Marketplace Ads That Are Somewhat Sketchy Yet Silly At The Same Time

By Jhoana C

If you have plenty of things at home that you no longer use, it will make sense to sell them. Not only will you earn a few extra dollars, somebody will have better use of the items. Getting rid of things you don’t need leads to a more sustainable lifestyle, and instead of throwing them away, why not earn some money by selling them at discounted prices? There are many places online where you can post the things you have for sale, whether they are brand new or used. One of the most popular places online is Facebook Marketplace, and the Facebook page, sadsales, compiled many of the sketchy things you might stumble upon on. Be warned, however, that if you plan on buying something online, you need to be very careful. Read the description carefully aside from looking at the pictures, so you know exactly what you are getting. Most of the time, the things advertised there aren’t exactly what you’re getting. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these items we have compiled for you. These are some of the most dubious ads advertising sketchy services and products.  

A candle holder from another perspective

Someone posted this on Facebook Marketplace and advertised that he was selling a candle holder. Why does that candle holder have a bulbous base that looks like it would be a good thing to drink wine from? Someone really got into their DIY crafts.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

And why in the world does it have beads or something of that sort? We wholeheartedly agree with the person who commented on the photo. It is a wine glass turned upside down, and it’s an ugly wine glass too.

Gross nail art

Sometimes, we get to a point in our lives when we need money urgently, and we just have no source for cash. A good thing to do would be to check your home for anything that you can sell. Perhaps a gadget that you’re no longer using?

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Perhaps works of art that have been left lying around and unappreciated? When we say works of art, we mean paintings and the likes which people can appreciate. We’re not talking about gross nail clippings arranged in a skull pattern like this one.

Used? Like how?

We’re not of fan of old vampires passing off as high school students and vampires who glisten in the sun, but we can sympathize with Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen. He looks worse for wear and a little too pale in this photo.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

This has got to be one of the weirdest things we’ve seen on Facebook Marketplace. This life-size cardboard cutout is for sale. It’s used but is still in good condition. Used? Like how was it used? Who used it? We have plenty of questions.

Have your cake and eat it too

Cakes made their first appearance during ancient Roman times. Butter and eggs were often added to basic bread to give it a consistency which we would now recognize as cake. According to this post on Facebook Marketplace, this Toy Story cake was made especially for a baby shower.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

The cake was made on the 23rd of April, and the baby shower was on the 24th of April. The seller is selling the cake because the baby shower is over and nobody ate or touched the cake. They just used it for decoration. Why would anybody want to buy that?

Ring sold for a bargain

Gone are the days when proposals were straightforward. Nowadays, the more elaborate they are, the better. We’re not sure how this lady’s proposal went, but we’re quite sure that there’s no wedding planned for the foreseeable future based on this ad.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

She was engaged for a week, but then she found out that her fiancé is still married to someone, so she’s selling the diamond engagement ring at a bargain price. We don’t know if it’s a good idea for anyone to use a recycled engagement ring for a proposal, but our heart goes out to the seller. We’re hoping she finds a buyer.

No, that’s not vintage

We’re looking at this ad, and just thinking of getting near that outdoor furniture set makes us want to get a tetanus shot first of all. It’s so rusty that it’s dangerous, but hey, that’s not rust, says the seller.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

The “vintage” set is supposed to look that way. It’s painted to look that way. Why anyone would deliberately want to make their outdoor furniture look like it’s not safe to sit on is beyond us. The bigger question is, why is he asking $349 for it?

A Dewalt driver that doesn’t drive

Is anybody interested in this Dewalt drill that works great for only $20? However, there’s a catch, though. It doesn’t come with any battery or any charger. So how would it work without those things? We can’t answer that question, too.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Perhaps it would make a great door stopper? Or toy? Maybe it would be a good paperweight. A few people said that you could purchase spare batteries and chargers for Dewalt drivers. We’re not sure how true this is, but this item looks shady.

Bad husband!

