Keeping Our Eyes Peeled: 40 Pictures With Confusing Perspectives

By Arvyn B

It goes without saying that the internet can be a pretty strange place sometimes. Some people love to contribute odd posts, weird comments, and crazy videos on social media. But none of these can compare to how strange some pictures can be! You’re probably familiar with the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, in the case of some uncanny photos out there, they tell only three words – “What on Earth?!” Here we have a collection of some of the most bizarre pictures out there, gathered together on the subreddit page, Confusing Perspectives. The majority of these pictures were not meant to be so odd, but because of their head-twisting perspective, we find them peculiar and in a category all on their own.


You might be mistaken for thinking that this picture is from ancient Egypt. After all, the ancient Egyptians worshipped gods that had the head of a dog. But, you would be wrong – this photo is from a more recent time!

Image source: Qohelet1212 (Reddit)

It seems that the lady in the picture was flying with her dog and fell asleep. She is leaning to the right, so her head is out of the shot. Her dog remained very alert, creating this utterly bizarre snap!

Bird Selfie

This is one of the pictures where the photographer does not seem like they meant for it to turn out so strange. Instead, they were just taking a picture of a cool bird that they saw up close in the window.

Image source: Mezar7513 (Reddit)

The reflection had other ideas, though! By holding up their phone so close to the window, the user made it seem like the bird was taking a selfie! The user’s hands are positioned almost perfectly on the bird’s body!

Photoshop problem

When you first look at this picture, it seems like someone was messing around with Photoshop and did not complete their job. Either that or the mountain at the top is flying above the city! The answer is neither.

Image source: Toft23 (Reddit)

That massive gap in the sky is not a gap at all – it is just part of the mountain! It is not too clear what exactly it is, but it is probably a rock wall and snow or white sand.

Spider Cat

Looking at this picture, it seems like this cat has far too many legs and arms than usual. But you can try counting them, and you’ll see that they are all the correct numbers. So what on Earth’s going on?!

Image source: Chechiche (Reddit)

No, it’s not some bizarre half-spider, half-cat creature! It’s just a cat lazing around on a cat tree at a strange angle. The longest “leg” is actually its tail, and it has turned its head to look at the camera.


“Treehugger” is a word that is usually used to describe people who are keen on helping the environment. But looking at this picture, it seems like this word could have a pretty literal meaning. The tree is hugging the woman!

Image source: Drdessertlover (Reddit)

Okay, so the tree is not hugging this woman. It appears to be a man who is wearing a sweater that is in almost the same shade as the tree. It is a strange coincidence and had us looking twice!

Attack of the Flies

If you are afraid of insects, then we strongly advise that you look away from this picture and keep scrolling. Even if you are not, this one is scary enough to give you nightmares because the insect is absolutely enormous!

Image source: Mogulee (Reddit)

Thankfully, it is just another case of strange perspectives. The insect is not really this big but just very close to the camera! We would definitely be having nightmares if this was a real snap. It is so terrifying!

Ocean in the sky

Is it an ocean? Is it a puddle of water? It is neither of them! This is just a picture of a cloud in the sky that just looks a lot like the ocean. The edge looks like waves.

Image source: Realblurryface (Reddit)

We can assure you that it is just a cloud, though! It is certainly a very pretty one, and we can completely understand why someone would want to take a picture of this. It is so stunning to look at!

Invisible Car

This car seems like it should come from a superhero film! Notice how we did not say the word “looks like,” as it is almost impossible to see that the car is even there. Just what is going on?!

Image source: AlecWaycaster (Reddit)

It is actually nothing too bizarre or weird. Whoever took this photograph took the picture from the angle of the car door. The car is reflecting the scenery around it, which makes it seem like it is completely invisible.

Toy Truck

If you look at the first picture, you might think that this is a picture of a toy truck that someone is playing in the dirt. After all, it looks tiny. Well, you would be wrong again – it is actually real!

Image source: Rabmim (Reddit)

The picture on the right clearly shows that there are real people sitting in this truck, and they are fully grown. It is pretty crazy how a picture from a specific angle can make things look totally different from reality!


Anyone who paints, either as a hobby or professionally, is seriously creative. But we think that the lady who painted this picture is insanely talented. Just look at how realistic she has made that field of corn look! It takes our break away!

Image source: Zendaya-Papaya (Reddit)

This must have taken a tremendous amount of effort and concentration to create, so she deserves a lot of respect for doing it. We are not sure why she chose to paint this, but it is an utterly beautiful painting.

