Marble Race: The Greatest Sport Ever Invented

By Peter C

Marble race is not so common in this part of the world, but I can tell you for free that it is fascinating and is worth your time and even money.

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Maybe it is also the greatest sport ever invented… LOL! The idea about this emerging sport is not so difficult to understand. A collection of marbles are pushed down a track, and the very first of the marbles to cross the finish line emerges the winner of the race.

Now there are YouTube marble videos that have extreme betting elements and are also very mesmerizing. When each video begins, the player is given all of the contending marbles, with each possessing some hilarious names. The player goes ahead to choose a marble at random – one the individual believes will win.

After this, the race, which is quite long, commences with the player focused on the screen with utmost anticipation. When a race starts, there is always a consistent leader, but we have seen on different occasions that leading a race early enough is no guarantee for winning the race.

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There are exciting things to look forward to when playing or viewing the marble race. These include some amazing games like Jelle’s Marble Runs, which feature color commentary for every race.

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