Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted Wants The Fashion Industry To Be More Sustainable

By Peter C

Manufacturing companies, especially in the fashion industry, have been encouraged to intensify efforts in producing sustainable products. Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted spoke expressly on this while participating in the CNBC Evolve Global Summit.

Image courtesy of Albo/Shutterstock

According to him, investing heavily in sustainable products will provide economic and environmental benefits and protect public health and ensure that the fashion industry remains environmentally friendly. Rorsted went further by saying any company that fails to look into direction might be planning its downfall.

The rate at which social media influences consumers’ decisions towards a brand means businesses and brands must be ready to listen to consumers and yield to their demands.

“I think that the scrutiny on companies and CEOs is much greater today. I think that part of the reason is social media is bringing transparency and also a news flow out that was never there before,” Rorsted said. “It drives change, it drives responsibility, and it drives transparency.”

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Rorsted noted that the use of plastic for production has already done unprecedented damage to our environment, adding that manufacturing companies must show commitment in providing measures and steps that will address this issue.

He cited Adidas’s progress in producing sustainable products, particularly by using ocean plastics for some of its products. The company has already shown great commitment in this regard by partnering with Allbirds to produce shoes that pose zero threat to the environment. This is just as the company is looking for ways to make these products available to consumers at cheaper rates.