5 Athletes Who Did the Impossible

By Peter C

At times, we make certain career decisions because we are diehard followers of some people, and we are ready to go the extra mile to become just like them. We also have professional athletes whose lifestyles and achievements have influenced millions of people. In this article, you will read about some professional athletes who have motivated many people with their mouthwatering achievements and exceptional skills.

1. Jim Abbott

We often don’t see disabled people, especially those with one hand playing baseball. However, American former baseball pitcher Jim Abbott defied all odds and did the impossible.

He was born without a right hand but decided to pursue a career in baseball. At the University of Michigan, the American joined the school baseball team and graduated as one of the best pitchers in the school’s history. He started playing as a professional after being selected by the Angels in the 1988 MLB draft.

2. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

Before these two did the impossible, it was a widespread belief that no one could reach the summit of Mount Everest. New Zealand mountaineer Edmund Hillary and his partner Tenzing Norgay determined to prove the world wrong as they became the first climbers to achieve this outstanding feat On 29 May 1953.

3. Kalin Bennett

Image courtesy of Eugene Powers

Kalin Bennett made history in 2018 when he decided to play for a Division I school (Kent State Golden Flashes), becoming the first person with autism to play basketball. He is also the first basketball player with autism to score in the game.

4. Anthony Robles

If Anthony Robles didn’t achieve this feat, no one would ever believe that someone without a leg could participate in collegiate wrestling and fight with non-disabled and strong opponents. Aside from finishing his senior year undefeated, he won a lot of awards, including the Pac-10 championship and the national championship.

5. Oscar Pistorius

Image courtesy of miqu77/Shutterstock

The South African was born with a birth defect, explaining why his legs had to be amputated just eleven months after his birth. However, Oscar Pistorius grew up to become a sprinter and one of the best Paralympic athletes. He is also the first amputee athlete to compete with non-disabled athletes in the Olympics.