We feel for this woman. She bought shutters for a DIY project, but since her husband refused to help her with it, she decided to sell them on Facebook Marketplace. We may now know the whole story, but he doesn’t seem like a very supportive husband.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

She can take a look on Pinterest and YouTube for DIY videos, and she’ll see some project ideas that will inspire her to finish the project on her own. She should have sold her husband instead of these pretty yellow shutters since he’s not of any help.  

Artsy fartsy?

This guy is advertising his services on Facebook Marketplace, and what sort of services does he offer? He’s willing to go to your house to draw whatever you want on fabric, and he charges $30 per hour. That’s a little steep, don’t you think?

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Especially when looking at his finished work. We could give two tubes of paint to a 3-year-old child, and they would be able to produce works that look better than that. We don’t want to be mean, but that’s not the art we’re going to pay for.

No offer for that one

We’re not sure if the person selling this camper was drunk when he posted this on Facebook Marketplace, but chances are, he is big time. He wanted anyone interested to make an offer on the camper. We hope he cleans it up first.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

No, sir, we’re not going to make an offer on that one. First of all, it is full of trash, and we’re guessing nobody wants to pay $600 for a beat-up camper that’s probably going to need substantial man-hours to clean.

Perfect air-conditioning unit for summer

Scorching hot summer days make you soak in a tub full of ice or lock yourself in a room with the AC powered on high to keep the temperature at bay. If you don’t have an AC unit yet, you might be interested in getting this.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

This is a revolutionary AC that can make you feel like you live in an igloo. The best thing about it is that it’s brand new too! You can get it for a meager price of $1,234, or you can trade your kayak for it.

Get a dress with free cat hair

We’re not sure if stunning is a word that best describes this dress. The seller didn’t even have the decency to vacuum all the hairs of a dead cat before taking a picture of the dress and posting it for sale online.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

But to be fair to the seller, she included the cat hair in the description too. She wasn’t shy about divulging that it’s from a cat that passed away a year before. She even suggested that it would make a good gift to a cat lady.

Goodness me!

Do you instantly buy brand-new if you need something? Or, do you try to save a bit of money by looking for items that are still in excellent condition and barely used? If you chose the latter, you’re not alone.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Facebook Marketplace is just one of the many places where you can find used items at discounted prices. It’s also the same place where you can find a dirty office chair that belongs in the trash. Nobody in their right mind would buy this.

iPhone for rhubarb exchange

If this thief thought that he got the prize when he uprooted a rhubarb from somebody’s home, he was mistaken because he dropped his iPhone and left it in the garden, and the homeowner found it. So, what did the homeowner do?

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

He posted a picture of the iPhone on Marketplace and left a message for the bandit to trade the iPhone for the rhubarb. Safe to say that the rhubarb is more valuable, and the thief won’t be showing up anytime soon to exchange the phone for it.

At least, he’s honest

Do you ever find yourself buying things only not to use them later? This man is in the same boat, so he decided to sell the laundry organizer he bought on Facebook Marketplace. He even offered a decent explanation.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

There’s nothing wrong with the laundry organizer. It’s intact, and it’s all-new. He was just too lazy to use it. Well, at least he’s being honest. Judging from the picture, it does look brand new and straight out of the box it came in.

Need some cement?

If you’re trying to sell something, you need to take a good picture of the item to entice people to buy it. This guy just can’t be bothered to do that. He can’t even be bothered to pick up the bag of cement from the ground and put it against a wall or post or something.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Mind you, what he’s giving away isn’t even a full bag of cement. It’s just ¾ full because he said the bag broke and he can’t return it to the source anymore. It’s great he’s giving it away for free, at least. Saves him some hassle anyway.

This would work for unruly children

If we had unruly and annoying children in the house, we’d buy this in a heartbeat because it’s going to be very useful. All jokes aside, this Big Mac play tower looks ominous. We are imagining the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

We can see her putting all the children in this makeshift jail, feeding them until they become so fat and ready for her oven. Seriously though, is this for trapping children? It doesn’t look very safe and child-friendly. Actually, it’s the complete opposite.

