Hilarious Faces Of Olympic Figure Skaters

By Peter C

Figure skating has become a regular sport in the Olympics and has evolved into a very interesting game. The interesting side of the sport is not only in the quality of talents and skills displayed by figure skaters but also in their funny faces as they skate on ice.

Image credit: twistedsifter.com

The truth is that nobody would be talking about the hilarious faces of these figure skaters if there were no cameras to capture each moment.  While you might definitely find these pictures interesting, we are very sure you would advocate for the banning of cameras in figure skating if you were to be in any of these pictures.

There are a lot of these funny pictures, but we have about four on our list of the best examples of hilarious faces you can find around during figure skating. This sport is an Olympic event and has produced funny faces, which hopefully will be found hilarious by the athletes themselves.

Image courtesy of Chicago Tribune

The sport requires an incredible mix of strength, grace, and athleticism, and due to a lot of twists and turns the athletes get involved in, they sometimes produce very prettily funny faces.

There is hardly a Winter Olympic Games without some incredible, unique, and hilarious facial expressions which have proven to be unforgettable. When you look at the athletes performing at first glance, it isn’t easy to catch these funny faces, not until you see the still pictures taken by the professional photographers attached to their performances.

Image credit: sports.yahoo.com