Creative Inventions We Never Knew We Needed Until Now

By Apoorva P

We have made many advancements in science that no one, even from a few decades ago, would have imagined that the world would look like it does today. We have many things today that are brilliant and unique, which help us as a society and individuals in so many ways. The beauty lies in the mind of the inventor here. Some people took everyday objects and thought they could make them better and more useful. The people ended up creating some genius inventions that just have to be known. With much scope for improvement, the human mind continues to bring even the most simple things to the next level. You may start seeing futuristic objects in your daily life that at first might not make any sense but are actually helping you in a lot in ways that go unnoticed. We have a list of genius inventions that you never thought would be helpful but actually are.

Police statue

Have you ever thought that a mannequin or statue would help keep your home safe? It is not the statue that works, but what exactly the statue represents. If you had a police officer statue in the lobby of the building, wouldn’t you feel safe? 

Photo Courtesy of MLGCatMilker/Reddit

This building has a statue of a police officer at the entrance. It does the same job as that of a real police officer. And that is keeping the people in check. Anyone entering the building thinks there is a police officer keeping guard, so they behave themselves. 

Coins that glow

It’s a real hassle when you need to find money in the dark. Like when you need to take out the ticket in the dark movie theater from your wallet. These are the times when we wish for better solutions than the ones that currently exist. 

Photo Courtesy of Kraydan/Reddit

But now, you don’t have to worry about losing money in the dark. Why? Because there are glow-in-the-dark coins that existed just to solve this problem! You can check them out in any dark room. Like this coin which illuminates in the dark. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

A cone of silence for your calls

Imagine you are in a library where there is pin-drop silence. The library is in a big castle, where if you need to talk to anyone, you have to get out of the castle. Now, imagine you get a call when you are right in the middle of the castle. What would you do? How would you take the call?

Photo Courtesy of Sanra Boso/Pinterest

You can easily go to a place called Cone Of Silence, which is designed for the library. A Cone of Silence is created for people who need to talk or answer phone calls in the library. Instead of getting exiting the library altogether, you can simply go inside the tube and talk. 

A trip to the hospital

Many people and architects find beauty in weird and out-of-place designs. What might seem like a disarrangement to the normal eye could be a masterpiece in the eyes of designers and architects, like an inverted house or a hotel that is inside out. 

Photo Courtesy of maca611/

This hospital has an alligator half-buried on the lobby floor. This is what the architects were going for when they thought, “let us make this area a bit whacky.” It might seem like a real alligator stuck in the floor, but it is not. And by any chance you trip on it, you don’t need to go any further. You are already at the hospital. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

There is a classic fairy-tale mirror that answers questions and tells you what you need to hear. If that same mirror was supposed to work in modern times, what would you ask? There are tons of questions that come to our minds in this scenario.

Photo Courtesy of mynamesafad/Reddit

This mirror in a hotel lobby tells you the answer to a specific question. It tells you about the weather outside before you walk out of the hotel. So, if you see the mirror telling you it’s going to rain outside, you can rush back and grab your raincoat or an umbrella. 

Dog stations

When you walk with your dog, you might need to go inside a supermarket or a store where dogs are not allowed. Although you might have trained your dog to stay still in a place for some time, you can never be sure if someone might want to steal your dog.

Photo courtesy of The Pet Store/Facebook

Instead, you can keep your dog inside a dog station that was specifically created for this purpose. These stations are safe from thieves, automatically sanitized, and cool enough so that your dogs can remain inside comfortably until you return. 

Comfort animals

There are a lot of people around us that need help in doing what might seem like simple enough tasks for us. Like flying. There are many people who experience anxiety attacks while flying or doing any other tasks that make them feel uncomfortable. 

Photo Courtesy of San Francisco International Airport/Forbes

This is a therapy pig, Lilou, who works at San Francisco Airport to help people with anxiety stay calm while flying. If you have cuties like this to help with anxiety, we are sure you would find flying a little easier. Isn’t it a great idea to receive help from animals where humans may seem ineffective?

Dog parking

Have you ever thought that parking your dog would become a sport, just like there are places where people park their cars? No, right? But people in Finland thought that there should be a place where people can park their dogs, because why not!

Image Courtesy of privyazi/

There are dedicated spaces in Finland where you can tie your dog in a “spot” and take care of any other business where dogs are not allowed. You might find other dogs in the parking space as well, making sure your dog does not get lonely when you are not with them.

