Get Served A Dose Of Laughter: 37 Witty World Cup Soccer Memes

By Israel O

Soccer has always been center stage in sport and, by extension, entertainment. It’s arguably the most-watched and followed game in the world. It has served as a sustainable source of several economic and societal benefits. While playing soccer, things happen fast, and sometimes, players do not mind the camera or their faces as long as the ball ends up in the opponent’s net. Consequently, these players’ funny gestures and dramatic faces during matches have been transformed into Internet memes. The various record tussle and historical score lines have also been good recipes for amusing memes. Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 has already been in the works for a while. Soccer fans are soon to have the opportunity to watch this year’s tournament. Today, we have put together thirty-something hilarious soccer memes to get us back in that World Cup spirit that will crack your ribs and give you an undeniable dose of laughter. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

The Greatest Players Struggle Occasionally

Without a doubt, Lionel Messi has cemented his spot as arguably the best player ever to grace the round leather ball game. He had a remarkable spell at Barcelona, winning several Ballon d’Or, and breaking many historical records. We’re not surprised.

Photo Credits: A.PAES and Marco Iacobucci Epp/ Shutterstock

However, the Argentinian didn’t enjoy a similar spell at the country level. He struggled to clinch a major title with his national team for several years. Consequently, his goal records suffered and made him ridiculous compared to Harry Kane. 

Brazil’s Reign

The Brazilian soccer team ruled the football world for a while. This was when they had several renowned stars on the team. During these times, they enjoyed significant success and clinched world titles. However, some people believe that their success was doctored. 

Photo Credits: AGIF2/ Shutterstock

This meme shows people’s extreme claims on referees favoring the Brazilian team. Any minor misdeed on the part of their opponents would result in a penalty for Brazil. We know the meme is an overreach, but favoritism in football is not an alien concept.

Deja Vu

The feeling of undue familiarity happens a lot in football. This meme is an example that won’t seem funny to Germans. The meme suggests that a team that wins the world cup will drop out at the group stage during the next cup. 

Photo Credits: Christophe Badoux, CC BY-SA 3.0 /Wiki, Reuters, ph. F.A.B./ Shutterstock

Indeed, Germany dropped out of the World Cup at the group stage after suffering a two-nil defeat at the hands of South Korea. It was the first time the German team would crash out that early. It seems the content of this meme is here to stay. 

Nations Have Ranks

There’s a cadre when it comes to football-playing nations. At regular intervals, FIFA makes a ranking of the best teams globally. Teams like Brazil, France, Germany, and Portugal are up there, while teams like Panama would be lucky even to make the FIFA ranking. 

Photo Credits: A.G.I.F. and Gustavo Frazao/ Shutterstock

Hence, it’ll be a national disgrace whenever Brazil loses 7-1 to any team in the world. The same cannot be said of Panama, a country that’s more than fifty places below Brazil in the FIFA men’s football ranking. Let’s go, boys!

You Can Have It

It is crucial to know your limits in football to avoid unnecessary injuries. Here’s Marcelo, turning his back from a duel with an attacker. We believe that was not his intention, but the camera caught him at the wrong time.

Photo Credits: AGIF/ Shutterstock

There is no doubt that Marcelo is one of the best defenders in the game, and we do not know him as the type to shy off a duel with an attacker. Let’s hope his little antic doesn’t lead to a goal. 

A One-Man Team

In the 2018 World Cup, the Egypt team was the actual definition of a one-person team. The African team has made three appearances in the World Cup so far in its history, and they haven’t won any game as of yet.

Photo Credits: Alizada Studios/ Shutterstock

Despite the notable stars in the team, the focus seems to always be on Mohammed Salah. The Egyptian maestro has been a focal point in his club and country. However, he hasn’t enjoyed much success in the national team. We’re team Salah.

Survival Of The Fittest

The World Cup is simply the survival of the fittest affair. Several countries come together to vie for the prestigious cup through group and knock-out rounds. The tournament is also always full of surprises and shocking outcomes that we often don’t expect.

Credits: Ivica Drusany/ Shutterstock

When Croatia defeated Argentina, the team and Argentinian fans were distraught as the underdog turned out to be the winner. However, normalcy was restored when the Croatians fell to the outstanding display of the French team. We were also in total shock.

FIFA Versus PES 

EA sport’s FIFA soccer game has quite the reputation among football fans all over the world. It’s usually compared with Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer. Every year, soccer game fans compare the yearly edition of the two soccer games, with one often falling short.

