Products We Didn’t Know We Needed In Our Lives Till We Came Across Them Online

By Aakash M

To everyone reading this, be prepared to have to rub your eyes, pick up your jaw, and restore calm to your brain after looking at these products. These gadgets are so creative that there are high chances of you wanting to say “Add to Cart” and “Yeah, take my money, please!” All of these products were featured on the Odditymall Project, a media website promoting all the items you didn’t know you needed. These guys scour the net and feature some of the quirkiest inventions with the most unusual designs out there. If you’ve never heard of these guys, then you’ve probably also not seen such creative, weird, but useful products. So, get ready to have the boundaries of your imagination pushed, as here are 45 innovative items that you’d surely not want to live without!

Probably the cutest

If the company manufacturing these octopus outfits used this photo or any other photo of a baby actually wearing their products, we’re sure their sales are going to skyrocket. There will be a long line of new parents queuing up for this Insta – worthy costume!

Image courtesy of Bossfight/ Reddit/ odditymall

We forgot to mention, but that meme is quite hilarious as well. If that’s also a marketing tactic, then the makers of this outfit are doing a splendid job! We wonder if these cute octopus outfits are available for adults too?

Toaster bags

This invention is the one that nobody asked for, but everybody needs. Thanks to these toaster bags, making grilled cheese won’t be that big of a hassle or messy affair. People who have these in their homes have also reviewed them as a great invention since the toasties made from them are always perfect!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

But, there is one small problem with this product. You must be able to fit two slices of bread into one toaster slot since you’ll be putting it all together in the bag. Most users won’t need to worry about this, though, as many new toasters have wider slots, and they can hold two slices of bread.

So many things in one!

Those are the exact words that popped into our brains after we learned about this fantastic product. This thing looks like a bed of some sort, but it’s not just that. It’s actually a bean bag bed that has an inbuilt pillow and blanket! See? we told you!! Mind blown!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Even taking a look at this makes us feel sleepy. We can only imagine how amazing it would feel to be lying all cozy and tucked up in one of those. We can’t help but wonder though if the covers are removable for cleaning?

Time to sit back and relax

If you are an avid camper, you should add this product to the list of things you’ll need to take with you on your next trip. Before seeing this item on Odditiymall, we had no clue that something like this even existed in the first place. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

But, after looking at this product, we can say that we have been missing out and that no future camping trip would be enjoyable without one. It even reclines and swings; we are saying to ourselves as we add to cart!

For your fishies

All of the aquarium hobbyists and fish keepers out there are about to lose their minds when they take a look at what we have below. Nothing adds to the beauty of your house as much as a beautiful and well-maintained fish tank.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

For hobbyists, it’s all about keeping the aquarium clean and beautiful. But when said hobbyist happens to be a gamer as well, and they add a pinch of creativity to that, you get ideas like these! Combining two passions to create Mario’s Waterworld!

Say what?

We only have two words for this beautiful creation: Dreamy and Content. It’s as if a bed and a sofa had a baby, and the kid turned out to be the ultimate relaxation station with the best traits of both! You can sit, you can recline, and you will for sure be late for work regularly with this in your life.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Let’s see what all this couch has to offer. Okay, so, firstly, we can see that there are charging points, which is great! Then, there’s a place for you to keep books, there’s a small table and a cup holder, and even a built-in speaker system. Sold!

Weekend getaway

Talking again about weekend getaways here is perhaps the best one for couples and families. It’s literally a floating dock with a fire pit in the center. You can see how it looks its best during the evening hours. It’s just wonderful.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

But, if you want to enjoy something like this, it would help if you have a lake, or at least an artificial water body of considerable size near to you; you obviously won’t be getting that included with the dock and the fire pit.

Jurassic office

“Jurassic” is the appropriate word since that’s what the vibe of the office would be like if they considered swapping the yoga balls and the regular office chairs with dinosaur chairs. Come to think of it, it might also give out a light-hearted vibe in the office, which is good!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

When you look at this photo, it feels as if these guys are in an amusement park instead of an office. They don’t even look like they’re working on something serious! In our opinion, swapping out normal chairs with would be a great way to boost office morale as well. We mean, who wouldn’t want to work while sitting on an aqua dinosaur.

