40+Puzzling Strange Mysteries That Science Has Not Being Able To Solve Yet

By Luis G

From hauntings to strange unexplained phenomena to whatever brings a tingle to the back of our necks, this list has it all. Halloween is right around the corner, so we might as well blow our budget and stick every odd and scary thing we can into this list. There is a plethora of bizarre happenings, monsters that go bump in the night, and head-scratching “what the heck?” entries. If you’re in the mood for more terrifying tales after this, there is no end to the scary stories you can find on the internet, and this little appetizer is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. So put on your night light, fire up your neurons and get ready for some fun! History, our imagination, and the chaos that rules the universe are trippy and always have something new and odd to poke us with and blaze the imagination. Enjoy!

Dyatlov Pass Incident

In 1959, nine ski-hikers decided to take the weekend off and visit the remote Ural mountains in Russia. They didn’t survive the experience. What happened on the trip is still a huge mystery, and how the authorities found the bodies is just odd.

Image courtesy of medium.com

Most of them were found barely clothed in the freezing Siberian weather. Frozen solid. Their tents were ripped from the inside out. One had evidence of blunt force trauma; another had been vomiting blood. Yet another was missing its tongue, and one had signs of radiation.

Tesla Death Ray

Did you know that in Upstate New York, there’s quite possibly an actual Death Ray? That’s right! All around mad scientist Nikola Tesla could very well have perfected a real death ray. And some say he might have even tried it out.

Image courtesy of imdb.com

The weapon was a result of the man’s obsession and efforts to transmit wireless electricity. Legend has it that he created the death ray and had the thing disassembled when he discovered its power. Nonetheless, enthusiasts are certain parts of it still exist.

The Story Of Bathory

The world’s most prolific serial killer was a woman. Her name is Countess Elizabeth Bathory, and our baths have a strange connection to her. In the late 16th century, the Hungarian noblewoman was charged and found guilty of murdering over 650 girls.

Image courtesy of darktourists.com

She would bathe in the blood of young women because she believed that the liquid kept her young. Bathory was convicted, along with her accomplices, and was locked in a bricked room until her death on the 21st of August, 1614.

Embassy USA in Cuba

No one really knows what’s happening in the United States Embassy in Cuba, but its officers have been feeling incredibly ill since 2013. A sickening noise has been causing strange nausea, headaches, and hallucinations. The source of the noise is still a mystery.

Image courtesy of cu.usembassy.gov

The Cuban government denies any responsibility for what’s happening. The sound has been recorded and scientists are stumped. Oddly enough, a similar noise with mirror effects also assailed embassy officials in China. More than 60% of diplomats had to be removed from the building.

Dracula’s Body

Folk hero Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler, is the inspiration that Bram Stoker used to create his legendary Count. Vlad III (also called Vlad Dracula) is one of Romania’s most important national heroes. But what happened to his body?

Image courtesy of worldsupporter.org

The mystery of where his body was laid to rest has most historians scratching their heads. All that is known is the Impaler was supposedly killed – even this is up for debate – in 1477 while in a campaign against the Turks.

Salish Sea

There’s a stretch of land up north that spans between Canada and the USA, right near Washington State and a bit beyond called the Salish Sea coast. It is spooky and full of myths and hauntings. By all accounts, it’s eerie-looking too.

Image courtesy of salishsea

Its biggest mystery concerns the thousands of washed-up feet that seem to appear out of nowhere washed up on its shores. It has been happening for years now. These feet, neatly slice off their owners, are often still inside their shoes.

The Mary Celeste

In 1874, British-American Ship Mary Celeste was found lost and adrift in the Atlantic. It was discovered fully intact, with all its cargo, with all its stuff minus one lifeboat. Oh, and did we mention that not a single crew member was onboard?

Image courtesy of listemine

To this day, no one knows exactly why the crew decided to leave. Theories abound, from giant octopus attacks to UFO abduction to a sea monster and even pirates. What’s especially odd is that the last entry on the captain’s log seemed normal.

Micheal Cleary

In the 19th century, something incredibly odd took place in Ireland. Michael Cleary was convinced that his wife, Bridget, had been replaced by an insidious, evil fairy called a changeling. This belief led him to do some rather nefarious deeds.

Image courtesy of topratedviral

And here’s the clincher. It’s an actual documented medical condition, one that affects a small percentage of the human race. People simply wake up one day, and are completely certain that a loved one has been replaced by something otherworldly.

