45 Creepy Things That People Found In The Walls And Other Places

By Sachin P

Consider how happy you’ll be when you eventually move into your new dream abode. And then there’s the chilly revelation that you might have bought a house of horrors. One should not leap to assumptions just yet. We have compiled a few of the weirdest, strangest, and most shocking discoveries folks made upon arriving at their new dwelling. It leaves you wondering how little residents fully understand about the place that they are prepared to call home, from creepy ancient stuff found in the tightest corners of an attic to the fear-inducing toys and an underground facility you seemed to have no idea existed. Gather around make yourself a cup of hot chocolate because things are about to get chilly.

Dial down the creepiness

When we think of attics, we usually think of discovering something like a treasure, a valuable antique, or even a map -kind of like the experiences the characters had in the movies Goonies and National Treasure. That would be awesome.

Image courtesy of NukeStorm/Reddit

But this room takes you on a whole different trip. Found on the far corner of the attic, this room only had a 4 foot by 1.5-foot door with a small bed inside. To make it even more creepy, the light was tinted green. Plus, there were no windows whatsoever.

Big brother

Remember that Police song? “Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you” or something like that. Well, it’s supposed to have a very romantic undertone, but apparently, it also has a creepy connotation to it as well. Just look at this scenario right here.

Image courtesy of scratchmaballs/Reddit

The person rented a place, only to find this behind the wall mirror. If there’s a space between the reflection and the finger when you touch it, it’s safe. If there’s no space, then it’s a two-way mirror. That’s not safe.

They have seen some things

So the story behind this creepy finding goes like so. The person who took this picture is a contractor. They bought this abandoned home to flip it and sell it for a profit. When they were renovating, they found this in the basement.

Image courtesy of spwhalenjr13/Reddit

Can you even imagine the shock they must have been in? If there was no sufficient light (we guess there wasn’t), it actually looks real, almost like Edward Scissorhands looking at the ceiling through the toilet. Saying this is creepy is an understatement.

Alexa, play “Thriller”

This next one would have us running for the hills! What are the odds of finally gathering the courage to explore the dusty old attic, which just stood there neglected, and finding something like this old stroller? Man, that must have been shocking.

Image courtesy of jkmayne/Reddit

Obviously they were terrified because they didn’t expect a stroller to be there. But technically speaking, people use attics to store old stuff. But seeing how this is so ominous, it’s giving off ‘70s horror movie vibes, and it’s the kind of thing we don’t expect.

Finders, Keepers?

So, what this person found behind the wall of their new home was creepy and profitable in a sense. They found a safe, a briefcase full of money from different countries, silver ingots, and jewelry. It sounds like a treasure, doesn’t it?

Image courtesy of lmbrjack/Imgur

Well, apart from the cool stuff, there was some spine-chilling stuff as well, like a collection of videotapes where one was labeled “no, no, no, no” and a note that said, “save yourself.” Well, we kind of hope that was the end of that find.

1962, anyone?

This is not the kind of thing you’ll be expecting when you move into a new house. But this is what this person came across. At first, he thought this was some open-pit BBQ set up the previous tenants built.

Image courtesy of den_of_thieves/Reddit

As it turns out, it wasn’t. It was an underground dwelling. By the looks of it and the rust outside on that big door, we can speculate that this was a bomb shelter. Or, it could have been a storm shelter, too.

Is it still within range?

We would never expect to see this stuck to a wall in any house. The story here is that this person, who moved into a new apartment, found this kind of tape that was stuck to a bookshelf. It was hard to spot at first.

Image courtesy of OiMooi/Reddit

When they removed it, they found this SIM. Apparently, they put it into a phone, and it was empty. But for a moment, imagine a SWAT team or the FBI bursting through the apartment within hours of the SIM getting activated. We’re just trying to use our imaginations here.

Well then, no sleep it will be

We seriously hope that this is nothing but a harmless prank. Who’d want to see this out of the blue when they are about to go to sleep? The letters look very creepy when the moonlight hits just right at the correct angle.

Image courtesy of taymhaston/Reddit

Plus, we’re sure the fear factor on this just doubles when you figure out the story behind it. The parents of the person who posted this came across it. We do hope they did the sensible thing and did some digging to make sure it’s a prank and nothing else.

