The Dollar Store Is A One-Stop Shop For Inexpensive Decor And Organization Hacks

By Harpreet K

Shopping smart can make all the difference. We all want to spend less without skimping on life’s pleasures. Dollar stores are full of great deals on everyday essentials, do-it-yourself projects, and crafting materials that will help save cash but still have fun. We can’t help that we need items like baskets and boxes, and it isn’t bad that we want pretty things. With just a little bit of creativity at your disposal – plus time invested – you’ll find it’s worth all those extra seconds spent hunting around for hidden treasures. If you don’t want to buy expensive organization or decor items, we are here to lend a hand. Keep reading to find 40+ money-saving dollar store hacks for crafting, organizing, and more. 

No Mess Cord Station

Nobody likes messy piles of cords. But they always find a way to pop up in the most visible places. The big mystery is how to store these items without tangling them. With this hack, you may be able to tackle this issue once and for all. 

Image courtesy of Emily Fazio/

DIY a cord command station to keep your cords right where you need them without being any nuisance. Just get a pack of small adhesive hooks. You can, of course, find them at any dollar store and attach them to the side of a desk or behind a door to hang your cords.

Organize Your Drawers

Drawers can become dumping grounds for all the clutter around the house. They may be out of sight but may not be out of your mind when it comes to the desire to organize. Not to mention finding something you really need. 

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Pick up some pencil holders to place knick-knacks such as packets of sauce, tea, salt, and pepper packets in the drawers. These holders will keep everything in place and make life a bit easier. Your stuff will be visible and organized.

Multiuse Coffee Filters

You can find multipurpose items everywhere. All you need is an eye for such things. One such item sitting right on the kitchen counter is our coffee filters. They keep the grounds out of your coffee, but they also have many more uses. 

Image courtesy of Kathleen Kamphausen/

You may use them as food separators for candy or cookies. This will prevent them from getting mixed. You may also use them as tea bags for loose leaves or double up as blotting paper. Lastly, you can use it to remove cork that might have ended up in your wine. 

Personalized Custom Kitchen Sets

Do you want a custom kitchen set with a fabulous design? You may not find an affordable version on the market, or it may not have what you are looking for. Now you don’t have to think of spending hundreds of dollars.

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You just need a set of plain dollar store dishes and some acrylic paint. You may use colored pens to show your creativity by drawing intricate (or not-so-intricate) designs. After you’re done painting, make sure to cure and bake them to set it. 

Shower Caddies for Movie Nights

Movie nights are so much fun and bring comfort to many of us. You get to relax in your comfiest pajamas while watching a great film and munching on snacks. It is a great way to unwind without a worry in the world. 

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One way to make it even more comforting is to have a personal concession stand. Just get a few small shower caddies from the dollar store. Use them to hold drinks, chocolates, popcorn, candy – anything you like to snack on. 

Easy Party Trays

Parties are fun but what’s not fun is to fetch drinks for everyone. It can be a nuisance to balance the glasses, and making multiple trips to the kitchen is exhausting – plus, you miss out on the fun. Luckily, we have a solution to offer.

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Use muffin trays not just to bake treats for your guests but also to serve drinks without spilling anything. Moreover, you can customize these as per the theme of your party. If you want to customize them, all you need is some stickers, paint, or Mod Podge.

Clean and Organized Fridge Made Easy

The fridge is hard to clean as you need to take everything out and wipe down all the shelves. This requires a lot of time and effort, especially since you have to take out each piece, wash it, and return it. Here is a hack to make cleaning easier. 

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Use a few placemats on the shelves to minimize the food spilling all over the place. This will prevent any nasty stains or hardened spilled food on the shelves. Relatively, it will get easier to clean, saving you time and energy.  

Sock Massager to the Rescue

Massaging your feet after a long day of working and being on your feet can provide ultimate relaxation. However, getting a massage every day isn’t possible. Investing in a fancy electrical version may cost a fortune. Luckily, you can DIY a foot massager easily at home.  

