40+ Funny Fans That Know How To Stand Out In A Crowd

By Kimiko I

Watching a sporting event live is a unique experience. The roaring sound of the crowd, the intensity on people’s faces when their team scores, and the tasty snacks and concessions simply can’t be replicated at an at-home viewing. That’s why people will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to support their favorite team in person.

Of course, this doesn’t just mean cheering with every win and jeering at major losses. Regular attendees know that you need a big sign to really be heard. But even among the hundreds of signs at any given game, only a few will ever stand out. To prove this, we’ve put together a list of funny signs so noteworthy that they made their way online.

Love conquers all

It is a true Romeo and Juliet moment when two fans from rivaling teams end up marrying each other. It’s an even bigger flex when they announce their marriage at the rivals’ game on National Television.  That is true love, people.

Image courtesy of arrowheadpride.com

They are both wearing their team colors side by side, and both are with signs flying high, telling the world that they married a fan of the opposite team. Either way, that’s going to be a long walk back to the parking lot and an even longer ride home no matter who loses.

Missed Call

We have to hand it to this guy because this is one creative sign. We would never have thought to come up with something as witty as this, and we are sure he got a lot of attention for it.

Image courtesy of living.alot.com

However, we are sure it probably cost him a good amount of money to create a sign as big as this one. We are sure everyone smiled when they caught a glimpse of this sign and we give him credit for his originality.


It’s a harsh thing to ask a woman to choose between marrying the love of her life and going to the World Series game in which her favorite team is playing.  Both could potentially be a once-in-a-lifetime event.  This woman chose to support her team.

Image courtesy of daily-stuff.com

The sign she made may have only been to let her team and fellow supporters know what a die-hard fan she is, but the picture of her holding up her sign went viral on the internet. Now the whole world knows how sports are more important than marriage for her.

Proud parents

College is about the experience, right? Not really about studying. That’s why this student decided to put his business on blast by holding up a homemade cardboard sign telling his rival team that they were going to go down just like his grade point average. 

It’s all in good fun, but his parents may not be so proud of the fact that they’re spending thousands of dollars just so their kid could have fun at local sports events.  We wonder what that conversation was like when his mother saw that sign on television.

Good sportsmanship

A little trash talk never hurt anybody, especially at a sporting event where such talk is to be expected. But one fan thought that it was a good idea to put a more positive spin on his sign. He wrote that he just hopes both teams have a lot of fun. 

Winning is usually the name of the game. But fun also works too. Usually, the fans have more fun than the teams. For the teams, it’s work.  But it’s nice to have a fan that supports both sides. We hope he got to take the winning game ball home for this special sign that you don’t see every day.

Case of the cramps

Here we have another side-by-side comparison. This one, however, might make any player feel off when he is playing if they were the face of this sign. This one cuts deep, but we have to hand it to them for originality.

Image courtesy of living.alot.com

We have to agree that the picture that accompanies the sign is perfect. It actually looks like he is cramping up. It’s not the nicest thing to say, but when it comes to sports, people will say anything to support their teams and make the opposing team mad.

Hire this man

We know making signs for a big game day is more about the fan getting some attention than the actual team they are rooting for. This fan went a step further. He decided to showcase his creative marketing skills by turning his sign into a resume to get a job in marketing, hopefully.

Image courtesy of College GameDay/Twitter

There is no doubt that this young man is on the right track with this special sign. He’s gained the attention he was hoping for since this went viral. But, are prospective employers really impressed by what he did? Creativity and imagination is definitely a skill that he can put on his resume after this.

Blame the ref

No one likes a sore loser. And, it’s easy to blame the referee for a team’s loss. But these guys went all out when they created a poster that looks similar to an eye exam chart letting the referees know they were being blamed for a team’s previous loss. 

Image courtesy of gamedaynews.com

Who knows if it’s really the ref’s fault or if the fans failed to see their team’s shortcomings. Either way, it’s already starting out to be an emotional game. We just hope that the refs don’t take offense to this one and start fouling their favorite team for no reason…

Nontraditional proposal

Who doesn’t love a little women’s empowerment? It’s honestly a refreshing sight to see a woman proposes to a man in the 21st century. This woman decided to propose to her favorite quarterback using an interesting sign at the game.

Image courtesy of vkmag.com

Ironically, the sign says that she doesn’t know the possible boyfriend she came to the game with. It kind of makes a person wonder if he picked her up, drove her to the game, and helped her pull out the sign just to watch her get shot down after 4 hours of holding it up.

Ball Wars

People can get pretty imaginative with their signs. There’s no doubt about that because we see new ones almost every day. But when a fan brings a Star Wars cosplay to the scene, that changes the game altogether, and we’re not talking about the sports game.

