Instructions And How-To Guides That Missed A Few Steps

By Aayush G

In this modern age, our lives depend on internet tutorials, be they recipe hacks or the ones about fixing your car. They are incredibly helpful much of the time. All these how-to instructions have one thing in common, and that is that they are written step by step. But the ones we are going to show you today will demonstrate that some people cut corners when making their tutorials, how-tos, and instructions. It’s nice to give out information quickly but not at the expense of its value. We will now see 45 of those tutorials that crushed it in all the wrong ways and left the answer seekers just as lost as when they started their fateful Google search.

One for the brides out there!

Pinterest is a great platform, and we all use it to entertain ourselves, but more importantly, educate us with the golden information present there. But this tutorial doesn’t seem to prove itself! This is a three-step tutorial for a process that takes at least six steps.

Image credit: Bethany on

The person is trying to showcase how to make this beautiful hairstyle in three images. The first two are correct and are in order, but the next one is the finished product, and we don’t think anyone would be able to imitate this without the steps in between.

Recipe Needed

On the internet, people are keen to know what goes into doing things the way it’s presented there. Here, the guy has posted a picture of a mouth-watering pizza. So as always, people are excited to know how they can make the same recipe.

Image credit: FlamesDoHelp / Reddit

The person here tries to explain that he has a three-day process to make the dish in the picture. He also adds that it took him three years to develop this. On further questioning about the process, he just ghosts the conversation.

How to get rich?

Here is what you all have been waiting for, a complete tutorial on becoming rich; it’s effortless. You just need to follow a few easy steps. The first one is to make money. How will you do that? That’s up to you, bud.

Image credit: I_POST_ON_THE_DONALD / Reddit

The next one is to use the money you made to make more money. The last one is just to repeat the above two steps to get into the never-ending cycle, and voila, you are a money-making machine in a mere few steps!

It’s simple, isn’t it?

Geometry is simple, isn’t it? It is if you are given a proper instruction manual for reference. But that is not what we are here for today, so here is a legendary “step-by-step” guide to putting together this magnetic toy.

Image credit: Walkyou / Reddit

So, in the first step, you just arrange these cylindrical structures perpendicularly. Okay, simple enough. Then you just keep adding on and magically – without mentioning the magnets even once – you get this nifty shape. We think we need to go over it again, slower.

Print it out, paste on the wall

Youtube is a goldmine of knowledge, and you can learn about literally anything you find interesting. So it is evident that you would want to save that knowledge for future reference. You should be able to do this pretty quickly.

Image credit: Brucecx / Reddit

That’s what this girl wants to do. She just wants to print a screenshot and paste it on her wall, but she can’t figure out how. So she asks the original poster for some advice. He was very helpful indeed.

Just disappear!

If you want to get $10k a month, you gotta act fast. Fast, like very fast. Here’s our guy from TikTok giving us the “step-by-step tutorial” to get rich, starting from the bottom. So let’s follow him. The first step is to get away for six months straight.

Image credit: -of-the-sea- / Reddit

After that, you need to learn not physics, but a skill, a skill which pays. Then you gotta start a business. (We don’t know how – should we ask?) This has to be a joke, right? Surely someone is making an oversimplification? Right?

Face Drawing Tutorial

Welcome to another episode of how to do things quickly. Today we are going to learn how to draw a realistic face in just a few steps. First, please make a circle, and draw basic facial features. Just vibe it.

Image credit: PlasmaBuffalo / Reddit

There is a handy guide to help with those details, so don’t fret. After this, move on to shading and hair, and voila – you have drawn a “realistic” face. The shading parts seem to be left off the tutorial, and it’s completely fine!


Do you love the look of iridescent clothes and want to learn how to create this effect in your paintings? Look no further because we have done some real digging and found an extensive tutorial. You can thank us later for this (or not).

Image credit: misunderstoodsamurai / Reddit

The steps are simple and easy to follow. Just do what the guy says. You’ve got your outline of a skirt, and you’ve colored it a solid blue. With us? Grab your color palette, and bam. That’s it. Just manifest the rest.