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Get a few tennis balls from the dollar store and grab an old sock that you don’t use anymore. Now, drop the balls inside. Tie up and secure the open end with a rubber band. Roll it on your shoulders, feet, and legs for a soothing feeling. 

Clever Makeup Storage Hack

If you have a lot of makeup and are running out of ways to organize it, you could use this hack. With this, you’ll no longer have to go through drawers, pouches, and stacks of palettes to find the right product when you’re running late. 

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All you need to buy is a shoe organizer to categorize and store your makeup items. Your vanity or bathroom counter will no longer be overflowing with products. Your morning routine will become a breeze and will be way less frustrating.

Spice Racks Out of Pencil Holders

Pencil holders are versatile, and they can do more than just hold your stationery. You can use them to keep your spices nice and organized. To make it even more convenient, you can stick small magnets on either side of the containers.

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This will allow you to stick the holders to the side of your refrigerator. Your kitchen will be free from any clutter while all the items will be within arms reach whenever you’re cooking. Besides, you’ll never have to worry about grabbing the wrong spice since it will all be neat.

Create a Hanging Kitchen Garden

Everyone knows the benefits of using fresh ingredients for meals. But we might think a lavish kitchen garden would never fit in the space we have. However, the lack of space doesn’t mean it is impossible. You just need some cans and wires for DIY planters. 

Image courtesy of Jalynn Baker/

Take a few cans and punch two holes in either side near the top. Now, attach a length of wire to work as a handle. Fill the can with fertilized soil and plant your favorite herb. You can hang the cans near a window for your plants to thrive. 

Crafty Shower Caddy

A dollar store is a treasure house of multipurpose items. You can spice up your shower caddies with some paint and glue in a few hours. This can be a fun weekend project, and you don’t need to limit these organizers to the bathroom.  

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Place them anywhere that needs some extra storage space or some sprucing up. If desired, you can paint the caddies with your favorite color (or whatever matches the decor). You can use it to showcase your plant babies, as a mail holder, or anything you want!

Easy DIY Cushion Headboard

Not everyone has the luxury of having a headboard. Some may live in a dorm or a rented apartment that comes with boring furniture. Depending on the room setup, sleeping without a headboard can become painful for your neck and head.

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If your bed doesn’t come with a headboard, no worries! You can make one yourself by attaching cushions or pillows to a curtain rod. Just place the rod where your headboard would be. You can sit back and relax with your head resting on a cloud while binging Netflix.

Colorful Fun Doors

Plain doors may look too simple for some of us, but painting them is an expense and a commitment. Isn’t it nice to know that you can make the doors look vibrant without using paint at all? All you require is some colorful washi tape (and scissors).

Image courtesy of Ayça Demirci /

Just grab a few rolls of washi tape in your favorite pattern or colors. Use the tape to decorate the door in whatever design you want. Even if you don’t consider yourself the artsy type, you can still do wonders with this simple DIY. 

Decorated Tin Cans

Before you throw out tin cans, know that you can do so much DIY crafting with them. Moreover, they’re perfect organizers for everyday items like pens and pencils. You just have to put a little time into prettying them up. 

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First, wash the cans well. You do not need paint for this DIY. Just get some fun wrapping paper and use double-sided tape to secure it. These two items from the dollar store will transform your cans into trendy holders.

Stylish Organizer For Canned Goods 

Cans can take up valuable real estate in the kitchen cupboards, and not everyone is crazy about those dedicated, expensive organizers. With a simple magazine holder, you can store your canned goods neatly and minimize the space they take up. 

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Flip the magazine holder on its side, place some wire across the bottom if need be (some are designed as you see in the photo, so you wouldn’t need to add anything to prevent the cans from slipping out). Then stack your canned goods. It’s as simple as that.

No More Stationary Mess

Small stationary items are hard to store in proper places and even harder to find. Do you find you can never find a safety pin or a paper clip when you need them? This is the dollar store hack for you!

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You can easily store these items using a spice rack from the dollar store. Never again will you have to scramble to find things such as erasers, safety pins, batteries, staples, and paper clips. These will easily fit into the small jars. 

