Please Leave: 45 Regretable Co-Living Situations

By Jhoana C

Have you heard of regretable roommates? If you just heard about them, consider yourself lucky because a lot of people had to live with them every single day. They will make your eyes roll, stretch your patience to its limit, and in some cases, even drive you crazy. Apartment-sharing may help you save a few hundred dollars each month, but it can put your self-control to the test. When you share an apartment or a house with someone, things can happen, and most of the time, they are unpleasant things. You’ll see the whole gamut of disgusting things such as dirty and smelly socks, moldy food in the fridge, half-eaten food left under beds and mattresses, and even empty milk cartons still in the fridge. If these things don’t make you want to move out, we don’t know what will.

I want to make my own hole

Juice and milk boxes come with precut holes (and lids!) to make it easier for consumers to drink the contents. Without these holes, we don’t think anybody would buy these juice and milk cartons. These holes are there for a reason. Can’t believe we have to say that…

Image courtesy of Southernsofia123/Reddit

However, some people don’t want to use them and would rather make their lives more challenging by creating their own holes. We’re not sure if they didn’t see the cap or their life is just too boring, and they would like to make it more complicated.

Poor doughnuts

Ah, doughnuts! There are more than 10 billion donuts made each year in the US alone, and Boston has the most doughnut shops per person. The city has one doughnut shop for every 2480 people, and it sounds like a place we should go.

Image courtesy of mrklopez01/Reddit

However, if you live with someone who eats doughnuts like this, it might be a good idea just to eat out and never bring doughnuts at home because doing so will only lead to an argument. Seriously, anyone who eats doughnuts like that should be in jail.

A waste of perfectly good toothpaste

If you can’t agree on squeezing toothpaste out of the tube, perhaps you shouldn’t be living together. However, if you’re talking about family, it gets a little bit complicated. There’s no way but to compromise unless you have the money for rent and decide to live independently.

Image courtesy of PIE_OF_LIFE64/Reddit

What would you do if your family left toothpaste like this? Not only is it annoying for people who like neatness, but it is also unhygienic. What if insects were crawling over the open tube of toothpaste? The thought just grosses us out.

This lady should get a new boyfriend

Ladies, do you have any pet peeves that you don’t want in a boyfriend? Long and dirty nails? Not washing hair for more than a week? Smelly feet and socks? How about bathroom habits? It’s a challenge to live with someone whose bathroom habits you disagree with.

Image courtesy of nymphymixtwo/Reddit

We don’t know if we want to shower this girl with praise for being so patient with her boyfriend or if we want to knock some sense into her. If our boyfriend left the sink like that after shaving, we’d be saying goodbye to him in an instant. That’s just plain gross.

What’s the point of putting the milk gallon back?

We hate to say this, but this is the truth. Some people are just too lazy to go to the trash and throw empty food containers after emptying them. This isn’t a good thing, and we are sure plenty of people agree with us.

Image courtesy of Pine_Apple_Boat/Reddit

How pleased would you be if you were this person who went to the fridge to get himself some milk only to find out that the milk gallon is empty? Whoever got to the milk first just put it back and didn’t even bother to throw it away.

We are going to have a panic attack with this

If you have OCD, you should steer clear of this person because she will do nothing but trigger it. Look at how she ate the brownie! This is the unholiest of all things. The person who submitted this photo thinks that the way his girlfriend eats brownies belongs on this list.

Image courtesy of turdlop/Reddit

We can’t blame him because just looking at how the brownie was desecrated is enough to make us want to tear our hair out. Should you start on the sides? Why would you want to make a big hole in the middle?

A man’s love for his wife

We have a question for husbands out there. How much do you love your wife? Do you love her enough to cook for her, to deal with her mood swings, and to pick up after her if she is not a huge fan of cleaning?

Image courtesy of meatbag2010/Reddit

Kudos to this man for living with a wife who eats ice cream like this. First of all, how did the ice cream container get to such a sorry state? We’ve eaten Ben & Jerry’s before, and it’s not that hard to open. Do you have to destroy it like that?

You call this “putting away”?

After washing dishes and crockery comes one of the most important tasks, putting them all away. Washing is not a problem because you can always put things in the dishwasher. However, they haven’t figured out putting things away yet, and it’s a manual task as of now.