Gender equality via toilet

People in our world have been trying to bring equality among genders for a long time. There have been many moments that can be described as monumental for the cause. But it is the simple things that have the most impact.

Image Courtesy Of bucherman7/Reddit

Such as this sign outside the toilet. We have seen men wearing pants and women wearing skirts or gowns for a long time. That was the reason the sign came into existence. But nowadays, women also wear pants, so it is only natural for the sign to change.

Sign the food

We are sure you have a large group of friends who have different eating preferences. Some of you might like eggs. Some might like chicken, some bacon, while some might be vegan. Though there is food for everyone, the only difficulty arises in differentiating them.

Image courtesy of perukid796/ Reddit

Not anymore! Because people have invented something smart that could save us a lot of trouble. Food branding! If you’re a vegetarian, you would surely appreciate this because you would not want to mistakenly eat something that you usually don’t. Your food would already have its ingredients stamped on it.

Toilet paper variety

Have you ever been to a restaurant and used their bathroom only to find out that they have more options for toilet paper? Well, we most certainly would like to try it out! That is how we know that sanitation is just as important as their food.

Image courtesy of drmcnaughty/Reddit

This restaurant provides 3 different types of toilet paper to users along with a little description for them. This would be extremely handy for people who might have allergic reactions to certain materials. A little variety in hygiene never hurt anyone.

A map to win

If you ask travelers about the competition between hotels, they would say it’s stiff. Every hotel wants to attract as many travelers as they can during any season. To do that, they provide a lot of amenities, attraction points, things to do, and fun activities that they provide.

Image courtesy of Gina Knot/Pinterest

But this hotel is surpassing every expectation, hitting a home run with this simple trick. They are providing the neighborhood map on the hotel itself, along with the location of the hotel that shines brightly! Stunned right? Join the club! If this is the way they handle competition, then we look forward to their service!

Test your breath

When we talk about simple inventions changing lives, this one ought to be discussed too. Just think when you have a little too many drinks with your friends during a night out and now wonder who should be driving when everyone has had at least one drink. How do you decide? 

Image courtesy of MogarTheUnkillable/Reddit

There is a simple way you can do that, and this restaurant will help you. As you pay your bill at the counter, a breathalyzer can analyze your breath for you. All you have to do is blow in the straw, and it will process your breath and tell you if you are fit for driving!

Travel size diploma

Graduation day is one of the best memories from our school journey. Some remember it because it was the day they finally got their degrees, entering the life they want to lead as adults. Some remember it because they finally could stop studying to do something else in life. Whatever the reason, the day we hold our diplomas in our hands is special.

Image courtesy of elbimio/Reddit

Instead of getting those long, rolled parchments, what would you say to a credit card-sized diploma from your university? We would say bring them on! They are easy to carry and store, convenient to use, and in tune with the times. 

Treat for the mind

Everyone loves ice cream. There is no one on this planet that does not like ice cream. One would wonder if there is anything that could be done to improve this delicacy? We didn’t think there was anything that could be done as the ice cream itself is already perfect.

Image courtesy of ChillySummerMist/Reddit

But we were mistaken. Even though ice cream is perfect, there is one thing that can make it even better. Comics on ice cream. We salute this guy who thought of combining the two most loved items on the planet, creating ice cream comics. 

Non Rolling Crayons

Crayons are all fun and games until they start rolling and disappearing under the furniture. Then it is a major task to get them back in order. No one likes to do this. If only the crayons stayed in one place instead of wandering here and there from rolling all over the place.

Image courtesy of Patricia Black /Pinterest

Now they will. Here is the breakthrough we all have been waiting for! Instead of making the crayons in cylindrical form, these people decided enough is enough and made them in a hexagonal shape. Now, these crayons will not roll off into oblivion.

No umbrella theft

Umbrella theft has been a thing for centuries, undetected. The reason is not that the thieves are smart, it’s because no one wants to steal them, but they take them mistakenly. Many European countries have a coatroom in their buildings. This person had a genius idea to put this invention in their coatroom.

Image courtesy of convivialcor/Reddit

The problem can be solved with one simple trick. Just like we lock our bicycles, we can lock our umbrellas as well. This person designed a rack for umbrellas to keep them locked. Now, no one can take your umbrella without your permission or keys!