Why though?

So, this person moved houses to find this in their new toilet. It’s a toilet lid and seat made out of clear resin with razor blades embedded for extra, um, style? The odds of this breaking and causing harm are pretty low, though.

Image courtesy of bigworn/Reddit

But this does beg the question, why? Are the razors put there so you can have a razor-sharp aim when you do your business? Or is it there to remind you of something even more sinister? Only the person who made this knows.

Cue Indiana Jones theme

Now, isn’t this a welcome distraction from all the scary, creepy cult-related posts we scrolled through, eh? Man, considering the really high real estate prices in a city like New York, this is like stumbling on a long-lost treasure.

Image courtesy of samanthartsoe / Reddit

All this because this lady felt a mysterious airflow coming from her bathroom mirror. She can thank the ventilation for fixing her up with what looks like additional square footage. All she needs to do is to flip it and AirBnB it.

Peep peep!!

This seems incomprehensible without the backstory so let us get straight to it. So, this person was looking for a place to route a wire. Then they stumbled upon a hole in the wall. They thought they were lucky, like a job-half-done kind of thing.

Image courtesy of kitsaheartsgrievous/Imgur

Apparently, the hole they found overlooks the guest bathroom. And behind the guest bathroom was the previous owner’s workroom, which just amps up the creepy factor to eleven. Yeesh! Even thinking about this gives us the heebie-jeebies. Some people!

You jest!

This is not the kind of haul you would ever expect to dig up when you move houses. You expect some sort of treasure or a long-lost priceless painting. Some really valuable antiques would be quite a welcome. For real, though.

Image courtesty of SirAntoniusBlock/Reddit

But clowns? Demented ones such as this? No one in their right mind would ever anticipate this. It’s like Pennywise the clown used to call this his home before these people moved in. Not one, not ten, but 37 creepy clowns!

Dungeons and Dragons

So this person moved houses and got transported back in time to when dungeons were the norm and not creepy at all, and if you needed to keep prisoners, you had built-in facilities. Just look at how extensive the dungeon network is!

Image courtesy of diply.com

What is CCFC, though? Well, that’s something that’s left to be deduced one day. Plus, the convenient placing of the trapdoor right next to the bathroom is quite genius. Who would think to search for an exit route just outside of a bathroom?

Oh heck no!

Now, if there are ant arachnophobes among our dear readers, don’t worry. These are just cave crickets. Although they can jump about five feet lengthwise, so keep that in mind. The common consensus is that they are pretty harmless, so nothing to worry about.

Image courtesy of Colombianthunder/Reddit

But what is this creepy-crawly place, you might ask? Well, it’s from an underground bunker a couple discovered. It was under their house all this time. They managed to squeeze a phone through a crack to get this spine-chilling image of a cave cricket-infested bunker.

Let’s leave it at that, shall we?

So, the person who posted this is a new owner of a house. Congratulations to him! It’s a pretty elating feeling to be an owner of a home for the first time. But it also came with this. A crypt that is sealed shut.

Image courtesy of Brett_Kelman/Reddit

So, we all say in unison, keep it that way. No good ever came from opening something that you shouldn’t. Like Imhotep’s sarcophagus in The Mummy, Pandora’s Box, and the lament configurations from all those hellraiser movies. So, don’t do it, champ!

Don’t hold no Grudge!

Who here remembers The Grudge movies? It’s a set of movies about a curse that is born when a person passes away due to extreme grief. Plus, there was this scary-looking boy and a girl that always made an appearance in them as well.

Image courtesy of funkytowne1/Reddit

So, can you even imagine running into this in a dimly lit basement? If you can keep your cool when you see this creepy face from the basement window, we salute you. But all in all, this is one clever prank.

How about…nope!

So, this needs some context, and not because having context would make this less creepy because nothing could make this less weird. So, a group of friends moved into a new house. Probably college students. And they find this.

Image courtesy of WonderLemming/Reddit

A closet was full of doll cutouts just stuck to the walls like some demented shrine for dolls. Yeah, this is enough to stand one’s hair on end. But the cherry on top is a disfigured drawing of what looks like a face in the middle of all of them. We hope they had the sense to move houses again!

