other plants.

Dog with pacifier

Sometimes, we like to believe that dogs are like humans because of the friendly attitudes and unwavering loyalty they give their owners. But sometimes, they go overboard and act like humans! Check this out if you don’t believe us!

Image courtesy of martianruby/Thechive

This dog channeled its inner human being by grabbing a pacifier lying on the ground and then putting it in its mouth. That is one four-legged, tail-wagging baby! But it is undeniable that it is the definition of cute.

Paw trails in Alaska

Some people love the thrill of camping in the wild. Doing things like camping in the woods, lighting up a bonfire, and singing songs with a guitar stringing in the background can be quite appealing. Yes, it’s all cool until you encounter one of these!

Image courtesy of mattymeis/Onedio 

Most of us love nature in all of its forms, expressions, and glory. But, we can assure you that if you find one of those “forms” near your tent at night, you are not going to sleep well at all. We’ll just say this now?

Golden class ring

Many lost-and-found objects don’t have much of a meaningful story behind them, but a few ones do. Now, we are going to show you a ring with plenty of history behind it. Please go ahead, and take a good look at this beauty.

Image courtesy of maxxim565/Reddit

All these backyard stories are starting to make us want to do more household chores! It’s a good thing that the person who found it decided to start a quest to find the owners or its offspring. This is a perfect example of a “lost-and-found” case.

Many found rings

People enjoy many activities and hobbies, including going to the ends of the Earth to find different objects. Some individuals even go to the extent of using metal detectors to find metal things on the ground. And some succeed:

Image courtesy of Meprado/Reddit

Here. We can see that somebody found a bunch of rings. Some of them look quite new, and some of them look like antiques. Some look very corroded, and others look almost brand new. Variety is the name of the game, people.

Spring-shaped icicle

Those who love Winter report to duty! Here is one for all the snow lovers out there. There is an interminable quantity of shapes that can be created with either ice or snow. But, some things are just so beautiful they cannot be manufactured.

Image courtesy of merz-person/Reddit

We don’t know what you think about this, but it really looks like a car’s spring that’s iced over. Its twirly nature and shape make it look like a replica. It is still a scarce find that most likely has an excellent explanation.

Small frog with tail

If you like frogs, or tiny, innocent-looking creatures, this is the post for you. There are almost no species of frogs that exist with tails. So, what you are about to see is considered to be fairly unusual and quite rare.

Image courtesy of MinisterOfVulgarity/Onedio 

Imagine seeing a frog as unique as that one picture above, with a tail attached to a tiny body. It fits within the margin of the yolk-a-finger! Fun fact: This is called a tail frog. A very creative name indeed.

Old shopping list

Old items in antique houses are not a new affair, and we know that. But coming across a 387-year-old shopping list from London is a whole other thing to discover. This is a direct piece of human history. What is crazier is its state of conservation. 

Image courtesy of littlethings user National-Trust

The letter was sent by a man named Robert Draper in October 1633 to another man called Mr. Bilby. What it says word-for-word is challenging to decipher, but it is a letter explaining the delivery of house items like spoons and pans.

Bill Nye autographed book

For those that don’t know him, Bill Nye is an American mechanical engineer and science communicator who rose to fame due to his show called Bill Nye The Science Guy. The TV show consisted of Bill unveiling popular science concepts.

Image courtesy of nothingeatsyou/Reddit 

As you can already tell, he also wrote books like Undeniable: The Science of Evolution and Creation. The picture above is a copy of his book autographed by himself, where he wrote the words “Celebrate the Science!” Truly a man of his craft.

10-carat green sapphire

Sapphires are a precious stone that comes in different colors and are mostly made of aluminum oxide. Here, you are about to see one of these precious stones found in Australia by an unknown individual. This one here is 10 carats.

Image courtesy of Numerous_Sport_2774/Reddit 

Sapphires usually come in diverse colors, such as blue, violet, green (like this one,) and yellow. But they are always beautiful. The shapes can also vary, along with their price tag, which is strictly related to the purity of the Sapphire stone.

Beehive amber brooch

Amber is created by using hardened tree resin, which becomes fossilized due to the passing of considerable amounts of time. It can also include petrified plant and animal fossils, usually called “inclusions.” Here, you have an example.

Image courtesy of SAPSANA/Thechive

This is an Amber brooch with a beehive pattern that is accompanied by two “pollinating” bees. Amber is a material that has never ceased to intrigue people since its alleged discovery that dates back to the Neolithic times.

Big wolf snowmarks

Wolves are wild animals that mostly live in frigid weather. Sometimes, when they are unable to find refuge, they sleep in the snow. Their fur helps them to adapt and tolerate temperature differences. Here, we can see the marks of a wolf in the snow.

