The Most Expensive Players Ever Bought By Barcelona

By Peter C

Clubs sometimes spend a fortune to get their desired players to play for them. Some soccer fans and pundits have argued about the exorbitant fees paid for the services of some of these players. Here, we take you through some of FC Barcelona’s costliest players.

1. Philippe Coutinho (€135M)

Image courtesy of Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock

Philippe Coutinho was desperate to join Barcelona from Liverpool, but he’ll go down as one of the regrettable signings the Spanish side ever made.  

2. Ousmane Dembele (€135M)

In the summer of the 2017-18 season, Barcelona went all out and engaged in one of their wasteful spendings by signing Ousmane Dembele for €135 million. He was a panic-buy and was seen to replace the departed Neymar.

Despite Dembele’s talents and skills, the decision backfired spectacularly as injuries have consistently plagued the Frenchman, and other fitness and disciplinary concerns have seen him miss a whole lot of games for the Blaugrana.

3. Antoine Griezmann (€120M)

Image courtesy of Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock

During the past few seasons, it has been evident that Barcelona have been careless spenders. Frenchman Antoine Griezmann was bought from Atlético Madrid for €120 million but never lived up to expectations.

He had a combined 52 goals and assists contribution in over a century appearances. Well, Griezmann is back on loan at the Wanda Metropolitano.

4. Neymar (€88M)

Barcelona paid €88 million to capture the young Brazilian from Santos in the 2013-2014 campaign.  He made 186 appearances for the Catalan giants and netted 105 times, creating a further 76 goals.

No wonder Paris Saint-Germain spent a whopping €222 million to get Neymar and make him the most expensive soccer player in history.