Door to Hell

Located in northern Turkmenistan, this fiery crater opened up in the desert out of nowhere, and it’s a mystery why. The Darvaza Crater is still burning with red hot lava today. At night its glow can be witnessed for miles away.

Image courtesy of pickyview

Folks say it was created by a natural gas drilling mishap others are sure it is a gateway to Hell. It has become one of the most visited attractions in the dark tourism trade, and hundreds of thousands of adventurers flock to it annually.

The Lost Colony

The Roanoke Colony in North Carolina disappeared in 1590. It was one of the first colonies established by European settlers in North America by Sir Walter Raleigh. What happened, no one knows. One day, one of their founders left to get more supplies.

Image courtesy of vschicagomagazine.com

He went back a year later, packed with food and other necessities, and found everyone gone. Not a single person left. What’s even stranger is the only clue as to their disappearance was a cryptic message carved in a tree: CROATOAN.

Robert the Doll

Have you ever wanted to see an actual haunted doll? Maybe pass the time with someone akin to Chucky? Robert the doll is the cursed effigy that inspired that Child’s Play maniac — and you can visit him in Key West.

Image courtesy of slate

Located in Fort Martello, Robert is a cursed doll that is said to have incredible supernatural powers. To what extent? People in power will write letters to Robert asking that he gives his blessings to their endeavors. If you insult him, it is said you are cursed forever.

Voices from Hell

During the Cold War, another sort of race was being fought between the U.S. and the Soviets: who could drill deeper than ever before into the earth? The Soviets won when they created the Kola Superdeep Borehole, over 12.2 km deep.

Image courtesy of caballow

What makes this hole so horrific? Sonar and radio scanners were lowered into its depths to capture the data. When the audio was played, the scientists’ blood froze. They heard voices. These voices sounded in anguish and pain, as though they were being tortured.

DB Cooper

On November 24, 1971, a passenger on a Northwest Airlines Flight from Portland to Seattle hijacked the plane 30-minutes into the flight. The man was holding a briefcase bomb. He handed the steward a note demanding $200,000 – about $1 million in today’s currency.

Image courtesy of theknightshift

The Airline was insured and paid up. The plane landed, the passengers descended, and the money was transferred. Then the plane, with a skeleton crew, took off. Cooper jumped out the back mid-flight with two parachutes. To this day, no one knows what happened to him.

Star Jelly

Reports of globular blobs cascading from the sky above have haunted humanity since they were first recorded in the 14th century. It’s not frequent, but they’re seen enough to cause speculation. They are called star jellies or start slime. Nobody knows for sure what they are.

Image courtesy of commons.wikipedia

Thy theories have spiraled out of control. Some are certain it’s a paranormal phenomenon; others are sure it’s an unknown fungus. Nonetheless, to this day, scientists are at a loss for words to explain the mysterious goop. Your guess is as good as ours.

The Sleeping Sickness

Between 1917 to 1928, half a million people were struck by a horrific condition. The victims, alive and conscious, found themselves inexplicably frozen into living statues. The illness was called Encephalitis Lethargica, and it first appeared in Europe but rapidly spread.

Image courtesy of thevintagenews

The victims were fully aware of their surroundings, and some stayed motionless for years. A third of them died and most, once the illness dissipated, found they couldn’t get back to normal. No one really knows why it happened. Scientists are still stumped.

Burke and Hare

In Edinburgh in 1828, two men committed over 16 murders in less than ten months. Why? They would sell the bodies to Robert Knox, a renowned physician, for his dissecting and anatomy lessons. The demand for cadavers was up, and the madmen had a pipeline.

Image courtesy of scotsman.com

Hare turned in evidence and was given immunity. Burke was hanged. His corpse can actually be inspected. He was dissected, and his skeleton lies on display in the Edinburg Medical School— along with a gruesome, blood-stained note written by the coroner.


The U.S. is full of underground military bases; amongst them is one found near New York called Plum Island. But Area 51 is the most famous. Located in southern Nevada, a stone throws away from Vegas, this CIA stronghold is legendary.

Image courtesy of bbc

Rumors of what takes place in Area 51 abound, but the most famous of them is it is where the government stashes its aliens and crashes UFOS. Others are certain that Area 51 is also where the government experiments with time travel.

