Robbie Balenger And His Spiritual Connection With Running

By Yeshwanth K


It all started with a small run with his partner, and now, Robbie Balenger is spiritually connected to running, and it has become a part of his lifestyle.

To promote the benefits of a plant-based diet, Balenger even took on some hardcore challenges, such as running 3,275 miles across the US in just 75 days while running 45 miles a day on average.

This vegan athlete demonstrated his endurance levels by running a total of 98.7 miles around the Central Park of New York for under 18 hours. Why stop there? He continued remaining 1.3 miles just for fun.

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Early life and spiritual connection:

Like everyone else, Balenger was a regular guy from Austin, Texas, who often celebrated by partying a lot. However, he was invited for a short jog by his current fiancée, and something magical happened.

Balenger quickly discovered the advantages of exercising, making him want to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This increased his determination. He slowly began taking on tougher challenges, such as half marathons and full marathons. As days passed, Robbie started to run in ultra-marathons as well.

When Balenger was very young, his father died. Even though his childhood was not rough, he often missed the joy of having a male role model in his life. To get hold of himself, Balenger got addicted to ways that aren’t considered to be healthy for him.

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During that time, he thought he was a masculine person by drinking a lot. After he saw many athletes compete in the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run, he figured out that running helped him understand the true definition of masculinity

Bottom Line:

Currently, Balenger is looking at other challenges and says that he would continue participating in challenges. He suggests that everyone should try to become their better selves and do such things.