Image courtesy of alexvmh/Reddit

After seeing this picture, we want to thank the family members, significant others, and friends who do a good job of putting things away because we can’t even imagine living with a person who “puts away” crockery like this. We would go insane with this.

Blessed are the patient husbands

Patience is a virtue that all married couples and even family members should have. After all, the person or people you live with may not do things the way you do. If you want to live in harmony and peace, a little patience will go a long way.

Image courtesy of v4riable/Reddit

However, if we lived with a wife who does this, we can’t assure you our patience will last. Just look at how she keeps the cracked eggshells in the tray instead of tossing them in the trash. We understand some people want to use them as fertilizer, but there’s no need to put them back in the fridge.

Since when did the iPad become a coaster?

Steve Jobs was a genius who came up with so many things. Some people may argue with this and say that he stole some, if not all, of his ideas, but we have to give credit to his creative mind. Without him, there would be no iPad, iPhone, or Macbook.

Image courtesy of JayTheSay/Reddit

For all his genius, we have never heard of him inventing a coaster. But that didn’t stop this man’s wife from converting her iPad into a coaster. We say the husband should get even and use her iPhone as a trivet. That will teach her a lesson.

The man with an eternal supply of cheese dip

Cheese dips cost money, and because they are not given out for free, you should ensure that you get what you pay for. If that means having to scrape the bottom of the jar, then so be it, we’d gladly do it as long as we know we got every last bit of cheese.

Image courtesy of jewishfranzia/Reddit

This guy’s brother doesn’t think that way. Perhaps he is a wealthy dude who doesn’t even care to finish his jar of cheese dip. If he runs low, he stops eating them and buys an entirely new jar. We think it’s a waste of money but to each of his own.

Is it growing things?

One of the most annoying things anyone can do, be it your significant other, family, friends, or roommates, is to buy food, put it in the fridge and completely forget about it. We know life can sometimes get busy, and we are guilty of this sometimes.

Image courtesy of IdidntChooseThis/Reddit

However, if it becomes a habit, it’s an entirely different story. This person lives with a roommate who loves to buy vegetables, puts them in the fridge but then never cooks or eats them. What’s the result? Well, let’s just say things start growing on the vegetables after some time.

How many bars of soap do you need?

Soap dates back to biblical times, and yes, people used it back then to clean themselves, same as what we do now. The most expensive soap in the world costs $2,800 per bar. The bar of soap from Qatar is infused with gold and diamond powder, hence the price.

Image courtesy of Lonely-JAR/Reddit

We figured that if this person bought his soap from Qatar, he’d be more careful with how he uses it and not open a new pack even if he hasn’t finished the last one yet. What he is doing is such a waste of money!


We have to say that being in this person’s shoes is a challenge. Imagine living with someone who likes to reuse old Cheeseling boxes to store a variety of things without ever labeling them? How would you know what’s inside?

image courtesy of throwaway007651/Reddit

You’d be spending quite a few minutes opening plenty of containers to find exactly what you wanted. What if you’re in a hurry? We’re quite sure that for someone a little short of patience, a few Cheeseling containers are gonna fly at the wall.

That’s just barbaric!

Butter! We use it for everything. We eat it slathered on bread. We use it when we bake, and we use it when we cook. Butter is healthier than most people think, and most bakers prefer to use unsalted butter.

image courtesy of oznux/Reddit

Butter is expensive because it takes 21 pints of milk to make a pound of butter. Is there a wrong way to cut butter? No, there isn’t, but most cut butter on the sides, not from the top, unlike this person. He scrapes it from the bottom.

Are you sure it’s empty?

This man has the fortune of following his wife when he throws away an “empty” jar of peanut butter. Why? Because it’s not empty. Look at that! Don’t you think it’s rather wasteful to throw that away? What is up with that?

Image courtesy of andydicktracy/Reddit

We’d scrape the bottom of the jar for the last remnants of peanut butter before we’d let go of the jar. We pay good money for it so we should take as much as we can get. Times are tough, so we have to do what we can to save money.

Did you put away the groceries?

What do you do after you come home from the grocery store? Most people would answer that the next task is to put the groceries away. That’s exactly what this guy’s girlfriend did, but the only problem was the way she put away the groceries.

Image courtesy of TrappaTroopa/Reddit

Most people would think you’d remove what you bought from the plastic bags and put them in the pantry or the refrigerator. However, this girl just can’t be bothered and was just so lazy to do so. That’s so bad for the fridge!