Lets figure this OUT

The three rings puzzle is a tough one to solve. Even we don’t know how to solve one. That’s we turned to the trusty internet to find a solution to this, and we are happy to say that we did find a good one.

Image credit: SyilerCV / Reddit

We don’t know about you, but this didn’t help us solve our puzzle. Maybe some written instructions would have helped. Or perhaps we just aren’t cut out to do these kinds of things. We’ll stick to playing Solitaire on our phones.

Easy Peasy…

If we go to Instagram, it’s completely normal and extremely easy to become a billionaire on your own, and at a young age. Look at this guide, for example. This one teaches us how to become a billionaire on your own by the age of 40.

Image credit: BCAAs / Reddit

If we take a look at this, the steps seem pretty straightforward. First one is to invest in yourself, learn and earn, right? The next is to save money to invest. Nice. Then it says go for 10 billion dollars. Did we read that correctly?

Another Drawing Tutorial

Another drawing tutorial. This one doesn’t have that much value, but it genuinely makes us laugh. So the tutorial is about how to draw a rose. The process is simplified down to two steps. Again, we think this one is a joke.

Image credit: toodrunktofindaurl / Tumblr

The first one is to draw lettuce, if you do not know how to draw one, she will also teach this. Next is to paint it red, and you got a rose. If you’re wondering how to draw lettuce? Just draw a rose and paint it green.

Drawing a tree is easy!

If you want to draw a tree, the process is very easy. It’s just the waiting game that you need to pass through. The steps are minimal. You draw a seed, and you wait – wait until it grows into a tree.

Image credit: GeneReddit123 / Reddit

After reading this helpful tutorial, we were about to bang our heads with our notebooks. If you wanna do the same, please don’t. Why? Because it hurts! Just like seeing this hurts our feelings. Not watching drawing tutorials anymore.

Early Retirement is easy

If you want to retire early, you gotta get going as a youngster. Please refer to this post by the New York Post: you can retire at 38, but some conditions need to be fulfilled. Just, like, one or two.

Image credit: nypost / Twitter

The first one is that you should have a high paying job that pays you well over a hundred thousand dollars a month. When you have these it will be pretty easy to follow the next steps and you won’t need this article.

Easy Instructions

We never bother to read the instructions written on the medicine container, but that’s a huge mistake that we should avoid. The man taking the photo listened to the advice of every doctor ever and decided to flip the bottle.

Image credit: gingerbearsw / Reddit

When he did, there was a list of things that needed to be fulfilled to reap complete benefits of the medicine. Read the last one. A tip for managing heartburn is to lose weight and do it fast. Pretty straightforward, we guess.

Tutorial on installing Blinds

Doing things on your own is what we call DIY in short. The tasks generally are complex and require proper guidance. Take a job like installing blinds, for example. If you haven’t done it before, installing blinds is a tough and time-consuming job.

Image credit: pursu777 / Reddit

And it requires many steps to complete before you could hang them. We thought to ease the process and find a guide for you. The steps were easy. Grab the tools and then make the blinds and hang them. Done!

The best one yet

We were looking at how things get all muddled up when the steps are not complete, but this one is the first that has some extra steps in it. Extras don’t hurt, but they can waste some of your precious time.

Image credit: unknown user / Imgur

When you start to follow what this IKEA manual says, you will end up making the part needed for the project, but then a sudden blow comes, and the manual says to toss the part you created. We think throwing the manual away is a better idea.


Unicorns are lovely fictional creatures (that’s what science says, at least; you can believe otherwise). They are shaped like horses with wings and have coats of beautiful colors. Making one can be a headache if you don’t have this handy guide.

Image credit: Stereotypical-tag / Reddit

This tutorial teaches us how to make our own unicorn. The first step is to make a wooden skeleton. The next one is to make a clay body, and then it just hops on the skeleton and bam: a beautiful creature. We aren’t sure if that’s what you wanted to learn, but there it is.

