Vet Clinic’s Clever Signs Help Make Visits A Lot More “Pawsome” For Everyone

By Iulia P

We have to agree on one thing: having to take your four-legged, scaled, or feathered little buddy to the vet is probably one of the most unpleasant experiences a pet owner has to go through. And unfortunately, it’s necessary, and owners have to put their adult pants on and be there for their fur baby. This particular vet hospital is aware of how hard it can be, so they decided to make the experience less frightening for the humans by welcoming them with witty and hilarious signs. Caroll County Veterinary Clinic started getting famous when they decided to change their outdoor sign every week, adding small jokes or humorous questions that inevitably put a smile on their patients’ parents’ faces. Here are some of the funniest signs they’ve come up with so far.

Making hens meet

They say that our pets can feel out fear and instantly get scared. Whoever came up with the idea of putting funny lines and puns on the sign outside is a genius. But the one behind these definitely deserves a raise.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

And this is because no matter how scared and worried you may be, reading something like this will inevitably make you laugh away the fear, making you and your little buddy enter the clinic and see the vet feeling more relaxed and comfortable.

Dad jokes

The prize for the best pun of the last decade goes to this one pictured below. We all know that dad jokes are so bad yet so funny, and this is because they are obvious, or as the sign says: “apparent.”

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We all know that dad jokes are only made for dads; it just suits them. Ha! We love this one because it is not only a very clever pun and classic dad joke, but it’s also self-aware. It’s layered, but not super deep.

Dr. Pepper

When we were talking about dad jokes, we bumped into this sign. This is exactly what a dad would say. It’s right up there with, “Hi, Hungry. I’m Dad.” We are putting this one in our pun arsenal for sure.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Not the answer you were expecting, right? Us either, but we agree that the pun was indeed good enough to be displayed on the front of a well-respected vet clinic. They can shut up and take our money, as well as our pets (for treatment, of course).

Nachos vs Tacos

If you ask us, they taste the same, but it looks like there might be a great difference between the two, besides the way they are served. It seems that tacos have their life together while nachos do not. We’d never considered it.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Seriously, let nachos be their messy, cheesy selves, people. If they have their lives together or not is not our business, and it’s “nacho” business either. No pun intended. Wait, pun emphatically intended! And we may or may not relate to the nachos.

Questions like this

We don’t know exactly who is behind every little joke on these signs, but we feel like the person behind this one might be an over-thinker because only an over-thinker can be bothered by something like this. But it takes a comedic genius to come up with this expert-level joke.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Whoever is asking this question, here is the answer: of course they photosympathise. It’s the 21 century, and we are a society of empaths these days, so we can only assume plants have emotionally evolved as well. Duh. It’s science.

Us either

If the ceiling fan could hold us, we too would never be bored again. That is for sure! But the winter holidays just passed and left us with a good and fair amount of pounds from all the food and sweets we had.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The bright side of this? If this is not a good motivational quote to get rid of the extra weight that we did not ask for, we do not know what is. There are a couple of months till summer, and we have time! But then again, the fan will never hold us, so pass the queso.

She believed…

In every person’s social media friends list, we have those people who post things about “new year, new me,” and like to delineate their plans for the new year. She believed she could, so she posted it on Facebook and gave up right after.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Long story short, we love the amount of irony behind this sign. She believed she could, she really wanted to do it, but her cat thought otherwise. And we all know that when your cat or dog lies on your lap, you only move after they decide to leave.

House warming party

Here is another question that probably came to an over-thinker’s mind when he was trying to sleep. Another question that perhaps kept him up all night. Or maybe this is a shower thought. Is that where the comedic magic happens?

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

So after a short searching session on good ol’ Google, we found the answer. It seems like the bees are way too busy to throw housewarming parties. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” when you have tones of pollen to collect.

We all know the struggle

Just when we wondered where the signs related to the last two years are, we bump into this. And yes, we agree with this because, during times like this, both the thermometer and the scales are persona non grata in our books.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

But now that we think about it, fever can be taken out with medicine and rest, but the weight… one has to put in a lot of work to lose the weight they gained while sitting in front of their TV and enjoying all the yummy fast food and sweets. We’re going to stick with our status quo.


We all have to agree that 2020 was one bizarre year from all points of view. And what made it odd was how much happened in the first three months – it was enough to fill a decade. And it just continued from there.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

This sign is everything, and what it’s written on it should apply every year before the New Year from now on. We want some guarantees that the next year will be an improvement. Someone better show us some documentation before we next drop that ball in Times Square.