What in the world?!

This would be a deal-breaker for us, regardless of how much we love the other person. We just can’t see ourselves living with a person who does this. Is it so hard to replace the tissue that you can’t remove the toilet paper tube or cardboard?

Image courtesy of armchairsender/Reddit

This should be included in the grounds for divorce, and the person who has to deal with it daily should be compensated well for distress, pain, and suffering. We’re not sure if the person who did this was just confused if it should be over or under.

Girls are clean and organized

If you believe that generally, girls are clean and organized, you are badly mistaken. You need not look further for proof that you are wrong. Yup, this is a girl’s bathroom. Just look at the mess. It’s something that Marie Kondo would disapprove of.

Image courtesy of Endoman13/Reddit

Look at all the dirty laundry on the floor and all the various knick-knacks on the countertop. How can anyone live like this? How can anyone even get ready for work or school in the morning with the bathroom looking like this?

Don’t cut the pepperoni

We understand that a lot of people love pepperoni but must it come to this? We don’t know anyone who loves pepperoni to this extend but to each his own. In a bid not to cut the pepperoni, he’s resorted to slicing pizza like this.               

image courtesy of gungod302/Reddit

The sight of this pizza is going to give people anxiety attacks. If you love pepperoni so much, maybe you should just eat pure pepperonis and buy a plain cheese pizza. Don’t you think so? Doing so won’t upset anyone.

This is an accident waiting to happen

Putting things in containers and not labeling them properly can lead to accidents, and sometimes serious injury or health issues. This is especially true of things that look alike, such as laundry detergent and milk. Just look at the photo below.

Image courtesy of breadfella/Reddit

Yup, that’s detergent stored in a milk bottle. What if a child was to drink from that bottle because it says milk? The least you could do is just remove the milk label to avoid confusion and disaster. Regardless if the milk bottle is in the laundry room, a proper label is still necessary.

That’s a vacuum wire?

This might make some people want to move out, but this husband has the utmost patience with his wife and the cord of her vacuum. Look at that! The sight scares us because it can potentially cause fire and injury.

Image courtesy of SuperLarrio-/Reddit

It would be a good idea to untangle the cord before using the vacuum again next time. Save the family the headache, the anxiety, and the sore eyes. We don’t know if we could even use such a vacuum or even own one.

This is what the fridge is for?

The fridge is for storing food, vegetables, fruits, and meat. The fridge is not for empty water bottles or empty, dirty plates. However, someone in this person’s household didn’t get the memo, and we can understand why he is upset.

Image courtesy of SneezyHydra/Reddit

How angry would you be if you were starving and found a platter with a foil on top of it, expecting delicious food underneath it? However, you were greeted with an empty platter with a used spoon. We’d be livid too.

It’s difficult to finish a pack of gum

If you grew up being told that swallowing chewing gum will clog your intestines, you are not alone. We have heard that too many times. If you swallow gum, it will only be in your system for a few days, and your body will eventually get rid of it.

Image courtesy of BooksAreAddicting/Reddit

This lady’s husband loves gum so much that he often buys too many packs. The problem is he never finishes a pack before he opens a new one. Look at all that gum! Just finish a pack, dude, or the love of all things holy!

How hard is it to push the lid?

Whether you live alone, with your family, or with your roommates, it’s always a good practice to throw trash properly. You wouldn’t want your house to get infested with rats, cockroaches, or any sort of critters because of trash lying around.

Image courtesy of Randy_B_23/Reddit

It’s not that difficult to clear out the trash right away. However, for whatever reason, this husband is too lazy to even push the lid down of the trash can. He puts whatever trash he has on top and doesn’t care.

Is this supposed to be a chocolate chip cookie?

Although only created by accident in the late 1930s when Ruth Wakefield added broken chocolate pieces into her cookie, chocolate chip cookies became such a hit and are now everyone’s favorite. Who can resist them? We say humbly that we cannot.

Image courtesy of Dimitrisan/Reddit

It seems that this guy’s girlfriend loves chocolate chips so much that she only eats them and leaves the cookies behind. Look at the devastation she has caused. It confuses us why anyone would do this. We sure won’t be eating what’s left behind.