That’s no ceiling cat!

Remember the meme about the ceiling cat. It was quite popular a while back and relatively simple, really. A cat just looks at its humans through an opening in the ceiling. Nothing much. We guess that’s what these people expected when they opened this ceiling door.

Image courtesy of AlcosaurusRex/Imgur

Instead of finding a cute, fluffy cat judging them, they found this demented panda. Just look at its eyes! That alone has some excellent production value right there. They really got the whole setup down to show that the panda is angry.

Um..not okay?

Imagine moving into a new apartment and finding this stuck on the toilet. It is entirely natural for any person to get freaked out. A bathroom is a highly private place. But as it turns out, there’s more to this sticker.

Image courtesy of Tommy27/Reddit

Actually, these happen to be joke stickers from Maxim that existed ages ago. That would enable you to sigh a breath of relief now, doesn’t it? But just to be safe, better to double-check. Taking some precautions is always a good thing.

How about a tea party?

So, this lady found a hidden room that had some creepy “vibes” to it. Take one look at the collection of dolls and doll-related paraphernalia, and you get what she’s trying to convey. It can really put a person off.

Image courtesy of rooney8900/TikTok

But there can be another angle to this as well. This could be a little girl’s or boy’s precious collection of toys that they hid and forgot over time because they moved houses or simply grew up. If that’s the case, we hope that they find this post.

Location scouts! For your attention!

The original poster rented this rad house in the suburbs of LA on top of a hill. They apparently found a lot of stonework where self-work is evident – small walls, steps, some sort of an arch, and a dungeon of sorts built into the hill.

Image courtesy of CreativelyBankrupt/Reddit

From the information they found, the house belonged to a stonemason for decades until he passed away from old age. Then the current owner bought this and started renting the home. Weirdly, no one knows the real use of the dungeons.

Wall baby

Can you even imagine moving into a new home and going to the basement to find this? This is like a scene from the movie Chucky if Chucky were covered in cement and left to solidify. We have to admit that this stuff sends us over the edge!

Image courtesy of missjellinsky/Twitter

We can credit this to the fact that this was some practical joke played by the previous tenants. It’s a horrifying one at that, seeing how one eye is more prominent than the other, making it feel way more creepy than it already is.

To explore or not to explore?

If you get any earthquake vibes, that’s not the case here, apparently. It does look like a tremor knocked this big shelf over, conveniently blocking this door. But, yet again, truth is stranger than fiction. The real story is this.

Image courtesy of BlurghUsername/Reddit

The previous owner blocked this door like this. The door doesn’t lead outside, as many of you would speculate. So why would he go to all this trouble to seal off this door? Maybe the new owners were able to maneuver around it to see what was hidden?

Should we?

That’s the question we are asking. Should we really see whoever is mentioned in this polaroid? We are definitely 100% sure we don’t want to. The creepy, haphazard lettering and the state of the polaroid itself can send chills down our spines.

Image courtesy of AceFloresX/Reddit

This looks just like a premise for a horror movie. A good one at that, we must add. If properly manipulated, a good movie poster or interesting music album art can be made from this. There is artistic potential almost everywhere.

How Dali-esque!

So the person who took this picture helped his friend move houses. And in the shed, they found this creepy ornament. It looks like it is a collaboration between Salvador Dali and Tim Burton, with a bit of Quentin Blake thrown in.

Image courtesy of couuch/Reddit

In an artistic sense, it is quite intriguing. We see this emaciated Catwoman of sorts emerging from an egg. Instead of paws, she has chicken legs. Maybe the legs happen to be the paws. Whatever it is, this is creative in its own creepy way.

Testing what now?

So, this person found this magnetic sound recording tape. It was found in a deceased estate house that they recently purchased. Seems normal, but what’s even more creepy would be the note they found. Testing evil spirits. Umm, should we be?

Image courtesy of CaseyThorntonArt/Reddit

The connotation is what matters here. We assume that testing in this context means trying to detect the presence of an evil spirit? Or testing as in trying to see how patient an evil spirit can be? Plus, 1973 is the year the movie Exorcism came out.