Metal coaster strip

Sometimes, bartenders insist on coasters. If you don’t use them, they might annoy you, and the last thing you want to be is annoyed in a bar. Even if there were a million coasters in the bar, people would still find places to keep their glasses without using them. 

Image courtesy of Andrea Helmer/Pinterest

Not in this bar, though. This bar owner has installed metallic strips on the counter where the customers can place their glasses. The idea to use metallic strips is because the metal gets cold and keeps your drink chilled throughout the night. He had a stroke of brilliance, and he hit gold!

Flying freddie

If you own an airline and want all the cool kids to fly with you, what do you do? You pull your resources and set up a marketing team meeting to brainstorm ideas on how to make it popular, attracting the hip crowd. 

Image courtesy of mephisdan/Reddit

Back in the day, a Norweigian airline did something that many airlines later followed. They put a picture of Freddie Mercury on their plane to show everyone that’s how they roll. Given that Freddie is a British rock legend, we can safely say that they achieved what they wanted.

Rainbow elevator

All of us have had that one experience in the elevator when a kid has pressed all the buttons, making it so the elevator will stop on every floor, turning everyone impatient. Not every kid is like this, but there is a place where pressing every button on the elevator could be a joyous moment for all the kids.

Image courtesy of xray_anonymous / Reddit

A children’s hospital has designed the elevator buttons in such a way that kids would love to press them all day long. They have made the buttons colorful using different colors for different floors and different symbols that represent each specific floor.

The right ride order

When we book a ride with Uber, we might not always receive the ride we want. Maybe you’re in a hurry to reach the airport, and the driver, even though driving at a reasonably fast speed, annoys you with constant talking. Or, you are heading back home from a great party in a great mood, and the driver is just serving you radio silence.

Image courtesy of Ronak Doshi/Imgur

This uber driver in Alaska has prepared a “menu” that he offers the passengers of his cab. The menu provides the types of conversations the driver is willing to have with his customers. If you live in Alaska or are planning to visit soon, we’d recommend this driver for sure!

Colorful hopscotch

Did you ever play a game of hopscotch as a child? We are sure you must have. It is one of the many delights of childhood and a sort of rite of passage that you should play a game of hopscotch with friends. That’s how children made friends when they didn’t know each other.

Image courtesy of OMmeUPscottie/Reddit

This tape art made on the street reminds you of hopscotch, doesn’t it? Instead of using chalk, this guy used a lot of colorful tape to make this design, creating beauty in a gray area. One thing is for sure; you don’t need expensive materials to make art: just the right ones and a creative eye.

First things first

Airports have strict rules when it comes to what items are allowed in your baggage. Security is no joke at any Airport, so you must know what you are allowed to take and what is not allowed on any airplanes. 

Image courtesy of planetary_facts/Reddit

That is why this airport has made it clear for the passengers. They have made a list of items for display that can be taken in the baggage, like Furby toys. They have settled the talk about whether or not people can take their toys aboard. Well, as you can see, they certainly can!

Repurposed phone booth

We can always preserve the things that are not in use by doing little changes to them to make them functional, like an old house that’s modified and renovated with a bit of modern technology. This makes it functional so that people can live in it. 

Image courtesy of jinjuu/Reddit

Like this old phone booth that has been redesigned, there are not many phone booths left, but this one was recreated with a modern twist. It is now a working cell phone charging center where people can sit and charge their phones. 

Hop meter

When you drink something new, and it’s just not your taste, you wish you would have known earlier. Has this ever happened to you? Surely happened to us. Every time we drink something unfamiliar and don’t instantly liked it, we wish to trade it.

Image courtesy of Andrea Helmer/Pinterest

Now there is! This restaurant created a menu that has a beneficial hop indicator. The menu shows the names of drinks it offers and a hop meter, giving you an idea about what flavors and hops you can expect in your drink. 

Touch free handle

In times like this, when a pandemic is currently going on in the world, we can never have enough ways to keep ourselves and our surroundings sanitized. People are using sanitizers, maintaining physical distance, and putting on masks to protect themselves. 

Photo Courtesy of NTGAP/Reddit

Here is another way in which we can avoid touching surfaces with our hands. This handle on the door can be pulled using your arm or wrist instead of your hands to pull the lever. You just slide your arm inside the handle and pull it without touching the surface with your skin.