Clean the bathtub after each use

If you’re someone who loves soaking in the bathtub, then you might have already heard or used bath bombs before. They were originally developed as a substitute for bubble baths for people who had sensitive skin. Now, they are a huge deal.

Image courtesy of AL3XAND3R_GTZ/Reddit

The only problem we can see with using bath bombs is the mess they leave behind. In this household, nobody cleans up after using the bathtub and what you see above is the result. It’s just gross. If nobody leans up after themselves, bath bombs should be banned in the household.

So much plastic

We would go crazy if we were this guy’s roommate. Apparently, the poster went around the house gathering up all the plastic bottles his roommate opens and never deals with. This is quite an (un)impressive collection of water bottles. Wonder what he’s saving them for?

Image courtesy of Comeonjeffrey0193/Reddit

Not only is his habit a threat to Mother Nature, but he also seems incapable of finishing a bottle of water before opening a new one. And seeing as they live in a house, why not just get water from the tap if it’s perfectly safe?

Please put things away properly

One of the least liked chores in any household is putting things away. We don’t see why it has to be difficult because you’re just arranging stuff, but hey, we understand that not everyone likes household chores, and not everyone cares about organization

Image courtesy of wasadealio/Reddit

This man’s wife has her way of putting the nesting measuring cups away and what you see on the left is how she does it. Perhaps next time, he shouldn’t ask her to do the job because he’ll only end up fixing things for her.

For the love of chocolate

Chocolates are stress-busters. They are also aphrodisiacs and relaxants. If you’re feeling sad, reach for a bar of chocolate. Dark chocolate, especially, has various health benefits, and this is because of the 70% cocoa that is packed with nutrients. Yes, please!

image courtesy of tfm/Reddit

This girl’s sister likes chocolate very much, but instead of just buying chocolate bars and eating them as is, she likes eating all the chocolate from the top container of YoCrunch Yogurts, and that’s not even the worst part. She leaves the plain vanilla yogurt behind.

Please treat the paper towel right

We have a piece of advice that everyone should heed, and that is if you have the money, it’s better to live on your own rather than save a few hundred dollars to live with someone who’s going to drive you out of your mind.

image courtesy of Tim_Seiler/Reddit

If this doesn’t convince you to get your own place, we don’t know what will. Doesn’t the sight of that paper towel just make you want to hurl it at the wall? We’re not neat freaks, but this is getting on our nerves.

What are you doing with the ice cream?

The Neopolitan ice cream got its name from the Italian city of Naples. It is distinct because it has three layers, each with a different flavor and color, namely, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. They are molded into a block and cut into slices.

Image courtesy of SomethingSpecialMayb/Reddit

We understand why this guy is annoyed with his wife because if we were in his position, we would feel the very same way too. His wife finds it rather difficult to put the lid back properly. The lid already indicates where chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla should be. How hard can it get?

People need to mind their own business

Exams week is demanding, and writing your thesis and making the deadline can make you feel like you’re falling apart. In those moments, the last thing you need is annoying people who seem to have no other role in this world than to bother others.

Image courtesy of Reddit

We pity this guy who has to live with a roommate who likes putting his nose in other people’s business. He likes his energy drinks, and perhaps he needs them to function during such a hectic period, so even if they are unhealthy, his roommate has no right to throw them away.

Who does that?

Butter has a high concentration of fat, and that’s what gives it a creamy texture and rich flavor. Butter works well for pan-frying, sautéing, and of course, baking! We love good butter, and we’re quite sure other people appreciate it as much as we do.

image courtesy of goldtail15/Reddit

Some people love butter more than others, and this guy’s dad must be one of them. He loves butter so much that he takes a bite of it and puts it back in the fridge. The person who submitted the photo thinks it’s disgusting, and we do too.

This is supposed to be the living room

The living room is supposed to be a communal space where people can get together and spend time with each other. The natural elements in your living room do more than just make it aesthetically pleasing; they can also promote wellness, help control stress, mood boost.

Image courtesy of td5000/Reddit

However, if your living room looked like this, we doubt you’d be any happier. It might just send you spiraling into depression. This guy’s roommate has made the living room into his bedroom. Look at all the mess he’s made!

Don’t go to the grocery without a list

The price of groceries has increased over the last few years, and it is wise to be mindful of the things you buy, as well as the quantity you buy. Before heading out to do your grocery shopping, you should look at your pantry and fridge.