Things that make you go hmm…

So this person is renting this house for the summer, and they stumbled across this in the backyard. They are contemplating whether or not to open and see what is inside. What we would recommend would be completely different altogether.

Image courtesy of cryptofrog/Reddit

It could be garbage. The contents are in garbage bags, for pete’s sake! The odds of finding something gruesome or something valuable like money are incredibly farfetched. If you do stumble across a small fortune, would you think the homeowners wouldn’t know?

Oh no!

What is this? Some sort of an interrogation setup from an ‘80s movie? It does fill in all the necessary blanks in our opinions. We can imagine the police interrogation getting all heated and the head detective just switching it off—all drama.

Image courtesy of wazowski_kachowski/Reddit

Well, the truth is just way more sinister. These cassettes were filled with phone conversations. The previous owner was under the impression that his wife was having an affair, so he taped all her calls. That is just awful.

What episode of Roswell is this?

Again, in the list of moving into a place and finding freaky things, this takes one of the top spots. Can you even imagine the fright this could give a person who’s coming up the attic? Man, we don’t want to be in that position.

Image courtesy of thatbluewoman/Reddit

Just look at the color scheme and the elongated neck. It is designed to make your skin crawl. On the plus side, this can be utilized to make one really unforgettable Halloween decoration. Yeah, that is a good use for this.

Umm…No thanks!

If you’re a fan of DC, you might be familiar with the comic arc Batman: Hush. It’s where Batman faces off against one of his all-time greatest villains in his rogues’ gallery, Hush. Now, Hush is a surgeon and has a bandaged face.

Image courtesy of Frank_Darko/Reddit

He’s just like what you see in this picture. Man, doesn’t this look mangled? They spent so much effort on getting the texture of the shirt right but not the face. It’s like the artist wanted the face to look like a horror icon.

Dan Brown vibes

Now, this is equal parts exciting and creepy, depending on how you look at it. The renters who moved in discovered a small room about five feet tall and about 12 square feet in area. On the dirt floor, they found a sort of a blanket.

Image courtesy of Hendricks_gin/Reddit

It was surrounded by candles, paper, and a weird letter. It seems like the letter was written in 2005. There’s also this kind of rad seal with what looks like an atlas moth. Another budding Cicada 3301, maybe? Nobody knows for sure.

What’s in the box?

So, this person, who moved into a new rental, found something strange; a huge wooden box. It kind of looks like a sea chest that the previous tenant left. What makes it strange is how heavily padlocked it is.

Image courtesy of corpsequeen96/Reddit

What is in this chest that is so important enough to padlock but worthless enough to leave it? Seems quite mysterious and dangerous at the same time. We hope for sure that it’s not some scenario where they find a Babadook!

Voodoo vibes

This next find kind of looks like a voodoo doll they use in Palo Mayombe. It does have that creepy factor necessary for it to be classified as such. But on closer inspection, don’t you agree that this has a bit more “bling?”

Image courtesy of thrusher/Reddit

But the location is what sends us the wrong signals. The basement, out of all places? It does dial up the creepy factor, in a sense. All in all, what we sincerely hope is that nothing terrible transpired. We want what’s best for anyone!

So funky!

Well, considering the number of alarming posts that we scrolled through so far, this seems…okay. In fact, it is perfectly normal. We have this instinct to believe that this could have been a teenager’s room. In the seventies, things like this were pretty normal.

Image courtesy of mikeflames/Reddit

This seems like a pretty good option to insulate the room and decorate it, considering how much reasonable wallpaper costs if you take that to account. It must have been some sight back in the day when the colors didn’t fade.

Ownership claim

This is not the kind of thing you would want to discover in your basement. But there are specific pointers as to why the new homeowners shouldn’t be scared. But, putting their guard up just in case would be a good idea.

Image courtesy of sckenken/Reddit

It is quite apparent that this is a stencil of a handprint rather than a sanguine print of a hand. If it was sanguine, well, the lines of the hand should be evident. So, nothing to worry about this apparent prank!

Feels so cold

This can mean many things. Firstly, like in all classic horror movies, this could mean something supernatural. Looking at some of the previous examples that we scrolled through, it’s a bit hard to beat that logic. Although we hope that’s not the case.