And it begins

We know this post is really confusing because we can’t really seem to understand if it is a meme or it’s an actual product. If you ask us, it’s a meme of a product that is available from Odditymall. Considering the COVID-19 precautions that are still in place in certain countries, this product could be pretty handy for the cold winter months.

Image courtesy of rajkhatsuriya/ Reddit

Your ears and your body will stay relatively warm during the winter when you step out of your house. Also, all that will be happening while keeping you safe from nasty germs and viruses. One product does all of it. The only downside is that it looks hilarious.

10/10 for comfort

Most dog owners out there will admit to having thought about sleeping in their dog’s bed at least once. There’s only one reason behind that thought. Their beds look so comfy! Their beds are circular and usually made of materials that look so fluffy!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Well, we don’t need to feel guilty about taking over Fido’s bed anymore since it is possible to get a giant dog bed made for humans! No matter how weird it sounds, it’s still an innovative invention, and we know there will be a high demand for this product.

Extra protection

Camping is a great way to enjoy nature, but that means that we will need to deal with the annoying parts of nature too, mainly we mean bugs and mosquitos. Keeping all of the pesky critters at bay can sometimes get quite tedious.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

If you have this thing with you, keeping you and your loved ones bite-free will be easy. It’s great that this camper has an inflatable awning that allows you to enjoy only the parts of nature that don’t have stings and toxins that could potentially ruin your whole trip.

Humor on point

Have you ever come across a scented candle that’s funny? It does seem a bit of a stretch, but it actually exists. This product is precisely the kind of thing that you would want to stock up on when you see them.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

That joke on the candle’s cover does the job, and we’re sure that these would make an awesome hint to send to someone who might be working on your last nerve. We suggest buying them in bulk for just such occasions.

Dog Seat

Since 2020, many of us have gotten very used to working from the comfort of our own homes. And now, a couple of years later, most people and their pets still would choose to work from their homes instead of sitting in their cubicles at their offices. So, while working from home, it is necessary to have the right set -up.

Image courtesy of Simone Glertz/YouTube and Facebook/ Odditymall

It should have a calm vibe for you to focus on, and it should have everything that you need to do your work. There shouldn’t be any distractions. While working at home, pets could be your biggest distraction since they get needy at times. That’s where this chair steps in to make things better!

Creativity at its best

Frankly speaking, this product is definitely not one of those products that you badly need for your kitchen. But then again, when you look at how those mugs are dangling precariously from the tentacles, only one question comes to mind, and that is:

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

The question is, after looking at the visuals, can you stop yourself from buying yourself one of those? If yes, then good, but we’re sure we won’t be hearing a lot of yes answers for that. That’s also the reason why this product makes it onto this list.

Talk about social distancing?

During COVID-19, many of us came up with unique ways to keep in touch with our friends. Social media was, of course, one of the biggest tools for keeping the love alive, but we’re talking about the next-level creative approaches here.

Image courtesy of@marts1977/ Twitter

Many neighbors talked to each other from their balconies, and many might have even met each other while maintaining the required 6ft distance. But these neighbors really used their creativity to great potential! They made counters from their fence for being able to drink together while following the social distancing protocols!


“No amount of money or fame matters if you’re not at peace with yourself.” This quote is perhaps one of the most hard-hitting quotes ever. Irrespective of how rich or famous you get, peace and happiness are what a person really needs.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

The person who got this miniature river made for himself must be rather happy and peaceful indeed. Although the construction of that lazy river would have cost a lot, it’s nothing in comparison to the other two structures in terms of size. In terms of giving out a peaceful vibe? We think he is a winner of the zen award.

