Interesting Stadium Features That Are Hard To See

By Peter C

We have some stadiums that have some very iconic features which should be regarded as landmarks in sports. We present you some of the biggest stadium features in the amazing world of sports:

1. The Raymond James Stadium Featuring the Pirate Ship

This could actually be one of the most underestimated landmark features in world sports, and it is located in Tampa, Florida.

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Unlike other traditional attributes, It is new in terms of comparison as the stadium was created in 1998.

2. American Family Field With the Bernie’s Slide

Just at the American family field is the big slide owned associated with the Milwaukee Brewers. And then there is the Brewers’ mascot known as Bernie, who automatically comes alive whenever the Brewers strikes a homer.

3. The Nationwide Arena Featuring the Cannon

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It is highly believed, and rightly so that you only attend a hockey game involving the Columbus Blue Jackets if you desire a great jump scare. This is because, after every single goal, a cannon is set off at the nationwide arena.

4. Memorial Stadium’s Howard’s Rock

Athletes coming out of the dugout onto the pitch could be a conventional thing to watch over the years, but there is just this special thing with the Clemson Tigers.

The Tigers have shown how entry onto the arena could be beautified. Their mode of touching the Howard’s Rock before moving onto the field via “the Hill” is an absolute beauty to watch.