Robo trash picker

Who said you couldn’t make trash fun. There are plenty of creative ways in which we can take out the trash and recycle it as well. Just because it is trash, there is no reason it cannot be made into something beautiful and pleasing to the eye. 

Image courtesy of Vinícius Barbosa /Reddit

Take notes from this trash truck. You can instantly tell that this did not require much work. And it’s still the coolest trash truck we have seen. The truck owner just painted a huge robot on the body, so when the truck picks the trash up, it looks as if the robot arms are picking it up.

Durability increased

Have you ever wondered how you can increase the durability of your phone? The phones we use nowadays become obsolete every 2 years. What if we told you there is a way you can keep your phones as good as new for a really long time?

Image courtesy of Nugget****er440 / Reddit

This person preserved their iPhone 3G for more than 10 years. How? By putting it in an otter box! We can definitely tell you it looks as good as new to us looking at this! Not a single scratch or a mark! We wish we could keep our phones like that even for a year!

Create out of waste

If an architect or a designer puts his mind to something, there is nothing that he can not do. You can find many out-of-the-box ideas coming from their imaginative minds that we surely cannot understand. There is not a single item on this planet that they cannot use for their designs.

Image courtesy of Zaphoid411/Reddit

This man legit built a building using shipping containers! Who would have thought! Shipping containers might remain discarded after their life on the ship. So this man decided to put them to creative use and make an entire building out of them.

Flat pizza every time!

Pizza lovers can understand this problem better than anyone else, especially if you order takeaway a lot. Every time you get pizza delivered, doesn’t it irritate you when the pizza in the box slides towards the corners, becoming all distorted? It definitely irritates us!

Image courtesy of SaekoZ2/Reddit

But people in Japan have found a simple solution to this problem. They put handles on the top of the pizza box to carry it effortlessly. This way, the pizza remains intact in one place without moving in the box. So there is no chance of ruining the toppings or even the slices due to the box!

Reversible design

People have always found ways to make one thing do the job of other things as well. Like the sofa bed, which is an actual sofa, and if you pull it out, a proper bed. Or a murphy bed, which magically disappears into the wall when it’s not needed.

Image courtesy of Killerwart/Reddit

There is one more invention that can kill two birds with one stone. This dish at Walmart, a cake stand, can work as a chip and dip plate when flipped over. So if you ever make a cake, you have a cake stand, and if you turn it around, you can use it to keep chips and dips and serve them to your guests. But choose, because you can’t have both at the same time!

Revolving shelves on the refrigerator

When we are on a deep cleaning spree, there is no corner left in the house that we can’t or won’t clean. And when we start cleaning the refrigerator, we know it’s severe. It takes such a long time to take everything out of the fridge, clean it, and put it back.

Image courtesy of Mohan Kumar Gangaraju/Twitter

But, if you have this refrigerator in your house, it won’t take much of your time. This genius refrigerator has revolving shelves, which means if you need anything, you don’t need to go rummaging inside to look for it. You simply rotate the shelves and take them out. Easy to clean as well.

Know your taxes!

If you knew how much of your hard-earned money was spent on taxes, you would spend responsibly, right? In theory, yes, but we think we would still need a lot more motivation than just taxes to keep our spending habits in check!

Image courtesy of GREECE/Imgur

But, Australian people have managed to find a way to know what they are paying for in their taxes. In Australia, they send you a form that explains where all of your tax money went. That way, you can actually see what you are paying for and what can be avoided.

Smart ingredients table

It would be such a great help if everything that we used would tell us what it is made of and where the ingredients came from. That way, we would know what we’re using, and if it’s actually good for us or if it’s just a marketing gimmick we fell for.

Image courtesy of Francesco Mondo/Twitter

This toothpaste has a table chart on its back that shows all the components, such as where they came from and what their role is in the toothpaste. No extra fuss, just the right constituents needed to get the job done. If only other companies would follow their suit. 

Two in one toys

The little ones who play with toys always need more because they keep destroying them while playing or simply just want more. Babies, and also our pets. They play a lot with one particular toy because it is their favorite, and then they completely demolish it.

Image courtesy of jpellizzi/Reddit

This dog toy was met with a similar fate when its user tore it down. But, the genius who made it already knew about its destiny and came up with a contingency plan. The outer smiley cactus, which was torn, had another sad cactus inside it, which could be used instead when the toy broke. 