Image courtesy DCS of New York Inc/Twitter

One fan used an excellent play on words when he quoted the famous line from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. He even included the university’s name in the quote.  This is is definitely super thoughtful. Let’s see who can top that.

Go sports!

Sometimes it’s just nice to be invited to the game. One fan didn’t even know what the sport was about, which team was playing, much less who he wanted to win. He came up with the most generic sign in human history that consisted of 2 words that are not even grammatically correct.

Image courtesy of Johnny Fontane’s/Facebook

All he knew was that two teams would play, and he just wanted to give them a small reminder to “sports harder.” By this, we think he means to try harder, basically. The teams probably didn’t know whether to laugh or use the sign as motivation.

The biggest loser

When referring to The Biggest Loser, most people are familiar with the famous weight-loss show.  One fan suggested that every time she tries to set her video recorder to record The Biggest Loser, it keeps recording the games. We have to admit. This is a thoughtful sign.

Image courtesy of cbssports.com

This fan not only gets points on creativity for the way she made the sign, but she also gets points for the smoothest trash talk. She knew this would get her some special attention, and we are all here for it.

This one hurts

Some signs don’t even have anything to do with the game that the owner is watching. Some people use this opportunity to poke fun at one of the players.  This fan decided to call out his favorite player for not being able to parallel park.

Image courtesy of newyorker.com

Either this is a warning that this particular fan is also a stalker and someone should call security, or this player is just a straightforward target regardless if the accusations are true. It might just be the latter since this player is a fan favorite that, for some reason, everyone loves to take a jab at. These are jokes. Relax.

Ice, ice baby

Whether it is rain, hail, sleet, or snow, fans will make it a point to show up to the game and cheer on their favorite teams, no matter what the conditions are. These fans in Seattle have to bundle up really well just to support their favorite football team on game day.

Image courtesy of gamedaynews.com

As if viewers couldn’t tell by looking at the television, one fan decided to let people know just how cold it was by stating that they couldn’t feel their faces. Usually, it’s the fingers that go out first, but this fan still managed to hold up her sign well enough to see.

It’s a blank slate

The phrase, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say anything at all,” comes to mind when looking at what these fans wrote on their signs.  She literally had absolutely nothing to say. But she was determined to bring a sign to her sports event.

image courtesy of Brady Noon/Twitter

So, she wrote on the sign that she couldn’t think of anything to say on her sign. Maybe she was dragged along with her friend or just happy to receive an invitation. Either way, sports are not really something a spectator has to think about. Sometimes, it’s fun just to watch the game.

Win win win

This fan decided to put down his own team!  Well, sometimes, that sort of thing is downright hilarious. However, this put down was so insulting it probably should not have been said at all. Judging by the look on his face, he is perfectly fine bashing the rival team.

Image courtesy of saytrue_dotrue/Twitter

It is an interesting play on words, though. This fan suggested that the team shouldn’t even be able to have a website since they can’t put 3 W’s together. Like www.win.com.  He may be a little slow, though, because the ‘www’ is actually not even necessary.

Holding court

Never mess with the law in the US. This kid decided to skip his court date just to go see his favorite team play and decided to tell the whole world about it with a sign. Unfortunately for him, his picture was taken holding up that sign.

Soon after, it went viral. Just wait until the judge sees that. Maybe we’ll see him on television again. Are they still airing Dog the Bounty Hunter? Or, just maybe, we will see him being taken to the county jail…

Boise… city?

No one wants to say that they attend the University of Idaho in Boise City, so the easiest thing to say is that they attend Boise State. That’s less of a mouthful. This college sports fan decided to go ahead and educate some of his trolls who like to point out that Boise is not a state.

Image courtesy of youandmeandrainbows/Imgur

After reading his sign, it’s no wonder why Boise was singled out. There are several different universities that are referred to by the cities they are located and not the states they represent. This guy had to clear that up, and he did a fantastic job.


Baseball is America’s sport. Nothing is cooler than when a little kid sees a player from his favorite team hit a home run.  To provide a little incentive, this young fan decided to bribe his team by saying that if they hit a home run and hit his little brother in the stands, he would receive his piggy bank and everything in it.

Image courtesy of funcage.com

His brother seems to agree with the plan since he can’t wait to be caught on television catching the home run ball. But, it doesn’t seem like the parents have told the children that the piggy bank probably holds $15 worth of coins while these baseball players are working for million-dollar contracts. Nice to have that level of confidence. Ignorance truly is bliss.

This sign makes us hungry

Poor Alaska has to get caught right in the middle of Canada and Russia’s rivalry. It’s a large state that used to belong to Russia, but it’s geographically connected to Canada. However, Canada is its own country.  And apparently, when the Canadians and the Russians go at it, they GO AT IT.

Image courtesy of funny/Reddit

This Canadian fan suggested that the Canadian signature dish, poutine, is way more desirable than the Russian dictator, Putin.  How thoughtful to put that on a sign. Nevertheless, a picture of those french fries, gravy, and cheese curds actually looks pretty appetizing.