Is that mashed potatoes?

Some people nowadays choose to go the natural way. They don’t want to buy tubes of toothpaste, bars of soap, and bottles of shampoo that have a variety of chemicals and ingredients they don’t recognize from large department stores.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

They would rather get such items from local stores that use natural and organic ingredients. Would you be interested in this homemade lotion? We’re not sure if we’re supposed to put this on our skin or in our mouths because it looks like mashed potatoes.

Fit for Halloween

We feel sorry for this guy who didn’t want to sell the wax mask but had to. It seems like he is really into his rare custom-made House of Wax mask. It has an expensive price tag too, and we don’t think anyone would rush to buy it.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

According to the seller, the mask has been kept in his game room for a while, and we need him to be a little more elaborate. What type of game room are we talking about here? Is it similar to the playroom of someone who we all know as Grey?

Magical toilet

This is the type of toilet children would scramble to use. It looks magical, and it looks like it can encourage things to come out when you’re having difficulty getting them out. Maybe this would make a good addition to your home.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

We’re just a little concerned for the seahorse. The poor guy has to be there bearing witness to all the atrocities that have happened there and sniffing things that it isn’t even supposed to sniff in the first place.

Green fingers

We’re sure you have heard of people with green thumbs, but have you heard of people with green fingers? Well, if someone gave you a fake ring, you’d experience the same thing. This lady posted what looks like a fake engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

She wrote that she got it from a guy who said it was real, but it made her finger turn green. The ring is real, but the diamond on it wasn’t. This nice ring is only $15, so it’s a steal. Is anyone interested in proposing this ring?

Free chair, anyone?

This chair is free, but we’re wondering if people will be interested actually picking it up. It’s an electric reclining armchair, after all. What if they get electrocuted while sitting on it? Their lives could be in danger.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Seriously though, there’s a big hole in the middle of the seat. That can be easily remedied, but we’re sure wondering what happened for that hole to get there in the first place. We have so many questions, and perhaps we also have a very active imagination.

Anyone wants a mystery box?

The mystery box is back in stock. Would you like to get one? It’s only $12 too. It’s quite affordable, and you might get the surprise of your life when you open the box. We just hope that it’s a pleasant surprise.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

We keep thinking about what’s in the box, and we’re sure plenty of people on Marketplace are wondering the same thing. The seller might describe the mystery box as fun, but something is telling us that we can’t trust this man’s face.

You’re just getting the bookshelf

This guy is selling his used bookshelf on Marketplace, but that wasn’t what got people’s attention. It’s his collection of Shred DVDs. How come he has a lot? Is he collecting them? Why does he have so many of the same DVDs?

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

If you happen to pay attention to the bookshelf, you’ll see that it’s sinking under the weight of DVDs. Either the bookshelf is made of a flimsy material that’s not worth the $200 price, or what’s inside the boxes are not DVDs as claimed.

Toilets for babydaddies

This one made us laugh because the seller readily assumed that all baby daddies are in jail or have been let out from prison. We understand that this is not true as there are baby daddies that are responsible, but it’s still funny.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

What do you give a man on Father’s Day to make him feel that you truly love him? What do you give him to make him feel right at home? This toilet from the prison cell might just be everything you need, and it’s only $400. Priceless.

Gummy owl or gummy bear?

Fake items and false advertisements proliferate online marketplaces, so you must be careful before buying something. You need to make sure that it’s the real deal. Otherwise, you’d be wasting a good amount of money, especially if you’re buying big-ticket items.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Take this instance: “Baltic amber owl figurine” being sold on Facebook. It’s being sold for $100, but eagle-eyed people on the Internet are quick to point out that it’s just a gummy bear. You can’t always trust people online.

Where has that hand been?