Someone decided that birds are the right animals to describe one’s productivity or sleeping schedule. An early bird gets the worm and is productive, and a night owl is equally busy, but their schedules are flipped. But what about those of us who are a bit of both?

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

But it turns out that you can be both if your sleeping schedule is upside down. Some call this a very tired afternoon pigeon; we call this a regular Tuesday through Friday. All you need to do is not sleep through the night. You know, exactly like university students.


It is said that before the doorbell there was… man’s best friend: the dog. And rumor has it that a dog is more practical than the actual doorbell any day. It comes with a security option that even an alarm does not come with.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

What the sign says is right. Why would someone invent the doorbell if that someone had a dog? Seriously, if you have a dog, disconnect that thing, and if you don’t have a doggo, you might as well consider getting one.

No need for doubles

These Hollywood actors might need doubles when it comes to their stunting scenes, but one thing is sure. If you are a clumsy person, trust us; you don’t need anyone to assist you in your stunts. Clumsiness is a real talent.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We are totally serious; it is indeed a talent because if you think about it, always being clumsy at the wrong times is impossible if you do not own this talent. Awkward people worldwide can attest clumsiness is not a flaw but a skill.

A first time for everything

There is a first time for everything, and we can not help but imagine how it was for the first person who realized that parrots could talk. It’s hilarious when you think about it. That person was probably not OK.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

After a small search on Google, we found out that the person who discovered that parrots could talk is a Greek physician and historian, Ctesias of Cnidus. We can not help but wonder what his reaction was when it first happened.


If you own a cat, you probably know that they are independent, and most importantly, they do not give a doughnut about anybody else but themselves, unless you have food. They can be really rude sometimes, but they are cute enough that we don’t care.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

So we all know that cats are not sorry no matter what they do. They bumped into your expensive vase and broke it? Not sorry. Did they shred your couch while sharpening their claws? Still not sorry. You should apologize for putting all these objects in their way, really.

No more guilt

Some months into 2020, the Carroll County Veterinary clinic decided to lift everybody’s spirits by displaying a no guilt motto. No more fat shaming because everybody gained a pound or ten while chilling at home on Zoom. We get it.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

So if you feel guilty when you’re eating those yummy cookies that have chocolate chips in them, drop each cookie on the floor. This way, you will squat each time to pick it up. Talk about working out and fueling your body with the right yummy fuel.

Don’t think so, human

If humans still think that they retain their ownership over the place once a cat enters their house, they are so wrong. Once you get a cat, that cat becomes your boss, and you will have to serve it until it gets tired of you.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

When reading the sign, we have to give the person props for having the courage to tell his cat something like this. The rest of the world is not as brave. And this is because we don’t want our feline overlords to get angry.

Say no to ex…

Choosing between exercise and extra fries has always been hard. One should select whatever his heart desires. If one likes extra fries, that person should go for it. If you want both at the same time, hey, it’s a free country.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Seriously now, the motions of eating, taking the fries to your mouth, and chewing are full-body workouts. If anyone was worried and needed some guidance in the right direction, there you go. You are so welcome. Follow us for more lifestyle tips.

1 Reason

People in this world need at least one reason not to be sad. For those people, the staff of Carroll County clinic decided to display their number one and most important reason. Because puns! Fair enough. They have our votes.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The sign’s hilarious, and the person behind this is a little pun genius. It all goes down to one thing: being sad is not good, so whoever is sad should just put the word “sad” backward, remember this pun, and you will automatically feel better.

Words of wisdom

Let’s take a moment to agree on how true these signs are. Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone you can trust 100% and more and more people prefer to hang out with their pets rather than with other humans. We are those people.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

And you can’t blame us! The sad truth is that our pets are probably more reliable and trustworthy than most close friends. So if you have a pet next to you, give it the biggest hug and maybe a treat or two.

Another one

Another day, another sign with some wise words that probably Carroll County Clinic patients will use in their lives. Fortunately for them, their patients can not read, and let’s hope their humans will not tell them what the signs say.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

For those who do not know, a taxidermist is a person who deals with preserving, arranging, and displaying animals’ bodies. So it’s only fair if a taxidermist ever chases a pet; it should never play dead. This one is morbid, but we like it.

The dog hair

Have you ever had a collie or any breed that sheds a lot? If you have, you probably know exactly what these signs are about: the dog hair that sticks like glue to everything except for the pupper himself. It must be a physics rule.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We think all the fur you find on our shirts, pants, and even in our shoes is worth it. There is nothing better than being welcomed home by your fur baby. Every day, it’s like the first time all over again. The love never dies.