Playing God

This fan decided to dress up as Jesus Christ himself and hold up a sign suggesting that his favorite team player is actually his father. If one is familiar with the Bible, Jesus Christ is the son of God himself. So this sign suggests that this player must be God himself.

Image courtesy of MiamiDolphins/Twitter

All anyone would have to do is look at the team’s stats to know that God probably isn’t present at every single game. He is a busy man. But it’s a nice gesture and super imaginative. We wonder how long it took this fan to grow out his hair and beard.

That’s just rude

Some fans don’t come to see the game. They come to see how much they can bother other people in the stands around them. This guy created a sign specifically intended to block the guy he was sitting in front of.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The crowd seemed to think that the sign was actually pretty funny, consider the look on the guy’s face behind him. Who knows if the guy behind them shared that sentiment or was truly bothered. Either way, this fan certainly made his point. We just don’t know why it was necessary.

What does CBS stand for?

This woman decided to hold up a sign that states, CBS which stands for Columbia Broadcasting System. What she actually meant though, was, “Card Board Sign.” Either she wants the CBS cameras to point at her so she can gain attention, or she’s mad that they rejected her for a job. 

If they did reject her, they did so with good reason. Cardboard is just one word, not two. So let us start there, perhaps. Maybe she should check those spelling skills on her resume to understand why she would be rejected.

So do we, kid

Isn’t it so adorable when kids want to be part of the action? This kid decided to create a sign with absolutely nothing to do with the sport, but he was determined to come to the event with his sign to gain some much-needed attention.

Image courtesy of gamedaynews.com

Not many people would advertise the fact that they like cheese.  It normally doesn’t seem all that important. But we get it. Macaroni and cheese, bean and cheese burritos, cheesy nachos, and cheese go pair especially well over scrambled eggs.

Good husband

Sometimes, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission. This guy decided to tell the whole world that he lied about going Christmas shopping so that he can make it to a sports game. She’ll find out when he comes home empty-handed, without any shopping bags or presents for her to wrap.

Image courtesy of College GameDay/Twitter

It’ll only be a matter of time before she realizes that that huge charge on her credit card a month instead of a bunch of little charges on the card, like if you were shopping. Got to give him props, though. Even adults need to treat themselves now and again.

Oh, brother

Either this fan intended to throw this player off balance by sitting extremely close to the court, or he really is an annoying brother coming to show his support during his brother’s game, embarrassing him in the most fun way possible. 

The family resemblance is not that obvious, however. But this fan looks so proud to be boasting this homemade sign. Probably because he is so close to the court for everyone to see, it may be up to the DNA experts to take this one. 

Is that a compliment?

This fan decided to let her favorite player know that she made a really sweet gesture in honor of him. She named her dog after him.  Now every time she calls her dog, she’s probably reminded of her favorite hockey player.

Image courtesy of sportretriever.com

This sort of news could either be welcomed or shocking.  We can all agree that having a dog named after her isn’t so bad. It could be worse. She could be a groupie from the past who named his unknown child after him. We all know what happens when the game is over.

Wrong sport

What was this guy thinking? He decided to bring a sign that says “golf is fun too” to a hockey game.  Golf is by far one of the quietest and most boring sports to exist on this planet. People go to a hockey game to see the bashing and violence.

Image courtesy of Dumpa Day.com/Pinterest

Kids that grew up in the ’90s are well aware of the movie, The Mighty Ducks, and got a thrill watching the Bash Brothers smash the opposing team players against the wall. If this guy wanted quiet and boring, he should have stayed at home.

Professional quarterback problems

Tom Brady is known for being part of a scandal. Many people claim he deflated the footballs before games to make them easier to throw. It was called “Deflategate.”  Now that we all know exactly how the Patriots have been winning, people don’t seem to be upset when their own team loses, because it was probably cheating anyway.

Image courtesy of cnn.com

This person is not sending any kind of sublimenal message here. He is clearly throwing this deflated ball sign in their faces (excuse out pun).  That might be the reason the Patriots were so quick to get rid of him – oh no wait, gave him away to another team.

A sign from heaven

Another fan who decided to dress up like Jesus suggested in his sign that father God himself requests that they “run the ball” during an American football game.  It’s nice to go back to the days when we had profits and saints here on Earth.

Image courtesy of Blitzburgh/Twitter

Maybe the team will think about hiring this guy as a spiritual counselor to teach them how to win a Super Bowl. Or maybe even they’re mascot since he is so supportive. Not everyone gets the benefit of divine intervention.

A love like no other

This fan is taking narcissistic behavior to a whole nother level. Psychology majors beware. This man decided to tell the whole world that they just love the sport and are cheering on their University’s team. They love basketball the same way Kanye West loves Kanye West himself.