Dorothy Eady

Dorothy was a toddler when she slipped and fell in London. She was pronounced dead on scene. An hour or so later, Dorothy woke up. For four years its seemed like everything was back to normal. That all changed in 1908, when she started talking of her past life in Egypt.

Image courtesy of medium

While visiting the British Museum, Dorothy became obsessed with the Egypt wing. She became depressed and only recovered when she moved to Cairo. In Cairo, she wrote down a detailed diary stating that she was an ancient Egyptian called Omm Sety. The weird thing — her diary led to the tomb of Omm Sety that hadn’t been uncovered yet.

Catatumbo lightning

Located in a swamp in northwestern Venezuela, the Catatumbo lightning is a strange weather phenomenon that has taken place every evening for the last century. It’s called the everlasting storm, and an average of 28 lightning bolts strike a minute.

Image courtesy of milliyet.com.tr

The event lasts 10 hours. And if that wasn’t weird enough, the lightning is colorful, made of different hues and shades. The bolts, unlike most lightning, don’t produce any sound. And every so often, this storm stops for a few weeks.

Hoia Baciu

Said to be the most haunted forest in the world, Hoia Baciu is located in Transylvania. All the trees are bent and twisted, and the place has inspired many strange tales. Several visitors that have returned from a ticking expedition came back terrified.

Image courtesy of wowkeren

Most exhibit burns and rashes on their body; some have claimed to have lost hours in its trails. Ghostly apparitions haunt the area, and locals fear stepping inside its shadowed interior. The place has been the site of countless disappearances and even the occasional UFO.

The Prague Clock

One of that city’s most famous pieces is the Astronomical Clock. It is a fine piece of hardware set right in the middle of town. This beautiful piece of machinery is full of mysteries and a bizarre curse, one of which involves the Black Plague.

Image courtesy of nigelmeadmagician.com

The story goes that the day its creator was murdered, he put a curse on Prague. The clock stopped working, and the plague descended on the place. It took clock makers over a hundred years to get the thing running again, and many lost their lives in the process.

Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons was an odd duck. Why? He was a CalTech scientist and one of the founders of Jet Propulsion Laboratories and invented the first rocket engine. What makes him such a controversial figure is the fact that he was Thelemite Occultist.

Image courtesy of motherboard.vice.com

Jack was obsessed with summoning a demon he called the Scarlet Woman. He died at the age of 37 after an explosion in his home laboratory. Police ruled it an accident, but many are confident that Jack finally summoned his Scarlet Woman.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Were the Hanging Garden of Babylon even real? They were regarded back in the days of yore as one of the greatest wonders of the world. They were reportedly huge terraces that could only be described as majestic and weird and incredibly bizarre.

Image courtesy of pictures-and-images.net

Archeologists that have excavated Babylon – modern-day Iraq – have been unable to find any remains. Some even question the validity of said wonders. Others, meanwhile, are certain that they once existed but are now gone, and all evidence looted by criminals.

Ruins in Rio

Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is full of all manner of exciting things. You can find shipwrecks, plane crashes, and just about everything. But in 1982, something odd turned up that still has scientists perplexed — Roman antiques.

Image courtesy of tripadvisor.ca

Over 200 ancient Roman ceramic jars – amphorae – were discover fully intact in the waters of this bay. Some even had grains and wine from the 3rd century. How did they get there? Europeans supposedly first reached Brazil in 1500.


Named after the islands where they were found, the Antikythera was uncovered by divers 115 years ago. It is an incredibly complex machine with finely calibrated gears. This technology was not available until at least the 10th century. Or so we thought.

Image courtesy of wikipedia

The Antikythera has been carbon-dated to be at the very least 2,000 years old. No one knows who created it, let alone why. Nonetheless, scientists have discerned that the system might have been an ancient computer used for astronomical info.


Designed by artist Jim Sanborn, Kryptos is an encrypted sculpture that sits right outside the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Virginia. The sculpture has four inscriptions — only three have been cracked. Not even the best code analysts know what it says.

Image courtesy of traveller

Every so often, Sanborn lets slip a clue as to how to crack Kryptos. It’s one of the most iconic and legendary codes in existence and has been featured in almost every type of media, including in Dan Brown’s novels.

The Bloop

The loudest underwater sound was recorded in the Pacific Ocean in 1997. The sound was given the name the BLOOP. Scientists have been trying to decipher what exactly it is for years. Many scientists think that it’s a broken iceberg.