Photo Credits: Ettore Griffoni/ Shutterstock

Honestly, both games have their strengths and weaknesses. However, it seems that EA sport’s FIFA lacks good reviews in terms of quality. This meme is a win for Pro Evolution Soccer fans, but we’re sure that FIFA will upgrade the quality over the upcoming years.

The Peak Of Savagery

Football fans know that banters make the game more interesting, and people go to various lengths to banter with their friends. This meme is an example of the highest form of savagery when it comes to banter in football. Ouch!

Photo Credits: FootyHumour /Twitter

The person made a cake that’s covered with Argentina’s flag. For an Argentinian, that would be a perfect cake. However, the friend had a hideous plan. He made the inside of the cake with the German flag, which reminds their bitter loss against the Germans. 

An Age-Long Frustration

Playing for a club is very different from playing for a national team. In a club, there’s more control regarding the caliber of players you play with. On the other hand, many stars do not have a choice concerning their teammates at the national level. 

Photo Credits: Fabrizio Andrea Bertani/ Shutterstock

In Ronaldo’s case, he enjoys an elite team at the team level, but the same cannot be said about his national team. He also wants success at the club level that he couldn’t with Portugal. These are the challenges that star players face. 

Funniest Game Screenshot

Playing soccer games is fun, but many gamers have found new humor in taking screenshots of funny moments. Typically, most game graphics come with glitches and imperfections, and one of them has given us a funny meme today. Are you ready for it?

Photo Credits: garcian_smith /Twitter

We aren’t sure if this is supposed to be Lionel Messi being dragged by a player, but the screenshot seemed to confirm our fear. The funniest part of the screenshot is the deformed body shape given to the Argentinian. Oops!

The First Time Syndrome

The 2018 World Cup was Panama’s first time in the coveted tournament. However, it didn’t take long before they were ousted from the competition. At least, the appearance seemed like a step in the right direction. 

Photo Credits: Gevorg Ghazaryan/ Shutterstock

This meme summarized their outing at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. The team showed that they were first-timers as they didn’t look like they were gunning for the finals. Let us hope that we see them again in 2022.

Midfield Maestros

Croatia came to the World Cup looking like underdogs, but they surprised the footballing world with their sterling performance which took them straight to the final. Even though they didn’t win, the team deserves every accolade it got. Well done, Croatia!

Photo Credits: Ivica Drusany, DarioZg and Asatur Yesayants/ Shutterstock

Croatia’s midfield consists of maestros as the trio of Modric, Kovacic, and Rakitic can wreak absolute havoc in any team. This midfield trio helped the Croatians launch a successful campaign in Russia. Not many teams can boast of such midfield quality.

Love For The Underdogs

Undoubtedly, Croatia surprised many soccer fans at the 2018 World Cup. Their performance through the group stage seemed like a fluke, but reality hit many people as they climbed through to the finals. Apparently, they won many hearts in the tournament. 

Credits: Ivica Drusany/ Shutterstock

Their creative midfield highlighted the spectacular display they put up in Russia. Many people wanted them to take the cup home due to their desirable fighting spirit and determination. However, the cup went to France, but the love for Croatia lives on. 

The Veteran Goalie

Manuel Neuer will forever remain a big thorn in many Brazilian hearts. The German keeper is undoubtedly one of the best players in the game, and his casual playing style makes him look like a mysterious figure on the pitch. 

Photo Credits: Ivo Antonie de Rooij and Celso Pupo/ Shutterstock

Manuel has successfully denied the Brazilians on many occasions. This made some people believe that sixty percent of Brazil is covered by rainforest and Manuel covers the rest. While this isn’t true, we believe the message has been received. 

England’s Goal Drought

On paper, the English team stands as one of the most formidable teams in any major tournament. However, the reverse is the case in reality as England hasn’t enjoyed any significant success in the international scene for many years. Why do you think that is?

Photo Credits: Jefferson Bernardes/ Shutterstock

Their underperformance in international tournaments has earned them this ridiculous comparison with Dante, who scores more goals in six minutes than the whole England team. Let’s hope that the team can overturn their performances in the future. Pick up your game, England!

An Utter Disappointment

Scoring a goal in a football match comes with lots of hard work and determination. This hard work justifies players’ great lengths to celebrate their hard-earned goals. In fact, some players perform choreographed dances when they score; that is always fun to watch.

Photo courtesy of: afcjxmes Twitter/ Sky Sports

However, one of the greatest disappointments that can ever happen on a soccer field is when you get your goal ruled out, especially after already celebrating. It brings the team’s morale down and raises the opponent’s spirit, especially if it’s a one-goal lead. 

Is There A Chance?

