Nick Butter: The Man Who Ran A Marathon In Every Country

By Yeshwanth K


A few years ago, Nick Butter ran his first marathon in Toronto and the last one in Athens. Yeah, so? What’s the big deal? This is a common thing that comes to most people’s minds, but everyone would be shocked when they know that this man ran 196 marathons.

Yeah, not only that, but Nick ran each of those marathons in 196 countries. This feat done by him happens to be one of a kind, as no other endurance athlete has done this so far.

Image courtesy: Instagram/nickbutterrun


Nick Butter has flown around 410,383km, drove more than 5,900km, ran 8,271km, and burnt 690,000 calories to get this task done. This would be considered nothing less of an exquisite adventure compared to what most people can do.

With the help of his dad back in the UK, Nick traveled in 455 flights, acquired 120 visas, got hold of 10 passports, and ran more than 10 million steps on average to finish a marathon in every country.

Not only that, but he also faced some painful challenges such as food poisoning, kidney infection, empty stomach, vomiting, and no painkillers. He was even attacked by dogs sometimes during the marathons, yet his spirit of completing a marathon was so strong that he never thought of giving up.

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According to Butter, traveling to other countries and finding a marathon route was a bit more challenging than running in the marathon. Even his dad was so worried that he would call Nick and asked him about reconsidering the race.

He also faced some extreme situations in some countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc., where there were some problematic situations.

Bottom Line:

Although he was a banker before his journey, Butter intends to get back to his profession. He wants to have a go at the 1,000-mile running around Iceland record. Other than that, he wants to move across UK and Europe while letting children know about his legendary tales.

“From what Nick Butter has achieved in his life, we can conclude that nothing is impossible if you have a strong determination.