Sometimes, if you want to sell something on online marketplaces, it’s not the pictures you take that make or break the deal. It could also be how you describe the item, so you have to be mindful of what you say.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Take, for instance, this mannequin hand. The seller described it as being used for practicing nails, but it can also be used for other things. Umm, you didn’t have to add that last sentence because it’s giving us all sorts of ideas we don’t even want to entertain.

Somebody’s not sorry enough

From the looks of things, it seems like someone is desperate to get someone back that they resorted to sending apologies through chocolate-covered sweets. We’re not going to deny it; that lady must have some steady and strong feelings.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

We’d be tempted to forgive anyone who sends us this box of chocolatey treats. They look so beautiful and yummy. Since it’s being given out for free on Marketplace, it’s obvious that the guy wasn’t forgiven at all. He must have been kicked to the curb.

No, we don’t need that kind of tray

Have you ever wondered what type of work morticians do? They are an intriguing and fascinating bunch who we don’t always see at work. Morticians offer embalming services at funeral homes. Embalming is not a modern process as it has been traced back to ancient Egypt.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

One of the things which are essential to morticians is an embalming tray, but do you think they’d be interested in a used, stainless-steel embalming tray such as this one? It can be used for other things too. Perhaps the thief who stole the rhubarb can replant it here.  

Happy divorce

Marriage is an exciting and happy thing, but sometimes, divorce is much better, especially if you have tried your hardest, but you just don’t get along anymore. Maybe one of the parties is cheating or one of the parties is a narcissist, and there’s just no way of salvaging the relationship.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

This woman must have been feeling elated when she found out that her divorce was getting finalized that she was looking for someone to bake her a Happy Divorce cake. She even posted an inspiration cake so people will reach out.

Can we interest you in a Father’s Day basket?

According to Hallmark, Father’s Day is the fourth-largest card-sending occasion which results in 72 million cards given every year, and almost 20% of Father’s Day cards are given to husbands. But why give cards when you can give fathers something else?

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

You might be interested in giving your dad a Father’s Day basket, but this isn’t what we had in mind. It seems that whoever is selling this just threw in some things he had in the house to a basket and labeled it a Father’s Day basket.

Having a baby boy

We’re not sure when colors started having a gender, but nowadays, generally, pink is considered a color for girls, and blue is considered a color for boys. Just take a look at some gender reveal parties, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

This lady had the misfortune of having been told the incorrect gender. Instead of a baby girl, they’re having a baby boy, but there is a little complication, she has already bought all her baby things in pink! What to do? She is selling all the baby things or looking for someone who can exchange them for blue baby things.

Drawers or trash?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but sometimes one man’s trash is literally trash. There are times when it’s better to throw or give away things because of the condition they are in. This man’s drawers, and no, we don’t mean the type you wear, don’t look too good.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

It’s dirty, it’s been left outside, and to borrow the description that the person selling the swivel chair used on his item looks “lightly shat on.” Yes, it’s only $2 per drawer, but we don’t think the juice is worth the squeeze if you know what we mean.

Buy a car, provide your own key

Anybody wanna get a fully-functioning vehicle for only $1,500. Yes, it’s been driven 200,000 miles, but it’s still in perfect condition. There’s only one problem, though; you need to provide your own key. How is that supposed to work?

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Yup, you heard that right. The car has been abandoned on the seller’s property for more than 2 months, but she says that the owner gave her verbal approval to sell it. Somebody has also taken the steering wheel and tried to replace the ignition cylinder lock without any luck.

Where’d you get that?

If you live alone, you don’t need massive appliances. After all, you’re only storing food for yourself. So, instead of getting a huge cooler, it might be a better idea to get a smaller one, such as this. It even has a brand stamped on it.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Is anybody interested in a Pillsbury small cooler? It looks good, but we’d have second thoughts purchasing that. Our first question is, where did you get that? It looks like it was taken right out of the store. It’s literally a STEAL at $40.

