A Brief Account Of Sports History

By Peter C

It has been put into account that the very first-time sport was played dates back to over 300,000 years ago. That is a huge number!

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It all began when a group of people was in the mix of making a political system perfect, coming up with history’s most difficult language, and were just a few days away from electricity discovery.

A rock that hung on a tree after being thrown was the center of attraction as people gathered. Two men had invented two different approaches to rock-throwing as a sport. In fact, the political researchers debated over whether Edgar was too old to throw rocks or whether it was Paul’s new approach was better in the ‘sport.’

History has it that the first woman to partake in sports was a teenager named Lara. That was far back in 2400 B.C.

Lara spent her days observing as boys stoned themselves with onions until a yield or death is recorded over one or two of the boys. It was, however, impressive to Lara.

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When Lara decided to play, she brought together some onions and moved on to the pitch. The boys had their faces red when they arrived on the pitch. Lara cheered the boys by clapping and laughing as one of them was about to stone her.

This act is what we see in present-day sports, where many women are seen cheer and applauding during games – however, more women participate in sports these days too.