Fancy Light Switches

You may get tired of looking at the same old light switches. Sprucing them with some paint may brighten up your room, and it’s such a simple upgrade. Another way to add a bit of your personal style is to use a picture frame. 

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Remove the glass and place the frame around your light switch plate. You may paint the frames to match the wall paint. For an easier way to beautify them, you can use washi tape to adorn the switch cover creatively.

DIY Fancy Hangers

Velvety hangers can transform your closet and make everything look organized because they prevent the clothes from falling. But they come at a price, and buying dozens of them can add up. This DIY using pipe cleaners will give your plastic hangers some much-needed grip.

Image courtesy of Natalie Brown/ Buzzfeed

You can use whatever plastic or metal hangers you already have. Now, wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around the hanger until all of it is covered. Without spending a lot, you won’t have to pick up silky clothing items off the floor anymore.

Baby Kits For New Parents

All parents know the struggle of tending to the baby and staying up all night. You can be a great friend or relative with this portable baby changing kit. It’s a thoughtful gift idea with some dollar store supplies to make their lives a bit easier.

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You can make a DIY baby station with the help of a simple organizer. Add a few ribbons or other colorful stickers to decorate it, along with some other baby-safe accessories if you want. Now, fill it with necessities like diapers, wipes, and fresh clothes.

No-Mess Drawers

You may have decided that you are finally done with the messy drawers. There is no need to go hunt for a fancy, expensive drawer divider to help you get organized. You can save money without skimping on style with this hack.

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The dollar store has something cute and totally worth it. Get a few small baskets to organize all ofyour drawers. You may choose from various sizes that work for your space. These mini baskets are perfect for storing everything from toiletries to makeup.

Fun Jewelry Display Station

We all struggle to find the exact jewelry we are looking for when in a hurry. Jewelry stands are great for such situations as they keep your pieces in good condition and allow you to find what you want quickly. However, even the smallest jewelry stands are expensive. 

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Instead of blowing money on new stands, just get a couple of tea saucers of different sizes and two short candlesticks from the dollar store. Use a hot glue gun to attach them. We recommend using the smaller saucer on the top for proper weight distribution.

You Can’t Move This Tablecloth

Tablecloths are amazing to make a plain table look pretty and ready for a party. There is just one issue with them: they move with the slightest tug. This can cause items to get knocked to the ground, and it can be especially annoying on windy days.

Image courtesy of Jessica/ Pinterest

Instead of picking up the usual tablecloth, use a fitted twin sheet in a color of your choice. The elasticated edges of a fitted sheet will stay on the table without moving throughout the party. This hack will be a hit, especially if you have kids.

Spruce Up The Spatulas

Your kitchen utensils could use some love. For this hack, you’ll just need paint. You may create a design to match the rest of your kitchen or something completely different to make your wooden spoons and spatulas stand out.

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Wrap the handles with tape at the spot where you want the color to stop. Then just paint away! You might need a few coats depending on what kind of paint you use. After letting the utensils dry, you’ll have a trendy set that you’ll be proud of. 

Easy Documents Organization 

We all know the challenge of finding a particular piece of mail from the pile of other unnecessary documents. Before you find the right one, you may have to go through so many, wasting your precious time. We have a hack for that!

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To save time and not end up feeling frustrated, get a dishrack to keep all your documents organized. You may also use it to collect mail, bills, magazines, novels, children’s activity books, and anything else you may think of. 

Convenient Ironing Station

Most of us do not like ironing and consider it a boring, time-consuming chore. It is more annoying when you do not have your ironing equipment in a convenient place. One easy way to fix this is to keep everything you need in a handy spot. 

Image courtesy of Andy Vinson/

If your home does not have a designated cabinet, you may use a simple basket from the dollar store. The handles of the basket will make it easy to transport, or you may hang the basket on the wall for easy access.

Mason Jars For Organization 

Mason jars are one of the most valuable items because they’re super versatile. They can make any DIY crafting session a success. They’re aesthetically pleasing and look great anywhere: kitchen, bathroom, vanity, or nightstand. You can’t go wrong with them. 

