Bodybuilder Rene Campbell’s Perspective Of Women’s Appearances

By Yeshwanth K


When someone looks at the finely toned strong muscles and distinctive tattoos of Rene Campbell, nobody would believe that she is a mother of two.

That’s because she worked very hard and developed her body so that her body would look completely different from society’s perspective of what a woman’s body should look like.

Although she won many prestigious awards throughout her career, Rene had to face a few challenges along the way that were both physical and mental.

Image Courtesy: Rene Campbell Bodybuilder/Facebook 


As for the physical challenges, she gained a few extra pounds while becoming a UK size 14 from a size 8. This led to some usual problems that she overcame very easily. However, the real challenges were the mental aspects that caused her a lot of inconveniences.

She said that she felt very insecure regarding her body, and this affected her motivation along the process. She had to face immense pressure from the media, which constantly stated that she did not look like a general woman.

She also wanted to look skinny like most other girls, and she got attracted to bodybuilding after attending a women’s bodybuilding show. Even though she likes the way she looks, she faced a lot of negativity.

Image Courtesy: Rene Campbell Bodybuilder/Facebook

At times, she would even be asked to leave women’s toilets and prove that she is a woman to use the toilets. Instead of breaking her will, this led to an increase in her confidence and motivated her.

Bottom Line:

Dr. Tanya Bunsell, who studies female bodybuilders, says that most people often believe that a woman’s body should look like an hourglass with tightened abs and curvy hips. The public often criticizes women who have hyper muscular bodies.

Women who are into the sport should be deviated by the harsh comments of society. They should have a lot of dedication, passion, and commitment to achieve this. Also, opting for steroids is not a good idea, and women should try to achieve a good muscular body through their effort.

“If you are a woman looking to get into the sport, you should take Rene as an inspiration while never thinking of anything else other than yourself and your dreams.”