Top 5 Sexiest Female Football Presenters In The World

By Peter C

The narrative that football is a male-dominated game is gradually changing, with women’s football leagues attracting huge investments and getting the needed attention from sports lovers.

This development has also affected other career paths in sports, allowing women to take up jobs that were originally known to be exclusively made up of men.

In the piece, you will read about the five hottest female football anchors in the world.

1. Diletta Leotta

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The Italian television presenter currently works with DAZN, an over-the-top sports streaming service. The 30-year-old was a popular Serie B games presenter before she started broadcasting Serie A games for DAZN in 2018.

2.  Georgie Thompson

English television presenter Georgie Thompson was a famous football presenter on Sky Sports News before joining Sky Sports F1 on 29 December 2011. The 44-year-old worked as a Formula 1 presenter for some time before moving to  Fox Sports in 2013.

3.  Charlotte Jackson

Former Sky Sports News football presenter Charlotte Jackson was one of the best female football presenters during her time as a football presenter for the sports streaming service. She has worked as a presenter and writer for many websites, given that she is a journalist.

4. Pamela David

Argentinian television personality, model, presenter, and actress Pamela David is famous for reproducing the Italian version of the Match of the Day show, a football analysis program on BBC.

5. Hayley McQueen

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The 41-year-old is a Scottish TV sports presenter who currently works with Sky Sports. She is a lead anchor on Sky Sports News and the presenter of Scottish Cup and Scottish Premiership.