Hidden Leg

In the wild, some animals have the ability to use camouflage to hide. They look like their surroundings so that their enemies cannot hunt or eat them. But it seems as though certain pieces of furniture can do this too!

Image source: SCH1Z01D (Reddit)

We’re just joking, of course! This picture is just a case of the chair leg being the exact same shade of grey as the rug on the floor. But, still, it takes some seriously strange luck for that to happen!

The arrow is right

Take a look at this picture – it might frustrate you a bit. Whoever painted the arrow on the floor clearly did it wrong, didn’t they? Somehow, they managed to get the arrow misaligned with the rest of the floor…

Image source: Adamgasth (Reddit)

In fact, the person who painted the arrow did it absolutely wrong! Take a closer look, and you will see that the arrow is actually perfectly aligned. Whoever put down the tiles made a mistake – what a confusing picture!

I believe I can fly

If you ask someone for a superpower that they wish to have, you will find that quite a few of them will ask for the power to fly. It seems that is exactly what the guy in this picture did!

Image source: Fest_smiesky (Reddit)

It seems like he is hovering a few feet off the ground! Obviously, that is not really happening, and some strange shadows just happened to cause this optical illusion. He is actually standing with both feet on the ground instead.

Too many hands

There are also some people who would wish for more hands to help them to do their work. After all, you can do so many things with three hands. This lady seems to be rather happy with her extra hands!

Image source: VeldwachterZwart (Reddit)

It might appear like the brown-haired woman has one too many hands, but it is not true. The hand at the bottom actually belongs to the woman with red hair. They are just wearing matching jumpsuits, which is pretty confusing!


Any cat owners will be pretty familiar with this picture. Cats sleep in the weirdest positions for a number of different reasons, and you can also find them sleeping in rather strange places in your house. This one is extraordinary!

Image source: Sumbelka (Reddit)

We cannot even work out where the cat’s head starts or where its tail is – it is just a big ball of fluff on the chair! It might be a weird picture, but there’s no denying that it is ultra-cute.

Panda foot

This is a pretty baffling picture as it’s hard to see how many animals are there! You might be surprised when we tell you that this picture actually only has two animals in it – the mother, anteater, and her baby.

Image source: Blackvronky (Reddit)

It looks like there is a panda in here, too, but that is really just the foot of the mother anteater! We do admit that it’s a rather odd-looking foot. It just goes to show how crazy nature can be!

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor pools are a pretty common feature in lots of hot countries, as they are a great way to cool down in the blistering months. We have never seen one like this before! It looks like a wall is missing.

Image source: AddWittyNameHere (Reddit)

In reality, the user was standing outside and took this photo looking inside of the indoor pool. There was a different building behind the camera, which is the cause of the reflection. It is a rather perplexing perspective if you ask us!!


Around the world, people have a wide range of beliefs about UFOs and aliens. Some people are firm believers in their existence, while other people have more doubts about them. Whatever you believe, this picture is a pretty cool example.

Image source: L0mbart (Reddit)

The UFOs that you see floating in the sky in this picture are actually just reflections of the lamps hanging from the ceiling. The window is reflecting the bulbs, which makes them look like they are floating in the sky.

Floating Hand

Here is another picture of someone who seems to have been given the power of flight and invisibility! This time, they are using their special powers in the train station to help them lift up a suitcase. Pretty spooky stuff!

Image source: RadioChemist (Reddit)

Unfortunately, being able to fly is still a wish among many. If you take a look on the left of the picture, you will see the arm for the rest of the “floating” hand. It blends in perfectly with the train station.

Strange doggy

Who doesn’t love dogs? They are so cute and just adorable balls of fluff! It seems like this little puppy is the exception, though – it looks more scary than cute! Just where on Earth is the dog’s head?!

Image source: Pombocorreio (Reddit)

We are not sure if it is facing towards us or away from us. Whatever it is doing, this doggy certainly looks very strange! We are not surprised that the user took a picture of this strange occurrence.

Cat ruler

There are also those people who believe that cats are a wonderful gift to the Earth. After all, the ancient Egyptians worshipped them! Looking at this picture, it is not too difficult to see why some people think this.

Image source: Puzzleheaded_Dog_180 (Reddit)

This cat looks like it is coming straight out of the clouds, like some kind of cat god! In reality, it is just a cat sitting on a cat tree. The window is reflecting the cat on the clouds outside.

Watch out!

We would freak out if any of us saw this truck as we drove along the road. That is exactly what this user did – they said that they “pooped their pants” before they realized what direction it was really going in!