If only we could…

One thing is for sure: 2020 for many of us felt like a waste of time. Hardly any of us did anything but put on some pounds and binge Netflix. Maybe we started knitting but that was as far as we got.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We still aged for one year with all this. With this being said, we need a refund for 2020 because it’s just not acceptable. Maybe 2021 too, but at this point, we’ve all found YouTubers and TikTok accounts to keep us entertained.

Chick Peas vs Black Eyed Peas

And the award for the best dad joke we’ve seen so far goes to this sign pictured below. The person behind it woke up that day and decided to slay in the puns and jokes department. And that they did, friends.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Using the band’s name, The Black Eyed Peas, in a dad joke to show that they are better than the chickpeas, it is nothing but epic. These people really know their audience and their pop culture references. This might be our favorite.

We never thought about it

But this is exactly how the jellyfish looks: a big, scary yet majestic and gracious ghost that swims at the surface, stinging people when they get too close. They might be the ghosts of the oceans because it is not easy to locate them either.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Jellyfishes are something else. They look pretty serene when in fact, they prove to be kind of dangerous, just like ghosts (we only refer to those ghosts that look like Casper). Not to mention that they can grow to be over a meter long. Yikes!

Diamonds and dogs

Whoever said that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” was so right. This is, if, by diamonds, they meant dogs. Because dogs are as precious as diamonds. They are four-legged, furry gems and we often feel we don’t deserve them.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

But if the person who said it referred to actual diamonds, we disagree. That person probably never got the privilege to own, care for and love a dog. Sadly some people have never had the privilege of having an adorable doggo, and it shows.

We lose some, we win some

Carroll County Clinic is back at it again with the 2020 humor, and it’s fair to say that we can not get tired of these types of jokes. We have all lost things during these past two years, and our metabolism is surely one of them.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Impossible not to. We all had to stay inside, watch TV, eat that ice cream, cheesy nachos, and pizzas because we were too lazy to cook (okay, we’re speaking for ourselves there). The whole situation scared away our metabolism, and it is not fair!

Cats are art

Cats are art! But if you don’t believe us ask the ancient Egyptians, who idolized cats. The huge sculptures, the carving in the walls of the pyramids- cats were their muses, no doubt! There is one thing that they might have skipped.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

As beautiful and flamboyant as cats are, they become pigs with beautiful fur after giving themselves a good bath. Have you ever seen a cat throwing up a ball of fur? We hope you did not. That is a scene straight out of a modern dystopian painting.

Cats are elite

Cats are bossy; we all know that. They are smart and can be loyal too if they want to be, of course. But did you know that cats can learn commands just like dogs do? More exactly, they can learn 120 of them.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

That is heaps. The only thing is that despite their capacity to learn commands, they prefer to remain independent princesses that ignore us most of the time. They can fetch the little ball you threw, but they don’t want to… just because!


After diet culture has made us feel bad about our choices during the lockdowns, here is a little relief. Running is a great way of letting go of all the stress and thoughts and being more present in the present moment.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Sure all this goes to waste when you decide to compare running to “not running.” If you are a couch potato just like us, you may understand. So if you want to go for a run, go without thinking about it too much. Let us know what the weather’s like out there.

Living proof

“Dogs are the living proof that good still exists in the world.” We knew exactly why when we told you that dogs are soulful diamonds. Although we would say that pets, in general, are the living proof of the existence of “good.”

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

And yes, even the sassy beats called cats, even they are such a blessing to have. Pets are little blessings in disguise that always manage to put a smile on our faces and boost our serotonin (happiness hormone) levels. Every time.

A reminder

Superstitious people, this one is for you. Here is a reminder that there is no need to walk three steps backward, tap your feet twice, scratch your left hand, and then continue with your walk if a black cat crosses your way.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

The chances are that the cat did not even acknowledge you because cats are always busy going to places that their owners do not know about. So no need to do anything but continue walking when you see a gorgeous black cat. Except maybe admire it.

Words of wisdom

These signs are supposed to be a reminder: “if you love someone, let them nap.” Agree with this, but this applies only to those who love sleeping. We have a better reminder for those who are not big fans of sleeping.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

“If you love someone, bring them food and don’t ask to share their fries with you.” A reminder like this will probably be more appreciated, especially by men who we all know always have to share their food with their beloved one (who never wants to order her own food).

Don’t try it

Somehow we can identify with this. How many times did you wake up in the morning after a very bad night’s sleep and all you wanted to do was to scream your lungs out with rage? Unfortunately, it is not proper for upstanding members of society.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We don’t understand why, from all the farm animals and pets and us humans, someone only chose the roosters and allowed them to scream out their rage and frustrations in the morning. Wait, did you think that roosters were singing that early in the morning?