Trampoline hangout

Ladies and gents, here is a trampoline tent cover that is just amazing because it lets your kids camp out freely in your backyard. We think that’s probably the best camping-related invention for kids. We feel like our childhood was lost without one of these in our backyards.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

But, we also think that it’s as perfect as it looks, and we do see some drawbacks. Although the interior is beautiful,it’s still a trampoline. Sure, there’s a bean bag, blankets, couch, and whatnot, but they’re children, and everyone would be woken up if just one kid needed to run into the house for a bathroom break.

Halloween earplugs

These things are called octopus earplugs, but we think “Halloween earplugs” would be a better name, and if not that, it would at least be a nice alias! Because think about it, wearing these earplugs on a normal day while you’re at college or work would just look a little silly.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

But it would look really cool if you wear these to a Halloween party or even when you’re going trick-or-treating. The design of this product seems really cool, and for some reason, it also looks like something that an immigrant from Men In Black would wear.

Dresser in disguise

Firstly, from the looks of it, this “dresser” has a lot of space. There are four levels, and because the dresser is so wide, you can store a lot of stuff in there. It would make a perfect hiding place for valuables, as to the unsuspecting eye, it looks like nothing more than a pile of planks.

Image courtesy ofAllridium/ Reddit

We don’t even know if the hiding of valuables was what the designer was thinking when this creation was brought to life, but its frankly a genius solution to avoid theft. However, cleaning and dusting that dresser is going to be difficult because of the design, and it will surely accumulate a lot of dust.

Thermometer in disguise

Pool thermometers are really essential tools for obvious reasons. So, getting one of those is a must if you have a pool or if you maintain pools. If you want to be a bit quirky or creative with that, take a look at this product.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

You can see that this thermometer looks like someone did a number two in the pool. So, it would freak people out, and if the goal is to prevent people from going in the water, this would be the way to go. So, if you ever want to prank somebody, this stool-like thermometer would be ideal!

Camping crocs

It’s true that these Crocs don’t look as aesthetically pleasing as the normal ones, (and no one can truly say that Crocs are attractive in the first place, ) but these Crocs are of great use if you ever go camping. As you can see, they come with inbuilt tools for survival, which is honestly a good thing.

Image courtesy of blursedimages/Reddit and Facebook/ Odditymall

The only downside of this product is that they are still Crocs. It’s true that Crocs are good for camping, but if you’re one of those people who are more fashion-forward, these might not be ideal. Call them the Swiss Army Knives of Shoewear, and it might help them sit a bit more comfortably.


Well, yes. This product is innovative because come on, edible masks weren’t a thing. But, how is it useful? These, as you can see, are tortilla masks. That’s an 8-pack. If you just look at the nutritional aspects, it’s pretty good since it’s low in calories, fats, and sugar.

Image courtesy of blursedimages/Reddit and Facebook/ Odditymall

If we’re wearing a mask, it’s going to be on our noses and mouths for the time we are outside of our homes. With an edible mask, the person wearing it is going to have a mess on his mouth within a few minutes after wearing the mask. Also, there won’t be any face protection. All we can say to this is euuwww.

What do you think?

For this one, we’ll just let you do the thinking and decision-making for yourself. Apparently, you can get these if you don’t have time to polish your toenails and you want them to look good. Honestly, this doesn’t look any good either.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

These just don’t fit on the feet correctly and make the toes and toenails look disfigured, and would draw more attention than unpolished toes. Also, what about those people who just don’t care about polishing their toenails? Toenails that are clean but don’t have nail polish on them can look good, too. Well, that’s our opinion. You can make up your own mind.


If this product is a joke then we would feel relief, yes, that was a pun, because if it’s legit, we’re at a loss of words. Firstly, what’s an organic seat cover? It’s rhetorical because what good is it going to do to you? How is the grass going to grow?

Iamge courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

There are many more questions, but if it’s real grass, isn’t it going to be all unsanitary after usage? Whenever you sit on it, you’ll feel the dirt, water, and of course, grass. We don’t think anybody would want all of that. This product, although really creative, is a hard pass in our books.