Image courtesy of monster.fandom

The sound was not only loud but incredibly strange. What’s even more bizarre is that the noise originated from a key sector in the Pacific. This sector is known for its occult legends and link to horror writer Lovecraft, and as the place where great Chtulhu is said to slumber.

The Fate Of The Ark

In 587 B.C., The Babylonians under King Nebuchadnezzar II sacked and conquered Jerusalem. They destroyed the First Temple, where supposedly the Ark Of The Covenant, which held the 10 Commandments, was held. Yup, the one from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Image courtesy of listverse

The fate of the Ark is unclear. Stories suggest it survived the destruction and was carried out to Babylon by the invading army. There’s no written account of what happened to it. Some say it is hidden away, while others are certain it can be found in Ethiopia.

Cleopatra’s Tomb

Everyone knows the story of Cleopatra VII and her great love affair with Marc Anthony. What they don’t know is that both lovers were buried together after their death in 30 B.C. The location of the tomb remains one of history’s biggest mysteries.

Image courtesy of cbc

Many archeologists have scoured the landscape looking for the tomb — particularly near the Isis temple in Alexandria, but to no avail. The tomb is said to contain untold treasures, including gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, ivory, and body amulets, to name a few.

Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is about 250 pages long. It is a massive tome, fully illustrated and just breathtaking — written in a language and system that has no translation. It dates back to the 15 century and is out of this world.

Image courtesy of beinecke.library.yale.edu

Why is it so bizarre? It’s full of intricate illustrations of unknown plant species and alchemical gibberish. Brimming with odd symbols and cartography maps. The manuscript remains one of the literary world’s most inexplicable mysteries — one that sets off the imagination.

Pollock Sisters

More than 24% of Americans believe in reincarnation, and some of them point at the Pollock Sisters are proof of their faith. In 1957, two English sisters died in a car accident. A year later, their mother gave birth to twins.

Image courtesy of elintransigente

When the twins were old enough, they started to act just like the deceased sisters, identifying with their toys and pointing out landmarks only their dead siblings had seen. A psychologist studied them, along with other cases, and published a book. He identified the Pollocks, along with 14 other cases, as possible reincarnations.

Don Decker

In 1983, Don Decker’s grandfather passed away. When it happened, Don was serving time in prison. The board allowed him to attend the funeral and pay his respect— and then things got weird. Unexplained phenomena followed him everywhere after that.

Image courtesy of dailymotion

The second he got back to the prison, and many occasions afterward, Down would oddly go into a trance and water would start to drip from the walls and ceiling. It was believed that Don was being possessed by his grandpa and could control the rain.

Alexander the Great’s Body

Alexander conquered the known world — well, what was known to most Macedonians at the time. His campaign spread his influence all the way to Asia, and today he is regarded as one of the most fearsome military leaders in existence.

Image courtesy of escuelapedia.com

What people don’t know is that his body has never been recovered. Why? Right after his death, his lackeys, hungry for power, started to fight amongst themselves. Alexander’s body was divided among them because they thought it had magical powers.

The Wedge of Aiud

The wedge of Aiud was discovered in 1973 by a builder near the town of Aiud in Romania. It was uncovered more than 33 feet underground and next to mastodon fossils. Why is it so strangely shape, and why are scientists in love with its mysteries?

Image courtesy of bayvoice

The wedge is almost 90% metallic aluminum — a compound which humans began producing 200 years ago. Nonetheless, the wedge is coated in 400-year-old aluminum oxide and was discovered near the bones of animals that were extinct 11,000 years ago.

Mirny Mine

Located in eastern Siberia, the Mirny mine is the second-largest mine in the world. It produced over a billion dollars worth of fine diamonds in the 1960s. What’s so odd about it is that Russia has forbidden any type of aircraft to fly over it.

Image courtesy of masrawy.com

Why not? Most vehicles crash when they get near the site. Air currents and vortexes seem to damage their navigational system. Some aircraft have been sucked to the earth, and no outsider can even enter the mine without a permit.

Baghdad Batteries

They might seem like nothing more than unremarkable jars from 250 BC, but they’re not. When the jars were finally opened, archeologists discovered that the outer clay actually served as a container for an iron rod with a copper tube.

