The Top 5 Most Exciting Winter Sports In The World

By Peter C


Bobsled or Bobsleigh is a winter sport that involves participants racing down steep snow slopes in a gravity-powered sled. It is a team sport consisting of two or four participants representing a team. The sport is gaining acceptance in different parts of the world, with The International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation being the body governing all International bobsleigh competitions.

Image courtesy of Tobias Arhelger/Shutterstock

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey, also known as Hockey in some parts of the world, is a winter sport involving two teams of six players skating on ice and trying to score by shooting an ice hockey ball known as a puck. Because it involves skating on ice at a very fast pace, and it is often regarded as the fastest game on earth.

Slopestyle Snowboarding

Slopestyle snowboarding is a popular sport and a type of winter sport in which riders move on a snowboard and ski down on a course filled with all kinds of obstacles such as jumps, rails, etc. Each participant’s originality and quality of skills or tricks is the basis by which points are awarded.


Skeleton is vast becoming a popular winter sport. It involves participants riding a  small sled down a frozen track, with participants lying face down on the sled. This game was first featured in the Olympics during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Alpine Snowboarding

There are different forms of snowboarding, and Alpine snowboarding happens to be one of them. Competitors use an alpine snowboard to ride down a course in this sport. It is a winter sport where participants strive to finish each game in the fastest possible time.

Image courtesy of Wlad Go/Shutterstock