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One perfect way to organize your stuff at work is to use mason jars. These will help keep your desk neat and provide a place to store all your supplies and tools. You will not have to go through deep clutter in your drawers or desk anymore. 

Storage Hooks To The Rescue

If your home is short on space, then storage hooks are your new best friends. They’re extremely versatile, and you may attach them to any surface to convert them into extra storage space. Adding them to your kitchen and bathroom will work wonders.

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There may be so much clutter on the counter that your kitchen could use some serious help. Hooks are here to rescue you. You can attach them to the inside of cabinet doors, the side of the fridge, or empty space on your wall.

Fancy DIY Marble Cups

This dollar store hack is as old as the now famous and well-loved marble design. If you like the pattern, you can create your very own at home for some fancy marble cups. This DIY is easy and is pretty much guaranteed to look great.

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Fill a tub with warm water. Add a few drops of nail polish on it and swirl it around along with some toothpaste to create fun patterns. Quickly dip your cup before the nail polish design settles to the bottom. Seal it with a layer of Mod Podge. 

Trash To Chic And Trendy

Do you have a collection of sturdy cardboard boxes that you can’t think of throwing away because you are certain they will be useful one day? You are our kind of person, and that day has finally arrived! We have an easy hack for you.

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No, we’re not saying store your home goods in brown, unappealing cardboard boxes. You can make them cute! You can drape fabric around the tops where the flaps are and wrap twine around the box (attaching both with hot glue). You can, of course, get super creative with these!

No More Tangled Jewelry and Scarves

We’ll never know how, when we turn our backs on scarves, earphones, jewelry, ties, or sunglasses, they find a way to tangle themselves. Even if you arrange them in a neat pile, they will always end up wrapped up with each other. 

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If you’re getting ready in a hurry, it may be hard to find your favorite pair of earrings or sunglasses from that huge mess on your dresser. Use S hooks and a bar (like a curtain or shower rod) to store scarves and necklaces neatly and avoid them from creating annoying knots. 

Cohesive Colored Vases For Your Home

Adding fancy home décor that truly matches your aesthetic is so much fun. However, you may not find the right pieces with your favorite color, shape, or texture. With the help of some good enamel paint, you can create the exact things you’re searching for.

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For instance, if you want a matching set of vases, just get some from the dollar store and paint them with the color(s) of your choice. Let the paint dry between coats for an even finish, and your unique vases will be ready. 

Never Lose Your Clothespins Again

Everyone knows the annoying struggle to look for these tiny clothespins and not find any around the house. Even if you get a whole pack of them, you’ll end up losing about 50% before you use them. At least, that’s our experience.

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Instead of going on a hunt for the scattered clothespins, you can use them as organizational clips by sticking them on a wooden board using a strong adhesive. Now, use these to clip outside hats, keys, gloves, or reminder notes. 

Custom Curtain Ropes

Curtains work as a mood-altering accessory for any room. They look good open and even better with nice details like tiebacks and ribbons. This may be a small addition but can accomplish a lot for the overall look of the room.

Image courtesy of Cassidy Garcia/

You can create a custom tieback without burning a hole in your pocket. You just need a few feet of cotton rope and a matching clasp. Now cut the rope into three parts and braid them. Tie the clasps on the ends and attach the other end to the wall. You can also just tie them around the curtains.

Rustic Artwork With Thumb Tacks

If you think that thumb tacks only have one use, think again. They also have a place in furniture design with the right amount of planning and creativity. You may put the thumbtacks to use to create a masterpiece on any plain surface. 

Image courtesy of

First, draw the design on the flat surface with light pencil lines so that you know where to put the pins. See that there is enough space between each tack. Once you start nailing them into place, you’ll see your design turning your piece of furniture into a rustic piece of art. 

Organize Consoles With Molds

Consoles can easily become the junk drawers of your car. You may get into the habit of putting anything in them as long as it can fit. It may overflow at the worst times. It could probably use a bit of organizational help from the dollar store. 