Image courtesy of onedio

When the jars are filled with vinegar, they can hold a charge. They are, in fact, ancient batteries. The leading theory is that they were used for electroplating metals. Still, a 250 BC battery is something remarkable and indeed mysterious.

Sodder Children

On Christmas 1945, George and Jennie Sodder’s West Virginia home went up in flames with their ten children inside. Five of the kids were rescued, but the other five simply vanished into thin air. Zero physical evidence was ever recovered at the scene.

Image courtesy of ststworld

Some circumstances lead people to believe they were kidnapped because George had spoken up against the Mafia. Soemone had cut the phone lines, and the fire was proven to be intentional. George’s truck wouldn’t start. A strange man was later reported near the scene.

The Money Pit

Numerous expeditions have tried to unearth the treasure, but the land seems cursed with landslides, bad weather, and all manner of setbacks. There was even a History Channel reality show called The Curse Of Oak Island where people tried to dig up the booty.

Image courtesy of livescience.com

Located in Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, stories have endured for more than two centuries concerning what the money pit may hold. Apparently, the pirate Captain William Kidd buried his treasure on that spot. What’s in there? We have our own theories.

Walter Collins

If you’ve seen the movie The Changling, then you know the story of Water Colins. Collins went missing in 1928 from his home in Los Angeles. Pressured to find him by the press, the police brought back another child altogether.

Image courtesy of stmuhistorymedia.org

Walter’s mom didn’t fall for it and instantly harassed the cops. The cops had her locked up in a mental institution. Eventually, it was proven that the kid wasn’t Collins. No one knows what happened to Collins, aside from the fact that he might have met child-murdered Gordon Stewart Northcott.

Copper Scrolls

Along with the Dead Sea Scrolls, uncovered in 1952, another pair of written scrolls were found — The Copper Scrolls. They were engraved in copper and record a vast amount of gold and silver coins – basically, a buried treasure map.

Image courtesy of listverse

The scroll dates back to 1,900 years before the Romans, and to this day, no one has been able to crack its code. What is known is that there is a vast treasure hidden in the Qumran area. It is the most significant find of its kind, if the numbers are to be believed.

Flannan Isles Lighthouse

Located in the west of the Scottish coats, the lighthouse of Flannan Isles’s history has been riddled with strange occurrences and hauntings. The most famous of these cases happened in 1900, when three of its keepers simply disappeared under strange circumstances.

Image courtesy of photos.com

The relief crew came to the lighthouse on Boxing Day (26th of December) and found that everyone was gone. An overturned chair was all that was misplaced. Speculation was high, and all manner of tales surround the vanishing, from an attack by a sea monster to foreign spies abducting the men.

Overtoun Bridge

Located near Dumbarton, this spooky bridge has a rather nasty reputation. Since the 1960s, over 50 dogs have jumped off its rampart to their grave. What’s even odder is that those that survived later return to the bride and jump off it again.

Image courtesy of wikipedia

Scottish scientists have been unable to understand what lures the dogs to their deaths. Many theories arose, including that the bridge is haunted. It’s a popular idea, considering that a local man inexplicably tossed his baby son to his death in 1994.


In 1976, large amounts of hate mail was delivered to the residents of Circleville, Ohio. All the letters were postmarked from Columbus. Most were invasive, highly inappropriate, and full of accusatory remarks. What’s more damaging about them is that there were full of secrets.

Image courtesy of thechive

The letters talked of affairs that were actually occurring, and secrets the community wanted to keep locked up. The letters continued until 1994 when, finally, its residents received the last one. The insights lead to death, mayhem, murder, and police cover-ups.

Tunguska Event

On the morning of June 30th, 1908, something simply obliterated over 770 sure miles of Siberian forest in Russia. It was a massive explosion and the sound wave of it could be felt all the way across the pond in England.

Image courtesy of theconversation

Scientists quickly identified it as an impact event — the largest one in recorded history. What’s odd is that no “impact crater” has ever been found. Some believe that it was a UFO explosion or some weapon the Russians were experimenting with.

Flight 370

One of the most recent mysteries on this list concerns Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. No one really knows what happen to the Boing 777 carrying 239 passages and crew members on March 8th, 2014. This mystery baffles the aviation community.

Image courtesy of nbcnews

Only 20 pieces of aircraft have ever been recovered and those are under the care of the Malaysian government. All that is known is that the aircraft vanished over the Indian Ocean. Theories range from alien abduction to a suicidal pilot.