The 10 Most Successful Coaches In NFL History

By Divya G

We all know that football is a game of passion, madness, and intensity. And that’s not just because of the fabulous players, but also the dedicated and talented coaches who build their teams for success. The coach plays a pivotal part in the team’s performance, and he helps each and every player sharpen their skills.

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So, here compiled a list of the 10 most successful coaches in the history of the NFL. In order to be considered for the list, they have had to have coached at least 20 seasons, and have won more than 200 games. Without further explanation, let us introduce you to the men that have shaped the game of football into what it is today.

The rankings of the top ten coaches in NFL history is based on wins, championships, playoff appearances, and post-season record. It is also taken into account how these coaches were able to shape their team’s identity throughout their tenure. 

1) Vince Lombardi (Packers)- five Championships, 209 Wins

2) Paul Brown (Cleveland Browns)- four Championships, 166 Wins

3) Tom Landry (Dallas Cowboys)- two Championships, 250 Wins

4) Bill Walsh (San Francisco 49ers)- three Championships, 149 Wins

5) Chuck Noll (Pittsburgh Steelers)- four Championships, 193 Wins

6) Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)- five Championships, 280 Wins

7) Don Shula (Baltimore Colts, Miami Dolphins)- five Championships, 328 Wins

8) George Halas (Chicago Bears)- nine Championships, 324 Wins

9) Tom Coughlin (New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars)- two Championships, 170 Wins

10) Bill Cowher (Pittsburgh Steelers)- three Championships, 149 Wins

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The NFL is one of the most competitive sport leagues in the world. There are 32 teams, each with 53 players on their roster, and it takes a lot to stand out amongst so many people. With that being said, some coaches have been able to shine brighter than others. And that’s because of their accomplishments during their tenure as a NFL coach. These men were not only able to have a lasting impact on the game of football but also create some amazing legacies for themselves.