For the arachnophiles

Have you heard of the term arachnophobia? It is the term for the fear of spiders. Similarly, an arachnophile is a person who loves spiders, and we believe that an arachnophile is probably the only person who’d love this bed and not wake up in the early hours screaming.

Image courtesy of r/ATBGE/ Reddit

People with arachnophobia should probably skip this one. This bed sheet looks like it has three spiders on it. So, the design guy should get the credits for that. This is the stuff nightmares are made of, and we cannot imagine getting any rest under there. Another no from us.

This into that

If you’re getting confused looking at the picture, let us make things simple for you. That’s a device that turns your burrito droppings into tacos, and that’s why the caption says that the person eating is living in the future.

Image courtesy of J4CKMULL/ Twitter and Facebook/ Odditymall

We hope you don’t take this one seriously because this one is kind of a joke, that too, a really funny one. It’s just a funnel. When you eat burritos and the insides of it drop down on the plate, they go through the funnel and land in the tortilla, thus making a taco.


Although this creation isn’t so epic as the ones we’ve seen earlier, it surely makes your life way easier. Organizing stuff always makes things more simple, no matter where you are in life. On top of that, organizing stuff in the fridge with these bags makes the fridge look so beautiful from the inside!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

These Ziploc bags and racks for arranging the food items in a fridge are really cool, and it also brings out the curious and excited child inside of you! It’s true that it’s a lot of plastic, but you can always wash it and reuse it. 

Camper’s heaven

If you’re a camper, this thing could be the endgame for you. Behold, the Sealander. As you can see, it’s a compact yet stunning camper trailer. It stays on land but stays afloat on the water as well. It also looks pretty neat from the inside.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Campers are always looking for novel and new products to heighten the experience. We think that their search for such a product comes to an end here. It’s because this thing is like something out of a James Bond movie.

Jenga shots

If you have these Jenga blocks, you’ll be enjoying one of the best Jenga games of your life. Sure, they are huge, so it will be a lot of fun, but if you look closer, you can see the highlight of this product. There are hidden Jello shots inside the blocks!

Facebook/ Odditymall

The best part is that you need to take those shots when you pull the block. We can only imagine what happens if you pull the block and they all fall down. In that case, do you have to take all the shots or not? If those are the rules you decide to play with, some Asprin hidden in one of those openings might not be a bad idea.

Looks pretty good

This tent can house up to 20 people at a time, and as you can see, it has multiple private bedroom compartments. There is also a front porch! We think this tent would be the #1 thing on your list if you’re going for a family trip in the wilderness.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

From the inside, it all looks amazing, but it also feels as if it’s a bit cramped up in there. From the top view, you can see that only one person is sleeping in each of those compartments, but we should probably reserve proper judgment until we try it for ourselves!

Buzz buzz

Beekeepers, this product is the one you have been waiting for. Although we aren’t beekeepers, we can clearly see how helpful such a product can be for those who are in this hobby and for those who want to help save these little essential creatures.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Thanks to this product because indoor beekeeping would be a breeze with the help of the entry tube. But, the construction needs to be on point, and every other safety parameter needs to be checked off. We can’t imagine the situation if something breaks off or comes loose.

As futuristic as it can get

Without even getting into the futuristic features of this product, we can say that it looks amazing. Anybody who has seen this thing for the first time would say that it’s definitely some hi-tech product. And, yes, it pretty much is!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Firstly, this tent has a heated floor. So, bye-bye cold floors! This feature was more than enough to sell itself, but guess what? It doesn’t end there. There’s a phone charger and WiFi. To top it all off, it lights up at night!

Artificial arms

Those are apparently called T-Rex arms for chickens, and although we don’t see the point of this product, it’s definitely hilarious. A chicken walking around while wearing these arms is definitely going to look like a cute little dinosaur.

Image courtesy of blursedimages/ Reddit

The chicken in this image certainly doesn’t look like the happiest chicken, but those arms do look fetching on it. We think this chicken wasn’t in the mood for wearing those T-Rex arms. Maybe a friendlier chicken would be a more suitable model.