Image courtesy of

You can prevent your console from becoming filled with unorganized junk with a small popsicle mold. Use the compartments to keep the change, small papers, hair ties, sunglasses, or other small items in your car. You can use the popsicle sticks in another project!

Bookends That Look High-End

Bookends can transform your basic bookshelf into something much more interesting. This project will just need a little creativity and a few items from the dollar store. You can grab a few toys from the kid’s section that match your vibe. 

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Now, stick your selected toy to two blocks of wood perpendicularly. After the glue dries, spray paint it with a few coats of your favorite color and finish it with a sealer. Let it dry between each coat for a seamless application.

Enjoy More Shower Space

If you only have one bathroom and live with a roommate, you’ll know all about the struggle of space. It can cause so much hassle and disagreement in the house. To make it better, install another shower rod in your bathroom to double up space. 

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This extra shower rod will be perfect for hanging your individualized baskets or caddies. Your products will not be scattered all around the bathtub anymore. You can even attach more than one bar if you have kids and use one layer for toys.

Say Goodbye To Annoying Pot Lid Clutter

Organizing pots and pans is an already challenging task in the kitchen. Moreover, these pots have lids that do not fit anywhere and may take a lot of space. For storing the covers in a better way, you can try using a dollar store magazine rack. 

Image courtesy of Simple Bites

Screw a metal magazine rack to one side of the cupboard and use it to stack your lids as you would your magazines. This storage hack will free up space and make it easier for you to find the right cover.

Soothing Twine Fairy Lights

You can use simple twine (or hemp rope) to create decorative items for your home. You may use them to upgrade your fairy lights for your living room or porch. These lights create a relaxing mood, and you can take them to the next level.

Image courtesy of Erica Edelman/ Pinterest

Blow up a medium-size balloon and dip the twine into a glue bath. Now, wrap it around the inflated balloon several times, and leave it to dry until it hardens. Once it dries, pop the balloons and weave in some fairy lights to create these beautiful lanterns. 

Easy And Affordable Kitchen Organizer

You may bring in new gadgets to organize your kitchen; however, the most versatile is a good old shoe organizer. It lets you store anything due to its convenient design. You may keep anything there, from spice bottles to tea or sauce packets. 

Image courtesy of

You may hook up the organizer on the back of the kitchen door and still enjoy plenty of kitchen space for other, bulkier things. Apart from being a clever hack, it’s also inexpensive and can hold multiple items of various sizes. 

Makeup Bag First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen at any time, and you may not have time to prepare for them at the moment. But you can plan ahead! You might not want to carry around a huge first aid kit that comes in a plastic box.

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You may make a smaller but useful version of the kit using a dollar store makeup bag. Fill the bag with all the essentials like disinfecting wipes, bandages, gauze, scissors, and rubbing alcohol. Keep it in your purse or glove compartment for future needs. 

More Space in Your Car

If you want to keep your necessary items neat while driving, the floorboard might not be the best choice. Get a few carabiners and clip them to the back of the seats to create a nice storage area in your vehicle.

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The carabiners can also give you space to hang extra bags you may not be able to put anywhere else. Moreover, they’ll prevent the contents of your purse from spilling in the car, which can save you time and effort later.

Space Saving Pan Storage

Storing pots and pans is one of the most difficult things. You may stack them up on top of each other, but that will occupy way too much space. Also, storing the pans like this will make it harder to grab what you need. 

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The solution is to get some extendable beams, or tension rods. Put them up on one side of your cupboard so that they’ll allow you to store your pans vertically instead of keeping them horizontally. This will save space and keep things accessible and neat.

No-Mess Shoe Packing

Packing may get overwhelming even when you are going on a short trip. You might find it really tough to fit more than a week’s worth of clothes into a small suitcase, but it’s sometimes necessary. And what do you do with your shoes?

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If you don’t pack them properly, they may make your clothes and other items dirty. Get a few shower caps from the dollar store to solve this problem. Wrap the caps around the soles of your shoes to prevent messes.