Interesting Facts About Popular Paralympic Athlete Tatyana McFadden

By Peter C

The Paralympics may not be getting the needed attention and supports like the Olympics but remain one of the most interesting sports to watch. Paralympic stars like Tatyana McFadden are beginning to champion the cause that will change a lot of misconceptions about the sport.

The 32-year-old has been a source of inspiration due to her numerous achievements and has done a lot for the disability community. In the piece, you will read about some of the interesting facts about the Paralympic legend.

Image courtesy of lev radin/Shutterstock

1. Tatyana McFadden Has a Sister Who is Also a Paralympic Athlete

Tatyana’s younger sister Hannah McFadden drew inspiration from her sister’s fight against discrimination in sports and decided to follow the same path.

Not only is Hannah a Paralympic athlete, but she has also competed with her sister during the 2012 Paralympic Games.

2. The Paralympic legend is of Russian Descent

Not so many people know this, but the truth is Tatyana was not originally born in the United States. She was born with a congenital disorder known as spina bifida, forcing her mother to abandon her in an orphanage.

Fortunately for her, Deborah McFadden, a commissioner of disabilities for the U.S. Health Department and her partner Bridget O’Shaughnessy visited the orphanage and adopted Tatyana.

3. She Was One of the Paralympic Athlete Featured in Netflix’s Rising Phoenix

Image courtesy of lev radin/Shutterstock

Tatyana has always been a strong advocate of anything that will benefit the Paralympics. She gladly accepted to be a part of Rising Phoenix, a Netflix documentary about the history of the Paralympic Games.

4.   The Tatyana’s Law Was Passed As a Mark of Respect to Tatyana McFadden

At High School, the seven-time gold medalist dragged her school to court for refusing to accord her the benefit of using the school track team because she was a disabled student. She won the case, and a law (Tatyana’s Law) was passed in her honor.