4 UFC Fighters Who Never Won A Fight

By Peter C

This article discusses four UFC fighters who failed to win a single UFC fight in their careers.

1. Jason Reinhardt

Image courtesy of UFC

 The American mixed martial artist made his first appearance in the UFC in 2007.  At UFC 78, Jason Reinhardt lost his first UFC fight to Joe Lauzon in less than 120 minutes. That was not the first time Jason would suffer such a great defeat; he was defeated three times in three categories before making it to the UFC.

Although the American had more opportunities to prove himself, he was fired from the UFC after failing to win any of his subsequent fights.

2. Gilbert Yvel

We may be wrong to conclude that Yvel was a bad fighter since he also enjoyed a win over Pedro Rizzo during his 13 years as an MMA fighter. However, the 45-year-old performed poorly in all his three appearances in the UFC. His first fight in the UFC with Junior Dos Santos ended in defeat.

3.  John Alessio

Image courtesy of MMA Fighting

The Canadian retired professional mixed martial artist has already made history as one of the worst fighters in UFC history. A fighter who failed to win any of his fights in five different appearances doesn’t deserve any other award than this. He is arguably the first fighter to suffer five defeats in a row in UFC history.

4. Dan Lauzon

The 33-year-old is a former American mixed martial artist. Although his first fight in the UFC made him the youngest fighter in UFC history during that period, he failed to prove himself as a real fighter. He lost his three fights in the promotion, although his first defeat to veteran fighter Spencer Fisher was understandable.