Image courtesy of savannahrosewildlife/Reddit  

As you can see, that is a print left by one. The four limbs of the wolf can be noticed, and the marks the ribs left in the snow make it seem as if the print were protruding from the white, soft ground. It almost resembles and giant fossil.

Big whale jaw bone

This type of whale you are about to see (well, you are about to see a part of it) is not a regular whale. Is it a Humpback whale? It is quite particular because of its length, which is 39 to 52 ft (or 12 to 16 m).

Image courtesy of scrambl3d33gs/Reddit  

Another trait is its weight of around 25 to 30 tons (or 28 to 33 short tonnes), making it a massive animal. No, that’s not a whale buried into the ground, but the animal’s jaw bone, which is taller than the human next to it.

Anna A. Leonard

This object that you are about to see is a somewhat commonplace finding when metal detecting, which consists of scanning the ground with a metal detector to discover metal objects. Sometimes, they hold value, and sometimes, they don’t.

Image courtesy of Silver_Winged/Imgur

What is quite interesting is the fact that the image you just saw was taken on May 5th, 1794, which matches the date on the birth pendant you see in the photo. Talk about merry coincidences! If we were the finders, we would definitely keep it.

Fossilized fern

We don’t know if you know this, but ferns are ancient plants. “How old?” you might ask us. We’ll say they date back about hundreds of millions of years. And there also are thousands of species and types. Here you see a fossilized fern.

Image courtesy of SissyHypno24/Thechive

This fern fossil has a light brown appearance, but the trail left by the now non-existent fern still remains. If proper scientific procedures are conducted, we could probably figure out the actual age of that fossil. That is quite cool!

Decorated Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is one of the oldest and “modern” known pieces of writing that humankind is aware of. As you know, it contains verses from the Catholic religion. There are diverse amounts of written copies, but this one stands out for its elaborate cover design.

Image courtesy of strange_days12/Reddit 

On the cover, you can appreciate the sentences/ “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart.” We can also observe beautiful golden details along with diverse, intricate patterns.

Frozen pink flower

It is common to find frozen things all around you during winter storms, whether they are plants or random objects. Sometimes, we can see objects like shovels or other outdoor elements freeze due to low temperatures. But here we came across a frozen flower.

Image courtesy of Syllabub-Temporary/Reddit 

In this case, what makes it stand out is that it keeps its bright colors, but the ice covering it makes it look as if it had been literally frozen in time, like a film. The frozen water trails beneath it make it look unreal as well.

“Starry Night” firewood piece

Starry Night is a painting created by the world-famous painter Vincent Van Gogh in 1889. It portrays a nighttime sky painted with long circular expressions and scenes in different hues of blue. This firewood piece looks extremely similar.

Image courtesy of virgilturtle/Reddit 

The real question here is, “Does chopping wood make you an artist, even if it is by accident?” That is up to you to decide. But, we can all agree that it looks quite pretty despite this being purely accidental. But, nothing in nature is truly an accident.

1954 newspaper piece in stove

Newspapers are almost like a tangible and important piece of history. They indicate the state of world affairs during a period of time and how people perceived the world during a given era. This person bought a stove, and this appeared.

Image courtesy of wcs2

In the picture, you can observe different clothing items from 1954 accompanied by advertisements and the general clothing style that surrounded the whole era. Believe it or not, this is a vital part of our history right there!

Homeowner’s ashes inside the house?

Whenever we feel the desire to revamp old houses, we stumble upon different elements and memorabilia from previous owners. Sometimes, they are nice surprises. But, there are times when you find quite unsettling things like this next item in the photo below.

Image courtesy of widewhiskers/Reddit 

It looks like the ashes of a person or animal were left within the confines of the walls of the estate since it is effortless to read that it says “West Coast Crematorium 27192.” What would you do if you found this?

“Monopoly” floor

This one is dedicated to board game lovers because it’s “Monopoly” time! Well, that may have been a bit too literal, as the previous homeowner decided to make a full-blown, human-sized Monopoly board in his living room. Have a look!

Image courtesy of Yamaha234/Imgur 

You can virtually check all of the details present, from the big Monopoly sign in the middle of the board to the different slots that make the board game so characteristic. The good thing is that you don’t need those plastic items to play with.

“Stargate” portal in Austria

Imagine being a person in Austria going through the daily motions, while suddenly you run into a “Stargate” portal. This seems to be a very normal thing to happen to us, huh? That’s an average Tuesday for people in Austria.

Image courtesy of zodd1981/Imgur

What can be seen in that image is the picture of a person with their black bicycle posing in front of what looks like a “Stargate” time travel portal. What makes it scary is that it looks like an altar.