Emotional baggage

Another dad joke that makes way too much sense nowadays. For quite some time, traveling to new places and new countries has become like a mission impossible. There are so many requirements and that one gives up. We like to make the most of our staycations.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

No matter the decision you may take this year regarding your holiday and travel, make sure not to tell your suitcases the phrase written in the sign above. We have enough going on without dealing with some sad suitcases, sulking in the closet.

Calorie refund

We agree with the sign below! Nobody wants to feel both disappointed and guilty for eating something that tasted bad and was a caloric bomb. We should all have the right to a calorie refund. Surely we have the technology?

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We do not know who we are asking for a refund, but we want to have this option, especially when eating out. Can someone start finding a way to make this possible? We, and other people who feel our pain, will be waiting here patiently.

If dogs don’t like you

There is a saying: if my dog does not like you, there is a good reason. It speaks volumes. It is known that dogs, cats, and pets generally feel people’s energy. A dog who thinks that a guest has bad aura or intentions will feel uncomfortable around that person.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Or worse, they might even try to attack. Dog owners should really consider our doggo’s intuition is better than ours. Dogs are little radars that protect us from bad people and bad energy. When a dog doesn’t like us, we need to do some serious introspection.

Couldn’t say it better

This sign is a reaction of someone who was probably fed up with everything that happened back in 2020. It’s understandable, and we feel the same way. From what we know, a colonoscopy prep is nothing at all like a tequila sunrise.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

It takes a lot of laxatives and liquids and… Yep! We pretty much agree with this one. Although, we did make a lot of that foam coffee that was popular for a minute, so that could also fit the bill.


We love Carroll County Veterinary Clinic and its signs because not all of them are related to pets, but all of them are meant to lift your spirits and make you gain some courage when you go in with your pet.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

When it comes to the sign above, we are astonished that someone solved two dilemmas that became real headaches for most of us. A better explanation of this phenomenon couldn’t have been given. This is real-world reincarnation right here.

Dog shampoo

Looks like someone mistook her shampoo for her pup’s, and now she feels like every doggo should feel: like a good boy. Besides this, she might feel like… Let us guess… fabulous, maybe? Dog shampoo makes their fur look straight out of the salon.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

And rumor has it that it has the same effect on our hair too and that it is safer and has fewer chemicals than normal shampoo. Not that we know, but we heard from… a friend of a friend of a cousin.

A rabbit with fleas

Here’s one for those fur babies who got unlucky enough to get fleas while being outside and for their human parents too, who are probably scratching themselves along with their pets. Fleas ain’t fun, unless they are part of a joke.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We love Bugs Bunny, and can’t believe we had never heard this joke before good ol’ Carroll Country vet clinic gave it to us. What a gift! We could go on about how Loony Tunes characters got their names, but let’s just continue with the puns.

Coffee, please!

Here is a sign that speaks volumes. Everywhere around the world, they should make a law: nobody should do anything in the morning until our coffee’s secret ingredient, caffeine, kicks in. A law like this would make the world a happier place.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

We love how the person behind this clever sign decided to make a whole new word. This is so necessary for our vocabulary that we hope it will make it to the English dictionaries immediately and without delay. We’re not lazy; we just need our caffeine!


The word dog is way too short of describing something so pure, loyal, and loving unconditionally. We agree with this, but we can not find a better word to replace this one that already has deep and full emotional meaning.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

With a banner like this, we are sure that the clinic cheered a lot of hearts that day. This is so cute that even we think of going there next time our pets need their vaccines or just a regular check-up.


Yes, Chihuahuas are cute but have you seen them when they get angry. Trust us, and you do not want to see anything like that. They transform into little Tasmanian devils ready to attack no matter their opponent’s size. Their courage is the size of a mastiff.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Despite their size, they are loud dogs. And yes, they might be the only doggos who will hear that tree falling in the forest and get so angry about it that they will bark at it unstoppable. Oh, Chihuahuas! Bless their little hearts.

Last one takes the prize

We always keep the best for last, and here it is! How many times has your dog begged for food and ate whatever you offered, but when you tried to hide his pill in the same food, he refused it? Well, your dog is not the only one.

Image courtesy of Caroll County Veterinary Clinic/Instagram

Turns out that all doggos become the doggo version of Gordon Ramsey when they are given medicine hidden in their food. It can be the smell, the taste, or maybe it can be that they feel you are trying to do something fishy. Dogs are smart, and dog owners should step their treatment game up.