Steps to SUCESS!

These people on the internet will not stop telling you that you can become a millionaire easily until you listen to them and follow. This guy here (okay, wealthy and famous guy) has summarized the whole process into 7 BABY steps.

Image credit: meganlizzie / Reddit

The first is to save $1,000 as an emergency fund and then pay all your debt, and remember not to touch the housing one! Then he instructs to save 3 to 6 months in advance and then build wealth. Um, what?

Gaming GURU

The next one is for the gamers out there reading this. If you have difficulty completing the games you love most, then here is the ultimate guide to beat every level to the last. The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow.

Image credit: MyNameIsInsanity / Reddit

The thing is that you have to maintain your health above zero while reducing your enemies health below zero in order to conquer the level and the game. Thank you, Oh Wise and Powerful Game, for giving us this HOLY info!


Christmas is around the corner, and we will all search the internet for various tutorials to make ours the best. From cooking tutorials to tree decorating, everything is available at our fingertips. Lets learn how to make a gingerbread house this season.

Image credit: snarkeologist / Reddit

The steps go from making the dough to baking it and cutting it into sheets. Then you gotta arrange those sheets in order to make a house. Step 5 takes all our attention because thats where the magic happens. Don’t you know MAGIC? That’s why you can’t follow this guide!

Triplex Owners Assemble!

The next tutorial will solve all your problems with that annoying thing we call rent. No issue with loan repayment either, so just relax and read on. This mysterious guide says to buy a house. Not any home, but a triplex house. 

Image credit: Hurn1985 / Reddit

After getting it, settle in the first unit and make it your own. Then find people to rent out the other two units of the house. After this step, you can pay your mortgage with rental income. Pretty neat, amiright?

Google is always correct

Our reliance on the internet is a bit scary because we use it to do almost everything. But the best part is that it helps us make our lives quite a bit easier to focus on more important things. 

Image credit: ProfQuickScope / Reddit

Like this guy wanted to know a simple thing: what day it will be 7 weeks from now? He was hoping for a simple date, but Google wanted him to work for his answer. We don’t think that is what he was hoping for.

Hints are helpful

When we play games, it is obvious to get stuck in between the levels. This is because all levels do not carry the same difficulty. Some are tough and some are easy.  The developers know this very well, and thats why they give us hints.

Image credit: deleted user / Reddit

But some developers don’t want to spoil the fun in the game by telling the secrets that are meant to uncovered by the player. In this one, the hint is exactly what the level’s objective is! Oh, those cheeky programmers…

Folding the Clothes

Traveling is one of the best experiences to have in our lives. But the preparation for it can be a pain in the (you know where). So we found this easy tutorial on packing those fluffy winter jackets for you.

Image credit: DFlyLoveHeart42 / Reddit

The steps are pretty easy and can be imitated by a kid; that’s what the creator said. The first step is to fold the jacket in half and then the tutorial abandons all reason, and we have nicely folded clothes.

Another one!

The map of Australia is a tough one to draw if you want it done precisely. Luckily for all of you Australia enthusiasts, there are tutorials to help you draw it. The best part is that each guide has its own angle to solving problems.

Image credit:

Like this one. It tries to show how to draw the map of Australia but with a twist. It shows how to draw one from the face of a lion and a lynx. But the way he has presented the stuff does raise some queries by the followers!

Just add the Bits

This one is another tutorial, this time to guide you through drawing a bird. There are just five steps. The first one is to draw an egg. Fine, doable. Then draw a bigger egg. Then draw a Fan behind these eggs.

Image credit: daddyisagamer / Reddit

Draw a big ol’ M after that. Till this point, we can follow the tutorial, and we feel like real artists with potential. Then we are asked just to add bits to the bird, and we are good to go. Surprised to see the result? So are we.

How to find the Age?

Do you want to find out about something? “Just Google it” is the first answer we have in mind. But we can’t rely just on Google for all our queries, as we see here. The person just wants to find out how he can determine the age of a tree.

