How Were The Olympic Games Born: Everything About The Origin Of Olympics

By Divya G

The Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece. The first recorded games were in 776 BC; although it is believed that the games may have started as early as 1400 BC. These games were held every four years and consisted of running, jumping, wrestling, and discus throwing. There were some activities in the everyday lives of the ancient Greeks like running to get food or water, jumping to cross small streams, wrestling to subdue an opponent, or throwing a heavy object like a rock or clay pot. If popular beliefs are to go by, it is said that the modern-day Olympic games are inspired from these daily activities. 

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Evolution of Olympics Games

The Olympic Games have evolved over the years to include various events. These includes games and activities such as archery, rowing and cycling that did not exist in ancient Greece. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was specially created to oversee the games. So now, Olympics are on a rotational basis in different countries every four years.

So, what started as a festival to honor Zeus is now one of the largest gatherings in the world. It invites participants from more than 200 countries and territories who take part in different sports.

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Few Facts About Countries Which Hosted Olympics Games