Alica Schmidt: The New Social Media Rising Star

By Peter C

While you may have seen athletes getting nominated and winning various awards in their chosen sport, there seems to be another way to get the most attention from sports enthusiasts.  German runner Alica Schmidt was recently named the hottest athlete globally, and the rest is history.

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This development has not only helped her career as an athlete who is ready to take the world by storm but has also given her another kind of fame off the track.  At the beginning of this sudden fame, Schmidt recounted how she was astonished at how things kept turning out. She had many websites and news outlets talking about her, with millions of people wanting to follow her on Instagram.

Although the young runner may have been introduced to another kind of life, she prefers to be known for her athletics career to any other kind of fame. This has helped her in no small way, allowing her to be more focused on her career. At the 2019 European Under 23 Championships, the German helped her country win the bronze medal.

The young runner was part of the team selected to represent Germany in the 400m category of the Olympic Games. However, she couldn’t participate in the games following their disqualification from the competition.

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Although this seemed like a huge setback for her, she became more popular on social media, especially on Instagram. Many people who wanted to see what she was up to in the competition flooded her Instagram page to like and comment on her pictures and videos.

People may see her as the sexist athlete in the world, but she has always been known for her versatility. She always wants to try new things, a rare quality that makes her stand out from others.