Grandma isn’t happy

All grandparents want to do is spend time with their grandchildren, especially if they live far away and seldom get to spend time with family members. You might be wondering what most grandparents do when they’re not with relatives.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Some of them go to bingo night, travel with similarly-aged friends, enjoy new hobbies such as fishing or crocheting, and even mahjong. This grandma must have missed plenty of mahjong sessions with friends that she’s visibly upset about it. Is anybody willing to take grandma?

What contents?

The online world has plenty of unscrupulous characters selling things of unknown origin, so you have to be very careful. First of all, you don’t want to end up being implicated in a crime, and secondly, you don’t want to lose money.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

This is a good example of an ad you want to stay away from. This fellow is selling storage barrels that have questionable origins. Truth be told, they look military-grade, and they have unknown contents. It could be a barrel for toxic waste, for all we know.

Hey there, Barry!

Everyone, let’s introduce you to Barry. No, he’s not someone popular. He’s just your regular guy whose portrait happens to be for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Somebody is updating their office décor and has no use for Barry’s portrait anymore.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

It’s only $25 too. We can only imagine Barry’s reaction when he sees his portrait in someone’s living room. Will he be pleased? Will he be embarrassed? What would he say if someone creates a fictional story about the portrait?

Do you need a chair?

Imagine living with someone who brings something into your home that belongs to his mistress or a woman he’s been cheating on you with? Women shouldn’t tolerate things like that. This woman wasn’t having any of that nonsense.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

After she found out about the chair’s origin, she decided she was gonna break up with her cheating man and also get rid of the atrocious chair. She is moving out and is selling the chair online. Any interested persons can pick it up from her home.

Anybody fancy Kermit?

Kermit the Frog is one of the most popular characters to have come from the Muppets. He wasn’t a frog originally. During his early appearances, Kermit was a creature of an indeterminate species. It took at least a decade before Kermit became a frog.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

This Kermit statue is disturbing. His face looks like a frog, but his body doesn’t. Is this how an indeterminate species is supposed to be? We don’t think this homemade statue is appropriate for our gardens or interiors or anywhere else for that matter.

Really, that’s mint?

First of all, we want to define what mint condition means. If you say something is in mint condition, it is in perfect condition. It might have already been removed from the package, but it’s still in perfect condition.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

This $10 bill is not in mint condition. It’s just your usual $10 bill that’s been doused with something to make it look yellowish and then crumpled. Why would anyone pay $15 to get a $10 bill? We don’t even have an answer for that.

We never knew they were terrifying

One of the most popular characters to have come from a movie today is the Minions. They are cute, they are adorable, and they are very yellow. Either one-eyed or two-eyed, they only have three fingers on each hand.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

We have seen them numerous times, but we have never seen the minions looking this terrifying. The person who posted this photo saw them in a small town in Texas, and they were going for only $85. This is going to give children nightmares.

Don’t you think you’re overreacting?

No matter how careful we are, accidents just happen at times. We get scrapes, wounds, and broken bones like this fellow, for instance, who broke his arm. His arm being in a cast doesn’t look that bad, but he’s overacting just a little bit.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

Why? Because he’s now looking for someone skilled with a saw presumably to get rid of the broken arm. Hey buddy, just because your arm is broken doesn’t mean it’s useless. It will heal in time. Don’t be such a drama queen.

Big yard sale

This Marketplace post is hilarious. This wife must have caught her husband cheating and lying that she decided that the best revenge is to sell all of her soon-to-be ex-husband’s possessions, which is genius. There’s a big yard sale, y’all.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

You better hurry before the husband comes home and finds his things outside. He’s going to have a conniption when he finds out that his favorite socks and shoes are missing. Karma is a b*$#@, so do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

Free furniture

At times, it makes sense to get big-ticket items in a used condition, such as couches, sofas, and chairs. Why get it brand-new when there is cheaper furniture that’s used but still looks and feels nice? If you’re not that squeamish, you can save a lot of money.

Image courtesy of sadsales/Facebook

But when we say used, we don’t mean in a condition that looks like somebody expired on there and wasn’t found until a year after. Look at the couches. We don’t even want to get within a 5-meter radius of it. It looks radioactive.