Cricket’s Most Unbreakable Records

By Peter C

Cricket is a beautiful sport that has captured the heart of many fans in countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa, England, among others. Like every other sport, cricket has produced legends who had gone on to set some crazy records that could be impossible to break.

Image courtesy of Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

1. The Test Match Bowling Numbers of Jim Laker

In 1956, right at the Old Trafford, Jim Laker only failed at one out of 20 wickets after the Englishman for 90 runs, took 19 wickets against Australia. In the first innings, he took 10 wickets, and in the second, he took nine wickets.

Nineteen wickets in a single match is something we may not get to see again in the history of the sport. It’s one of the most amazing bowling stats in test cricket.

2. Don Bradman Had A Test Career Batting Average

Nicknamed ‘The Don,’ one of the greatest Australian sportsmen in history, Don Bradman, at a 99.94 average, scored his runs in 80 Test cricket innings. Statistically and holistically, you may want to agree that Bradman is arguably the best batsman ever seen in the game of cricket.

To tell you further about the Australian’s amazing talent, Bradman’s 95.14 is a total first-class average that is very unlikely to be broken also.

Image courtesy of Risaad/Shutterstock

3. Phil Simmons’ ODI Economy Rate

Since ODIs in modern times are more attack-focused, it is hard to see how Phil Simmons’ record will be equaled, talk less breaking it.

During a one-day international cricket game against Pakistan in the early 1990s, an economy rate of only 0.3 runs per over by Simmons was unbelievable. Guess what? Simmons only failed to have three runs.