Image courtesy of Steve Bulpett/Twitter

Kanye West may not like the diss, but when he’s got millions of dollars from record sales while this fan is probably hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans. Even Kanye West doesn’t care. This fan may have gotten Kanye’s attention more than the team’s, but it’s probably not a good idea to count on scholarship money from the rapper after that sign went viral. 


Players love coming through for a fan. This why sports culture is so intense. People will do anything to see their favorite players win. So this fan decided to put up a sign that said if the team wins, her boyfriend has to buy her a new puppy.

Image courtesy of sbnation.com

This is perfect motivation to go ahead and win the game. It’s not like their strategies, plays,, and all those long hours practicing weren’t going to do the trick. They’re going to make sure they win this game so that she can take home a furry best friend. 

Wrong event

Those 15 minutes of fame goes a long way. This guy decided to make a sign making it seem like he was on his way to a rock music concert instead of a sports game. We are sure this gave the viewers a good laugh.

Image courtesy of Samuel Bennett/Pinterest

It most definitely was a joke. But whether he wanted people to laugh or he just wanted 15 Minutes of fame on television, he got his wish. It was pretty funny. We are sure he knew exactly what he was doing.

Sorry, mom

This young man told his mother that he was at school, but really he decided to go to a Brazil vs. Switzerland soccer game. We already know his mother is going to find out when she decides to watch the game and finds her son holding up a sign on international television.

Image courtesy of trendhure.com

School may be important, but every kid needs a break. Even in Spain, they will close down schools and businesses just to watch a soccer game, so we can understand where he’s coming from. He may be living in the wrong country, though. And no one would want to be him when he gets home. 

Long lost brothers

Shots fired and shade thrown with this next sign. This fan decided to make a side-by-side comparison of Pao Gasol’s face with the face of an alpaca. Pao Gasol is an accomplished basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers in the US.

Image courtesy of Don Juravin/Twitter

Unfortunately for this guy, the resemblance is uncanny, from the facial expression to the hair. He probably doesn’t even care about this sign with the kind of money he makes playing for the NBA. Heck, he was probably laughing with his fans when he took a look at it—points for creativity.


This guy must have lost a bet, or he really has no idea what the point of holding a sign at the game is. He may not even know which sport he’s watching. This guy decided to throw up a sign that simply said, “Sports.”

Image courtesy of Complex/Twitter

Whether or not he’s a true fan, or he simply wanted to be part of the crowd, at the end of the day, it’s all about the experience of sports. In the end, this sign got him the attention that he wanted. Sometimes less really is more.

100 %

We love when people can get creative with their signs, making a funny joke that will make anyone smle. This next couple did just that when they decided to create an interesting for game day that obviously got them some attention. 

Image courtesy of DumpaDay.com/Pinterest

However, we’re are not quite sure who really needs to hear this since its advice that most people don’t need to hear. We need most of our blood, especially if we are going to cheer on our favorite sports team.

Best husband

Talk about selfishness. This guy just announced to the whole world that instead of being at his child’s birth, he decided to be at a Los Angeles Angels game. Holding up his sign which states, “Honey – call me when your water breaks. Go Angels.”

Image courtesy of Catholic Link/Pinterest

Hopefully, this is just for attention, and he doesn’t actually have a wife ready to pop at home. Pregnancy is a time when the husband is supposed to wait on his wife. It’s definitely not a time to neglect her to go see the upcoming sporting event that he could have watched on television.

Just keep yelling

This man doesn’t know why he’s yelling, nor does he seem to care. He’s just going to go ahead and keep yelling, which seems to be the preferred action of both the home team and the opposing team. They just yell at each other.

Image courtesy of cloudigirl.com

Either way, we can all just agree that we’re happy this young man is having a good time. As we’ve said before, it’s all about the experience. And part of a game day experience is yell at the top of your lungs.

We can’t see

These two signs take a tremendous amount of team effort, and we are not talking about the teams that are playing the game. A group of friends got together and decided to create two gargantuan Star Wars signs. One large Yoda and the other states “win you must.”

Image courtesy of Game Bibs/Pinterest

Let’s also take into consideration that the massive amounts of people holding up both signs are not able to see a darn thing on the field. This level of planning and execution takes dedication, and we are all here for it.

Bothersome jerseys

Chris Sale, a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, was scheduled to wear some vintage jerseys to one of the games. He thought the jerseys were so uncomfortable and thought it was a good idea to go ahead and cut off the collars. It turned out to be a not-so-great idea.

Image courtesy of sadanduseless.com

To cheer him up, one of his die-hard fans decided to wear a jersey a few sizes too small, showing his belly off with pride and a sign in the air saying, “You’re right, Chris. These jerseys are uncomfortable.”  Sometimes, your biggest fan is a total stranger.