Image source: Promise-Due (Reddit)

Did you work out what it is? It is not really a truck driving in the wrong direction – the truck is being towed by a bigger truck instead! This user is lucky that it was just a mistake.


If you have more than one cat, then you’ll know that they’ll sometimes get along. Other times, cats tend to fight with each other. In the case of these two cats, it seems that they’re doing more than just fighting!

Image source: Mr_PoopTato (Reddit)

The cat on the right looks like it is trying to eat the head of the orange one! We guess that you could call this a case of “cat-ibalism.” Luckily, the grey cat is just resting his head on the other.

Hole in cat

Here is another strange cat for you. This time, it’s the human who appears to be doing something strange! This user’s sister was holding their cat when they decided to take a photo of them. This was the strange result!

Image source: Francis_99 (Reddit)

It really does look like there is a hole in the cat! Do not worry, though; it is not anything to worry about. Another user cracked the code and realized that the cat was just strangely contorting its body.

Three-headed giraffe

In ancient Greek myths, there is a three-headed dog that guards the underworld called Cerberus. Well, we think that the Greeks were half-right there – just look at this giraffe! It looks like it has three heads and one body!

Image source: Me1357 (Reddit)

If you look a little closer, you will be able to see the truth of the situation. It is just three giraffes facing different directions. They are so close together that their skin blends into one another. How bizarre!

Giant bookshelf

This user was trying to get a picture of the heavy snowfall when they ended up taking a snap of something entirely different instead – a bookshelf that was seemingly made for giants! Just what could the reason be for this?

Image source: Raidd1 (Reddit)

It is not too hard to spot the explanation. It is another case of the room inside being reflected off the window. Well, it is either that or some giants somewhere in the world really like to do some reading…

Sea floating

It appears that having your clothing in the exact same shade as the things around you is a pretty common thing that happens, judging by the number of entries on this list! We thought it was supposed to be rare…

Image source: DelishMatt (Reddit)

…but it appears not! Here is another picture of a person who seems to be floating. This time, it is their trousers that are the exact same shade as the sea nearby. Now that is one heck of a coincidence!

Wide apart

If this picture were from the 1980s, it would not look so strange. After all, shoulder pads were all the rage back then! However, this picture is actually relatively recent, and those shoulder pads are not what they seem…

Image source: Smiffy60 (Reddit)

They are just the red trousers of the man sitting behind this man in the red sweater instead! It would be pretty strange to see shoulder pads like this today outside of a throwback night, and especially not on the television!

Swim school

There is no place creepier than a basement at night, but it appears that a school basement in the daytime can be just as spooky! It feels like you should swim through this hallway instead of walking through it.

Image source: Congrajulations (Reddit)

The school has certainly chosen a rather peculiar shade of blue for the floor! It would be a fun way to get around school by swimming instead of walking. Sadly, it is nowhere near as enjoyable in real life.

Upside Cat

It is back to the bizarre cats now! Seriously – these animals have such a mysterious anatomy. We are not sure if this cat is upside down or if it’s the right way around. While the cat’s head is facing one way…

Image source: Fergieandtruro (Reddit)

…the cat’s bottom half is facing the complete opposite way! There is no need for concern. However, we think any cat owner will tell you that felines are strangely flexible like this. A sight like this is pretty common!

Size Zero Flats

In the UK, the word “flat” is used instead of “apartment.” Looking at this picture, we can tell where they got this name from – these buildings look like they are entirely two-dimensional! You probably know that is not the case.

Image source: Pnollten (Reddit)

It is a building shaped similar to a triangle, so we are just seeing the perspective of one side. If it were really this flat, we would seriously hope that the cost of rent would be half the price.

Standing up high

Anyone who chooses to jump out of a plane for fun voluntarily gets mad respect from us. It is absolutely terrifying! This picture is pretty funny as it looks like this pair are complete giants that are standing on land.

Image source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III (Reddit)

The truth behind this picture is that it’s been perfectly timed, as the pair are very close to the camera as they fall down from the sky. Somehow, they were able to take this photo instead of completely freaking out!

Slide or Stairs?

Perspective is so important to house designing, and this picture is a clear example of this. We are not sure if the house designer meant for it to look like this, but it is certainly strange. Look at these stairs!

Image source: Aggieismybestfriend (Reddit)

The ones at the very top seem to change into a slide instead of individual steps. They would undoubtedly be a lot faster to travel down! Thankfully, it is just our perspective that makes things look so uncanny and weird.