Image credit: nascraytia / Reddit

Look what Google gave to him! Thank you for telling us nothing about our question. Indeed, if we planted a tree, we would not be curious about its age. We are confident there were more helpful answers given. There must be.

Good Luck

The best we have seen so far. We have seen many instructions until now, but this one steals the show. This is because of its simplicity. Gone are the days of lengthy guides and steps; you just need one thing.

Image credit: Retractableman / Reddit

And that is a Good Luck. Well, that’s what the restaurant thinks, at least. The instructions are about how to use chopsticks, and if you have used one, you know what kind of mess they can create when not used properly.

Already Rich? Business is set

If you are born with a silver spoon, you have access to a lot of things that others dream of. Another privilege you have with this is that you have a lot of money to play with and invest in your business.

Image credit: hojomonkey / Reddit

Like the founder of GoPro is telling us their struggle story here. He just had 30 thousand dollars to put in his business and then he borrowed just 200,000 from his parents and made his company where it is today. It is easy to replicate if you are rich enough to borrow few hundred thousand from your parents! 

Little Birthday Hat!

We think that all the drawing tutorials are made just to make us feel that we don’t know drawing and we can’t draw a darn thing. This guy right here is trying to teach us how to draw a simple raccoon, but we feel incompetent.

Image credit: lionqueen0 / Reddit

First, he starts out slow by telling us to draw out a big circle. Then he asks us to add a little hair to it. And after that, as it is the raccoon’s birthday and he goes on to give him a party hat and some pro-level shading which he surely didn’t teach!

Swan Yawn 🥱

The next one is eco-friendly. This has come from the minds of hotel owners who wanted to do good to the environment by recycling any wasted paper. So they came up with a very clever idea, but weren’t very thorough.

Image credit: aGamingAsian / Reddit

They encourage the people to make origami art instead of throwing the paper out, which we completely get. What we don’t get are the missing steps in the tutorial of turning the wrapper into a swan! Our imaginations aren’t that good.

Simple dimple

Ever drawn a house when you were a kid? We drew tons of pictures of the same home every single time. We made it as we were kids, so clearly, it wasn’t difficult, but this person is here to make things more complex.

Image credit: megabanette / Reddit

He dares to teach us how some scribbles can be transformed into a beautiful house. The steps are pretty simple. Just scribble on the paper with a pencil and then shade the heck out to make it look like a landscape. Yep, super easy.

It’s easy bruh..

Are you living in stress, anxiety or the d-word? Now you don’t have to as we have a living example right in front of our eyes. Our Lady O is here to show how she lives stress-free even at the age of 64.

Image credit: xonecole / Twitter and

Well, we haven’t read the article yet but what a user commented was THE absolute answer to the question. To live stress free at the age of 64 you first need a billion dollars to fall back to. Thank you, bro. We’ll get on that.

Photoshop is a piece of cake

If you are on social media, you must have seen some pictures which leave you awestruck and defy the impossible. Photoshop is the magical software with which these are created. The software is popular and the tutorials are equally binged. 

Image credit: Anton31Kah / Reddit

But the tutorials teaching us new things are confusing. Like this one here just shows random PNGs on a hand stacked upon each other, and at the end, an impossible masterpiece is birthed into the world. Would you please teach us the real deal?

37. Simple guide

Meditation is a tough yet easy process because once you get the hang of it, it becomes really easy for you to focus on your inner self and experience peace. But we can be sure that it is not as easy as shown in this tutorial.

Image credit: TheUnoriginalOP / Reddit

In this simple guide to meditation, the author tries to summarise it into three simple steps. The first one is to sit in a comfortable position, and then it tells you to feel the air around you. And in the next one, he just asks you to be one with the universe. Ah, nirvana.

38. What?!

Do you like doing nail art? It’s a very popular trend among people all over the world who want to paint their nails with pretty patterns and pictures. But doing that can be a little difficult for some (like us!).

