The Funniest Signs Witnessed At Sporting Events

By Peter C


Talk about what sports are all about. This young man understands it very well. He held a placard with the words: “I just hope both teams have won.”

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He is obviously a true football fan and is all out there to enjoy the game and himself to the full.

You sure know such an individual will not get depressed easily, right?

Puppy Prize

So there was this football game where a lady was seen with a small banner which had the inscription: “If we win, he’s buying me a puppy.”

Kudos to the lady and whoever her guy was, as both made the whole sporting experience of theirs very much fun, to a large extent.

Land of the Nerds

“DUKE! I AM YOUR FATHER!” was what was written on this sign. Obviously, sports and ‘Star Wars’ have a good connection better than what one can ever think of or imagine.

However, the color combination is not enticing enough due to the little difficulty in reading the sign.

However, the inscription was very funny was the beautiful touch of the Storm Trooper helmet of orange color.

“Even Forrest Gump Got Into Bama”

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Forrest Gump, the iconic character, is loved by all even though what he has become known for are characters that portray him as someone with a low IQ.

For any BAMA hater who deserves an insult, this inscription on the title is just the perfect and original one for such an individual.