Mount Housemore

Take a look at this picture. It looks like a snap of a beautiful, snow-capped mountain, right? Wrong! Look closer at the photograph, and you will notice your mistake. That is not snow on the top – they’re actually buildings!

Image source: Scarronline (Reddit)

These buildings have all been placed on the very edge of a giant mountain, which is scary enough in itself. We cannot imagine how strange it’d be to live somewhere like this! It does make for a pretty view, though.

Bizarre llama

You might think this is a really strange species of llama, or perhaps a weird unknown creature. It is nothing of the sort! This picture is simply a moose looking up to the tree and nibbling on a branch.

Image source: StarvinMarvin00 (Reddit)

We have to admit that the way that the moose has its neck curved does make it look pretty strange. We are not sure how we would react in this situation, but taking a picture is a great idea!

Clean water

If you look at this picture, you might think that this water is crystal clear, and maybe you could dive into it. Well, if you did that, then you would certainly regret it. This water is actually completely filthy!

Image source: Gabe_Does_Stuff (Reddit)

The ‘bottom’ of the tunnel is actually a reflection of the ceiling! The real water is so dirty that it is similar to a mirror and is reflecting the scene above. Good thing that you didn’t go for a dive!

Tiny hand

We have already seen a few people with rather large body parts. Now, it is time for someone who seems to have one that is really small instead! Just have a look at Paul Hollywood’s (the man) right hand…

Image source: Scalectrogenic (Reddit)

Bonus points if you were not fooled! It is really Sue Perkins’s (the woman with the glasses) hand. Paul has his hand away from the camera, so we cannot actually see it. It’d be pretty weird if it were real!

Sheer dedication

For some people, going to the gym can be a really great experience, and they cannot wait to go. For this woman, it looks like she just could not wait to get inside the gym before doing her stretches!

Image source: _LumpBeefbroth_ (Reddit)

It looks like she is doing the stretches in the parking lot outside! Thankfully, the user provided an explanation for this bizarre snap. The gym has such bright lights that the windows were reflecting the gym’s interior on the outside.

Scary pigeons

If you have seen the film The Birds, then this might be a pretty frightening sight. It looks like something straight out of that horror movie – a group of pigeons, staring straight at the camera in an evil way!

Image source: NOCHNOY_ (Reddit)

We are very glad to say that this is nowhere near as dramatic as it seems. The ‘pigeons’ in question are just the backs of several streetlights. They are facing the other direction and are not at all evil.

Winged bear

It’d be pretty easy to mistake this photo to be one of a new bear species. We think that it should be called the “angel bear,” as it has the ability to fly with the wings attached to its head.

Image source: Adam Parsons (

Obviously, that is far from the actual truth. The wings on the bear’s head belong to the bird behind it; the bear just managed to pop its head up at the right time for this funny photograph. This person definitely caught a funny moment!

Dressed up Dog

A lot of people have different opinions on dressing up their pets in clothes. For some people, it’s a cute practice that can help owners get closer to their pets. For others, it is a cruel practice that isn’t appropriate.

Image source: Themdubbyfries (Reddit)

Whatever your opinion, you have to agree that this is a rather strange picture to see – it looks like the dog is wearing a full outfit, including a hat! Only one of these is real – can you guess which part?

Evil Dog

If you look quickly at this picture, you could easily think that the dog has horrifically sharp teeth. They look like they belong to a shark, and they could easily cut through anything! Luckily, the truth is far from scary.

Image source: Meskalink (Reddit)

The ‘teeth’ are simply apart of the fencing behind the dog and human. The hatched pattern makes it seem like teeth. We are really thankful that this is a mistake and not at all part of his genetic make up!

Two in one

It is pretty easy to think that this photo is two photos placed next to each other, but it is not. It is one picture! The person taking the photograph is standing right in the middle, on the edge of the platform.

Image source: Takeoegg (Reddit)

The symmetry of this picture divides it perfectly and makes it look like two of them instead. The different colored trains help to make it seem like two entirely different photographs, too! This is a masterpiece in forced perspective.


We have another pretty weird animal for the last entry on this list. This time, it is a hybrid of two animals – a deer and a peacock. We guess that you could call it a deer-cock, or pea-eer?

Image source: Ok_Drive_5639 (Reddit)

Whatever the name is for this animal, it is undoubtedly a beautiful creature – we wish that it were real. Just look at those gorgeous feathers and beautiful body! It is a real shame that it was just a random snap.