Portugal has been vying for world cup glory for a long time, and the closest they will get to it seems to be this meme. The maker seemed to have figured out a relationship between past euro top scorers and the country winning the corresponding World Cup.

Photo Credits: katatonia82, A.RICARDO, ph.FAB, viewimage, Viktorija Reuta/ Shutterstock

The meme worked in 2014 and 2018, but we hope there’ll be a chance for Portugal in 2022 since Ronaldo turned out to be the top scorer in Euro 2020. We all know that these memes aren’t absolute, but we just hope it is. 

Not Following The Crowd

For years now, The United States of America has been known for its high interest and participation in all kinds of sports. However, the one sport the US does not really approve of is soccer. Football in the US means something else.

Photo Credits: Sean Pavone. Vladimir Melnik. Johnathan21. Jan von Uxkull-Gyllenband/ Shutterstock

So while everyone in most parts of Europe is running around during the weekends to get their front row seats and watch their favorite football clubs play, in the US, most people prefer to spend their time indoors watching tv. 

We All Have Our Secret Missions

First of all – everyone has an ulterior motive. In everything we do, there’s a target or goal in mind. This brings us to the case of Ivan Rakitic and Guillermo Ochua – two top superstars at the World Cup for Croatia and Mexico.

Photo Credits: Sam Aronov. Dokshin Vlad. katatonia82. Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock

While the Mexican and Croatian teams were looking to carve their names in the history books, it would appear that Rakitic and Ochua were trying to carve theirs in the hearts of the Russian female fans by copying the looks of these actors. 

The Diving Master

Football is different from yoga. At least, yoga doesn’t involve rigorous running and tackling opponents. However, Neymar has us confused with these postures taken from his time on the pitch, and thankfully, we have some explanations for most of these poses.

Photo Credits: Asatur Yesayants and Marco Iacobucci Epp/ Shutterstock

He is a known diver who feigns being injured even at the slightest touch. Thanks to dutiful and keen referees, the Brazilian maestro has been booked several times for his funny antics on the pitch. However, his prowess on the ball is undeniable. 

What Could Have Been!

If England had defeated Italy in the 2020 edition of the European Football Championship final – it would not only have sent the title back home, but It would have been the first time a country not part of the European Union lifted the trophy. 

Photo Credits: Vlad1988/ Shutterstock

In 2020, the UK left the European Union in what gave birth to the term “Brexit.” The European Union would have become a laughing stock if England had won the championship. In the end, it just wasn’t meant to be. 

PES vs FIFA: The Rivalry

The best part of being a soccer fan is having to play with your favorite superstars in video games. In that regard, the two most-played soccer video games of this generation are PES and FIFA. It always comes down to these two. 

Photo Credits: souls_ninja, eFootball/ Twitter and Cine Hub/YouTube

When two distinct companies are producing similar products, competition is inevitable. However, it would seem FIFA won this round, as you can see in the image. PES had Messi looking like he was eyeballing his opponents during the game. That was awkward.

Expectation Vs. Reality

Before kickoff, everyone tries to predict the outcome of a game, from analysts to football fans. Some even go as far as putting their money on the line. However, just like life, things don’t always go according to plan, sorry!

Photo Credits: rido/ Shutterstock

Like they say, “it’s the hope that kills.” Plenty of dreams got shattered when Italy defeated England at the 2020 edition of the European Football Championships. Like this man here, many English fans were knocked back into reality. 

The One Of A Kind World Cup

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is set to be one of the most significant events of the year. This edition of the world tournament is by far the most expensive one as over $220 billion has been spent so far. 

Photo Credits: Satheesh_Madh/ Shutterstock

Many people have asked if it’s a development project or if it’s a World Cup. It turns out it’s a bit of both; a lot of effort was spent not just on the stadiums but in the surrounding environment as well. 

It Could Have Been Worse

You don’t need to be an ardent football fan to know a Manchester United lover created this meme. Since the much-anticipated return of Cristiano Ronaldo, it has been one problem after another for The Red Devils Football Club. 

Photo Credits: Ververidis Vasilis/ Shutterstock

De Gea, their goalkeeper, has conceded a goal 34 times in 27 outings in the premier league alone. These days the fans are unfazed when they concede a goal; they just thank their lucky stars it’s not more than three.

The Inspiration Behind The Logo?

We don’t know it for a fact, but there’s a chance this washcloth inspired the official logo and wallpaper of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. The logo looks like the number eight and the symbol that denotes an ampersand. 

Photo Credits: rthur013 /Twitter

We understand that inspiration exists in everything, but we did not expect the World Cup to draw theirs from a washcloth. Not especially after spending $220 Billion. They couldn’t hire a better graphic designer to make a logo?