Image courtesy of felhawke/Reddit

Secondly, it could be that the person who wrote this was going through some immense mental or physical pain. Poor thing must have felt lonely and didn’t have anyone to confide his pain in. We really hope that’s also not the case.

Rock-a-bye Baby

Here’s another classic trope in horror movies. The rocking chair that rocks by itself. When it rocks, you can either hear it quite audibly, or it happens to be present in the same room that you are residing in at the moment.

Image courtesy of mattym00/Reddit

We think the attribution comes from the fact that elderly people are associated with rocking chairs. This is somewhat of a misconception because those who have sat on a rocking chair know how comfortable they can be. It’s the ideal place to be lulled into sleep.

Cat Paradise

So this lady moves into her new home and finds these. Crawl spaces that span the entire house. Some seem really cool, while the others seem way too creepy to exist. You don’t want anyone popping out of one of those when you’re alone.

Image courtesy of j__babii/Tiktok

But if there’s a situation where you need to hide, well, say no more. These places are the ideal hiding places anyone can imagine. Come to think of it, maybe this was inhabited by a cat person if that’s the case.

Here’s looking at you!

To be honest with you all, if we saw this when we’re about to dispose of garbage correctly, we’d flip. It is quite well hidden and in a place where you’d least expect to find a human face staring at you.

Image courtesy of j4c3l/Reddit

It is a printout, which means it is in a 2D plane. But whoever prepared this prank knew how to make even a flat image more convincing. That’s what gets this prank going. Thankfully the OP isn’t a heart patient, so it seems.

SAFEty first

Is it safe to say that this particular safe won’t pose any safety hazards when the current dwellers try to open it? Better to check who the previous owners were. Because if they come searching for the safe and find it open, oh boy.

Image courtesy of mitch359/Reddit

Do a background check if you find something like this. When you’re absolutely sure that no one would lay claim to the safe, then there’s apparently nothing to worry about. Unless it’s a scenario like in the movie Army of Thieves.

Calling all creepies!

So the poster who took this image found this severed doll’s head along with some chicken bones. They were in the chimney hatch in their new home. It’s quite easy to come to the conclusion of witches when you hear chicken bones.

Image courtesy of capriciousette/Reddit

But it could easily mean that someone was really lazy. Why walk all the way to the kitchen when you can just chuck the bones of your fried chicken into the chimney hatch. The fire will take care of it with no hassle.

Where there’s a key

Now here’s something you don’t see every day!  A key in a lamp! When you read this, you might be wondering, “Wow, these people get excited by the smallest of things! That’s so gnarly!” Well, if you thought along those lines, thanks!

Image courtesy of leonboss1218/Reddit

The best thing to do is to open every room in the house with the given key. How did they find it? It must have been when they saw the casted shadow on the table! That would have been really awesome and way cooler than some of the finds we’ve seen so far!

Wait, what?

So, these people moved into a new house in the month of June. When they were moving items to their son’s bedroom, they found this on the windowsill, which said, “I don’t care how blue your eyes are, you’ll never get away.”

Image courtesy of hooger0000/Reddit

Sounds eerie, right? This must double the creep factor if anyone in the family had baby blue eyes. Apparently (since the quote seemed familiar), it is a lyric from an Ed Sheeran song upon research. Man, taken out of context, things can get wild.

Phantom of the clay pot

What do you think about this find, folks? Is it an interesting one? Or is it a creepy find? It kind of looks like a traditional Japanese Noh mask with the eyes and the lips missing that is. Interesting.

Image courtesy of anbpics/Imgur

You might remember distinctly the mask worn by Lyutsifer Safin, the Bond villain played by Rami Malek in No Time to Die? That’s a traditional Japanese Noh mask. Although, we don’t know the reason behind why this person found this in a planter.

Cat choir

Now, unless the person who found this has a pathological fear of cats, stemming from a childhood-based trauma, that is, then they probably shrieked at the sigh of this next find. Because, if we are being honest here, this is probably the least creepy find on our list.

Image courtesy of heyjupiter123/Reddit

It seems like the cats are having a ball of a time meowing the chorus to something we’d very much like to know. It is kind of cute—the representation of Persian cats in this one image is quite staggering.