Needed or not?

This product tells us that the future is indeed here. We don’t know if this product was needed or not, but nonetheless, it’s an interesting idea and there would be curious people lining up to get one of these for themselves!

Image courtesy of DidntKnowIWantedThat/Reddit

It’s definitely not something you’d want to use every day unless you were on a diet. Seeing how much lighter you are right after you’re done doing your business could make people really curious. So, all in all, good product.

Aesthetics on point

This aquarium is perhaps one of the most beautiful designs we have ever come across. It’s huge, and it looks really well maintained. On top of that, it’s all under the sink, which is the creative highlight here and adds a unique element to this kitchen.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

So, it all looks amazing, everything is complementing everything, but we had a question. Aquariums need to be cleaned every now and then, and it’s a tedious process. So, from where does a person clean this aquarium? Also, how exhausting is it going to be?

#1 on the winter essentials list

As you can see, this creative invention goes from being a spa to a swim-up bar. This product isn’t the most ingenious thing around, and let us just put it out that these things have been available for a fair amount of time already

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

But, it’s a bit confusing because if a person is sitting on one of the bar stools in the image, and there’s a swimming area inside, where’s the bartender? Does the bartender have to swim around in there? If yes, won’t it be a little difficult to throw a cocktail shaker?

All in one

Most bathrooms have all of the things that you can see in this image, but it’s not all cramped up and rolled into one, and for good hygienic reasons. So, if you’re claustrophobic, maybe this product isn’t the best one for you. This mini-bathroom hasn’t been all cramped up for no reason.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

If you have no time at all, this product is for you. As you can see, You can shave, brush your teeth, shower, and do your business all at once. Not literally at once, but we think you’ll be saving a few minutes here and there. But we think even the most time-savvy people out there wouldn’t see this as an advantage.

Gamer’s paradise

We know all the gamers reading this will be searching for this product once they’re done. Just look at this thing. Even non-gamers would want to get a bed like this for relaxation. There’s literally everything here! Once you’re settled, you won’t need to get up for anything!

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

We think that the person buying it would be setting up the PCs. There’s a place for you to keep your phone, controllers, and even headphones! There are stands for keeping food and energy drinks as well. This would’ve been the best product ever if there were a mini-fridge in there too.

Let that sink in

For everybody who says that we live in a small world, we’d like to contradict that thought. We think we’re living in a humongous world where literally everything is available. There are so many things that have never even crossed our minds, but somewhere out there, they do exist.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

This product is the biggest example of such things. This stroller, as you can read, lets you take your plant for a walk around the town. We’ll give you a moment to process that. Now, we think that photograph has been taken for advertising purposes. We do have one important question, though. Why?


Have you ever seen those videos of huge cars, vans, and buses that have everything in them? Those are basically motorhomes, and there’s every convenience included for you to live comfortably. But, you’d have to pay a lot of money to get one of these bad boys.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Here is a motorhome that costs a whopping $1.7 million. As you can see, it’s a bus, and it has a whole garage where you can store your BMW i8. But, from the looks of it, the garage seems a bit of a squeeze. 

Cutest bag ever

We bet you won’t find a bag cuter than this one. This cat backpack comes with arms and legs! So, no matter how you wear or prop up your bag, you are sure to grab a lot of attention, and maybe a few worried stares as well. This takes realism to a whole new place.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

Honestly, we don’t know what to say about this item; while it’s kind of cute on the one hand, it is definitely more than kind of disturbing on the other. We would be worried that someone would call the SPCA on us, and are reaching the decision, that this item isn’t worth the risk.

Mixed opinions

You can pretty much see what’s happening here. If you have a jeep, you can now get a hammock that could be a good cover as well. Firstly, open jeeps are amazing. Secondly, the vantage point from up there would be epic.

Image courtesy of Facebook/ Odditymall

The good part is that you could rest on the top with this hammock and watch the world go by. So, if you want to do that, then this product would be an amazing fit for you, and we suggest you add it to your cart right now.