The Giant Toilet Stadium

As you can see, this is the stadium where the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place. A lot of preparation and effort has gone into it, but somehow, it looks like a toilet from afar. 

Photo Credits: wolddpower/ Shutterstock

We’re sure the Architect behind the stadium design never meant for it to look like a toilet. However, despite his best intentions, anyone who sees this image will have a toilet on their mind. After all, Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Typical Americans

Even after many years of participating in the World Cup, the more Americans that try to understand soccer, become the more that drown in their confusion. For 90 whole minutes, a good number of Americans watch a soccer game with difficulty.

Photo Credits: Photo Works, GN ILLUSTRATOR, Vector Tradition/ Shutterstock

Soccer is the most popular sport globally, except in America, of course. However, despite their little love and knowledge for the sport, most Americans still travel to support their country during the World Cup. Mainly because it is fun!

One Love 

They say love is a universal language; it is the essence of life and is what keeps us together. However, we’re afraid it will not be enough to get Costa Rica to Qatar for the World Cup. Not unless they start winning matches.

Photo Credits: Luis Alvarado Alvarado/ Shutterstock

The fans will appreciate this player’s goal celebration of love, but it won’t make much of a difference as it is the opposition that needs convincing. It seems all the love in the world cannot grant Costa Rica qualification. 

Why We Watch The World Cup

World Cup or not, there will always be bias in football. This is because we’re all watching for different reasons or from different places. While some people support the Germans because of their free-flowing football, others support other nations because of their favorite superstars.

Photo Credits: Newimage, Tomasz Bidermann, A.RICARDO, Dmytro Larin/ Shutterstock

One of the most critical aspects of the game is the fans; football would not be the same without them. However, the same applies to football players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar. Most people would not be tuning in without them, let alone buy tickets.

The German Machines

In football today, no country on the international stage plays the sport more like a team than the German national side. They’re known for their unique style of attacking and defending in numbers, which opens up many scoring opportunities. 

Photo Credits: katatonia82/ Shutterstock

There are no favorite players in Germany, and this is because they’re only better together and not individually. With the attacking threats of Sane, Gnabry, Werner, and Muller, no one wants to be in the same group as Germany in the World Cup. 

The Golden Age Of France

After the retirement of Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane, we all thought we had seen the best years of the French national team. However, with the likes of Mbappe, Griezmann, Kanté, and Pogba still playing, the best is yet to come. 

Photo Credits: Vlad1988/ Shutterstock

In 2018, France captured yet another World Cup by comfortably defeating Croatia. Three years later, the young guns of France became the second side to win the UEFA Nations League. At this rate, this new young team of France might outdo their predecessors. 

The Curse Of The World Cup

In the 92 year history of the FIFA World Cup, only two teams have won back-to-back titles – Italy and Brazil. The last time this happened was over 60 years ago, and since then, no team has been able to repeat such a feat. 

Photo Credits: Marco Iacobucci Epp and A.RICARDO/ Shutterstock

Now it’s almost like a curse; any team that wins the World Cup will be unable to defend their crown in the next campaign. This thought has put fans on high alert, with everyone banking on the curse to continue in Qatar.

Football Legends

No doubt, the FIFA World Cup is football’s highest price, while the UEFA Champions League comes as a close second. While some players have had incredible careers winning either of these trophies, Zidane and Ronaldinho are amongst the fewest to win both. 

Photo Credits: Natursports. ph. F.A.B. and Fingerhut/ Shutterstock

Ronaldinho and Zidane were also named the world’s best players on multiple occasions. This achievement puts them in a league of their own, one that Messi and Ronaldo will be looking to reach in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

Hideous Graphics 

Whoever gave eFootball 2022 the go-ahead to release their video game needs to be fired. The appearance of most players in the game has been nothing short of hideous. Almost like they were trying to make them look like zombies.

Photo credits: IGN/ eFootball

A lot of gamers have taken to Twitter to vent while others had a good laugh about it and decided to create memes such as this one. That being said, the success of a video game relies heavily on the appearance of its characters. 

The Sharpshooters

In football, goal-scoring can be grouped into three categories: direct, freekick, and penalty. While there are no specific awards for having the most goals in any category, fans still like to enjoy themselves by having arguments based on these stats. 

Photo Credits: kivnl, Ververidis Vasilis, and Marco Iacobucci Epp/ Shutterstock

Ronaldo and Messi are undoubtedly the most significant players and goalscorers of their generation. They’re the leading candidates in almost all vital stats, but sometimes they can be bested by the likes of Lewandowski, Suarez, and Neymar. This scenario is one of those times.