Image credit: AmykinsCatfood / Reddit

Hence, there is a tutorial to help us. But as not all fingers are equal, not all tutorials are useful. This one shows how to start the nail art: by painting the nail then making a shape. But we get lost because they jumped ahead to the final product.

Easy 500

Who doesn’t like easy money? But sorry to say but there is no real easy money because you have to work to earn every dollar. Guides like the one below just perpetuate a false perception that money making is easy.

Image credit: investorsupply / Instagram

It tells us how to make an extra 500 a month by doing things, but in reality, it just tells us simple maths which we can do by ourselves. Things like selling a dollar app sound easy – but you have to develop the app first, right?

Juggling tutorials

Ever looked up juggling tutorials? We admit that we did when we saw the circus and got mesmerized by the guy juggling five bowling pins at once. Juggling is a fine art, and it takes years to master, as we have found out.

Image credit:

But the tutorial here wants to teach it to us in just three steps. He says just throw the balls in the air and catch them, repeat it to become a juggling master. We will also write a tutorial on how to waste your time reading unhelpful guides.

Add details and DONE 👍🏻

Drawing Denny Devito by learning from an online tutorial? Not a very good idea, and let’s explain why! This tutorial claims to do the same but in just three steps; everybody’s gotta be quick to get seen, so here it is.

Image credit:

The steps start by drawing a circle and adding glasses. Till this point, we can see Danny taking shape, but after this, when he tells us to put shading, Danny comes to life! But no one told us how to add details to pictures.

Let’s make spoons for dinner

Recycling is good and we support and encourage it but the process of doing that should be made clear to those who are interested. The lady on Twitter has an old wooden board that she wants to upcycle. Nice idea.

Image credit: ErinChack / Twitter

She decides to make spoons out of them and she also wants to teach others how to do the same, but we don’t think she has been so successful in documenting the process. Why not just post a before and after picture?

Stuff happens

Astronomy, anyone? We are up for it all day long because the subject is pretty interesting when taught by the right teacher. Astronomy is the study of the universe, and the universe has planets in it. Did you know that?!

Image credit: savemeqp / Reddit

This teacher was trying to teach his children how planets were made in the first place. He starts by telling the planet originates from a small rock. Then he says it grows, and after this he straight up says that stuff happens and we get a planet. Yes, indeed.

Thanks for being helpful

The secret to being confident lies in this article. It tells us the process of improving our posture and how not to slouch. It went on to discuss many points, and one of them is to stop feeling depressed.

Image credit: EcRar30 / Reddit

Well, thanks for that. We were just looking for ways to decrease our lower back pain, but now we think we need a psychiatrist. It’s easier said than done, you internet guide writers. Give us something to work with here, please!

That escalated quickly

Ah, artists. So many kind souls out there want to give the rest of us a chance to discover a hidden talent, and so they make their own step-by-step guides just for us. We’d feel special if we could ever follow them.

Image credit: dj505Gaming / Reddit

This woodcarver wants to show us all how to chisel out our potential and bring it into the world. The only issue is he left out some crucial steps, and we’re over here still trying to draw Winnie the Pooh on a hunk of wood.


Now, this is a cute and helpful shirt, right?! After all, a minimalist batman is still Batman. Even the logo looks like it was sketched on, and the “how to draw” looks authentic, as though it was drawn on with a marker.

Image credit: unknown user / Reddit

And then we get to step number four. And once again, we feel deceived. Well, to be fair, that fourth Batman is way cooler looking. It looks like the same version from our favorite childhood cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series.

The key to Happiness

We found the answer key right here for all of us who were searching for happiness. Thanks to the internet, we can now all live out our days in contented bliss. Well, maybe we should read this thing first.

Image credit: gray_jacket / Reddit

Ah, yes, we see. This is indeed so very helpful. But what should we change if we’re not happy right now? Just change any old thing? Our socks, perhaps? That could be the ticket. Our eyes can’t roll back far enough to express how we feel about this.