Biodegradable golf balls

Humans have made a huge mess of things they have created for their own use and comfort. Anything human-made, such as plastic bags, is extremely hard on the environment and causes lots of trouble for all the other living beings on the planet. 

Image courtesy of polltard/Imgur

But this mini-golf range has come up with an ingenious idea that is safe for the environment. The golf balls made here are 100% fish-friendly, and when they go through the 18th hole, they go directly into the sea and can serve as fish food! Now that’s what we call a win-win situation.

Compact furniture

Everyone is a fan of space-saving furniture. The design of it just appeals to a lot of people and makes any house look futuristic. That is why it has become a popular trend. Saving space is one thing everyone is obsessed with.

Image of Naco88/Reddit

A university library has designed a unique structure on their wall where they can store extra seats. When not occupied, the seats can be placed inside the hexagonal shelves, and if you need to use them, you can simply pull them out.

For your eyes only

Emergencies can happen anytime, and there are so many things that could go wrong even if we are fully prepared for them. One such situation is a fire emergency, for which we have prepared in order to be prepared and know what to do if something happens. 

Image courtesy of A.M. Ruiz/Pinterest

This hotel has managed to come up with something straightforward and logical. If the hallways are filled with smoke in a fire emergency, they have placed their fire evacuation plans near the floors so that people can still see them by crouching down.

Status Shown

You might think the people who look after the construction of roads and similar projects don’t have to worry about deadlines as we always see them working on something for so long that we become habitual to their presence.

Image courtesy of google700/Reddit

But, this governor of Rhode Island has made sure that everyone in the city knows how much time and money was spent on every project in the city. There are signs at the beginning of a road or bridge that state whether the project was over budget and was completed on time.

No mess on the countertops

Whenever we cook, we know how messy things get. There are stains everywhere, some of the ingredients fall here and there, and overall chaos on the counters. And that’s how we know that whatever we have made is going to be delicious.

Image courtesy of Grau Wilhelm/Pinterest 

But cooking does not have to be messy. You use tools that can change the way you cook. This spatula has a built-in stand that can be used to place on the countertop without touching it, making a mess by touching the surface. Say bye-bye to stains when cooking now.

Energy efficient fans

If you have many fans in your home, we can assume that all of them have individual motors attached to them. Would you think all of your fans would run if there were only one motor running one fan?

Image courtesy of WesternAnimator/Reddit

In this home, there is only one motor that is running all the fans present in the room. All the fans are connected to this one motor which is the power source. Isn’t this one cool way to conserve energy and run all of your appliances simultaneously?

Awkward topics

People have always struggled with bringing up awkward topics. Be it in conversations or while buying things. There is no escape when you think what you might be awkward. But some people have taken the initiative to make it simple for all of us. 

Image courtesy of whenitrainsitStorms/Reddit

This library has made a list of “tough topics” that people might be afraid to ask the librarian. So, if you need a book that relates to the tough topics you see above, you don’t need to ask anyone. You can just look it up from the list and get it yourself.

Security is a priority

When we put a password on something, we are securing it from the rest of the world. Though partly true, the password we set might not be so safe. Whenever we type the password on the keypad, anyone can look at it and remember because all the keypads are the same. 

Image courtesy of celebi1023/Reddit

To make your passwords more secure, this keypad randomly changes its digits so that no one can guess the way you were inputting yours. This is an efficient way to safeguard your password from random thieves and vulnerabilities. 

Parking spot extensions

Even the greatest of drivers had difficulties parking their cars at one point or the other. You can never be too cautious or right every time you park. It is definitely good to have a little help when you are parking so that it is a trouble-free experience. 

Image courtesy of Know Your Rotary/Facebook

Like this parking lot, which has made a few changes to help drivers park their cars, the yellow lines used to separate spaces have been extended to the walls so that drivers can easily view them to park their vehicles accordingly.

Cousin tree

Big families that have a lot of children have a hard time telling apart the cousins. You might think the two kids are real siblings, but in reality, they could be cousins who are really close and always hang out together.

Image courtesy of Cheryl Francis/Pinterest

Therefore, you can certainly use a cousin chart this person created for big families. You can easily know what to call them, whose child they are, and how you are related to them by this single chart. Very handy in big family gatherings!