George Kittle From San Francisco 49ers States The Importance Of Tight-Ends

By Yeshwanth K

George Kittle from ‘San Francisco 49ers’ says that tight ends don’t get the respect they deserve. As a tight end himself, he gathered 49 NFL tight ends together for the Tight End University.

This program was conducted in Nashville by Kittle alongside Kansas City Chief’s ‘Travis Kelce’ and former tight end ‘Greg Olsen’, which started on Wednesday and continued till Friday.

When ESPN asked Kittle whether tight ends are not being given the required prominence for their efforts, Kittle stated that they have been undervalued.

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Kittle says that a tight end is a prominent and unique position that involves some fun as well. Adding to that, he says that TEs are required to do everything that a football player has to do, i.e., running routes, passing pro, blocking, and catching the football, which is almost everything.

Therefore, he suggests that the players in tight end positions should get a bit more recognition as they are crucial to the game.

At the Tight End University, these tight end players got to share valuable tips to play better compared to their current performance. At this summit, there were activities such as workouts, field studies, etc.

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By sharing their thoughts, Kittle hopes to get the best out of every tight-end player as the strategies shared by them would surely be helpful.

As the event ended successfully, audience and football fanatics can hope to have another similar session next year, where instructions would be offered to tight-end position players.