Image courtesy of thephillyberto/Reddit

Why? Because you don’t want to end up getting what you already have and waste your money. Don’t be like this lady who doesn’t pay attention to things or who doesn’t care to check before spending her hard-earned money on things she has plenty of.

This is just eww

The thought of people eating straight out of the ice cream pint or box is disgusting, especially if they are living with others and are sharing the ice cream with them. So, you can just imagine how we raised our eyebrows when we heard of this one.

Image courtesy of its-just-susann/Reddit

This girl’s mom always eats her chocolate and puts it back in the freezer, just like what you see in the photo above. We don’t get why she keeps it like that for later? Is she saving it, or does she think that someone else will finish it for her later?

This is an eyesore

Some people spend so much on electronics that we understand why they want to keep such items in top condition. For example, if you spent your life savings on a Porsche, we’d understand if you’d treat it like a baby and not want it to get even a single scratch.

Image courtesy of flyawaysweetbird/Reddit

The same thing can be said for this husband. He didn’t want his new computer to get a scratch, so he didn’t want the protective film to be removed. His wife thinks it’s an eyesore, but you need to compromise if you live with someone.

Lazy roommates are the worst

Ask any person what one of the worst things they have experienced is, and without a doubt, roommates from the netherworld will be mentioned by most. When you live with someone you don’t know, everything is a surprise, including dirty plates.

image courtesy of coinmurderer/Reddit

This person’s roommate has cooked something and neglected to wash the pan, so she thought it would be good to remind her about it. Well, it’s been five days, but the pan is still there on the stove. All she can do now is hope.

Please take care of my socket set

Men love their power tools, and they don’t like it when other people mess with them. You can just imagine how this dad must have felt when he opened his socket set box and saw this atrocity! We can assure you he was displeased.

Image courtesy of chadnorman/Reddit

How did it get to such a state? His son borrowed the set and returned it in that condition. Well, one thing that can help ensure his son arranges the set property the next time he borrows and returns is to threaten to write him out of his will.

Such a waste

If we were this girl’s boyfriend, we would break up with her right then and there. We wouldn’t be able to take this. Perhaps he is too in love with the girl that he just overlooks her habit of not zipping close the resealable bags.

image courtesy of hunt103/Reddit

Not only does she not zip the bags close, but she also has a habit of putting the bags upside down which, as you can see, often results in waste. That’s delicious cheese gone to the floor. Do you think they’ll soon break up?

Throw trash properly

Buying things online means getting them shipped to your doorstep without hassle. Yes, it’s comfortable because you don’t even have to leave the house. You can shop in your pajamas, watching TV, and eating ice cream. However, this means adding more trash.

Image courtesy of nowandlater/Reddit

Why? Because you’d have to throw the boxes which your items came in. this man’s wife has, uhm, a unique way of throwing boxes in the trash. Does the photo trigger you? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. We get upset when boxes aren’t thrown away properly.

Filthy roommates

There’s no other way to describe roommates who do this but filthy. Look at all that grime and grease. Our mama always said that if you’re going to cook or use the kitchen, you should clean up after yourself, so the next person doesn’t have to.

Image courtesy of TheLordHimself1/Reddit

If we lived with someone like this, we would move out so quickly it would make your head spin. This horrible mess is something that doesn’t happen overnight. It is grime and oil accumulated over a period of time with no cleaning.

The knife is for food

Gardening is a hobby that has skyrocketed in popularity since last year. Gardening tools such as digging spades, digging shovels, digging forks, garden knives, and gardening tools have been flying off the shelves as people gave way to their green thumbs.

Image courtesy of ColoradoCrazyChicken/Reddit

However, not a lot of hobbyists are good gardeners. Take, for instance, his woman’s husband, who used her kitchen knife for digging up his succulent plant. We would understand her if she lost her cool, seeing as her favorite kitchen implement has become a gardening tool.

Time to move out

Living with a roommate is a gamble because you never truly know the person, and there is, of course, no guarantee that you will get along with each other. Also, we each have our quirks that may irritate other people.

Image courtesy of bigshrimp/sReddit

This person won the most horrible roommate raffle and lived with what you saw in the photo. We’d pack our things and leave the apartment just seeing the spaghetti alone in our sink. We can’t even fathom how she lasted so long.