Biggest Football Rivalries

By Toby T

One major thing about football is the intense competition that may exist between clubs or nations due to location, history, and sometimes political leanings. Therefore, games between such teams are usually marked with intense passion and tension that can be exhilarating to watch. This article considers some of the oldest and biggest football rivalries. 

Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid 

Image courtesy of Javier Buckenmeyer/Shutterstock

The famed El-Classico is perhaps the biggest rivalry that exists in the world of football. The battle between the two biggest teams in Spain, and indeed in the world, is one of the most-watched games in the world, at a time, only behind the Champions League Final. The period between 2009-2015 probably saw the Classico at its hottest due to the presence of Messi and Ronaldo. Furthermore, political divides between Catalonia and Spain increase the game’s intensity. 

Brazil Vs. Argentina

Image courtesy of A.PAES/Shutterstock

Both countries are South American footballing giants, and the rivalry between them is purely born out of football, with no serious political tensions. Both nations have produced some of the game’s finest, and fans of both countries especially hate losing to the other—the Pele Vs. Maradona debate also contributes to the rivalry between them. 

Inter Millan Vs. Ac Millan 

This rivalry between the Milan teams is one of the most followed rivalries in the world. Both teams have produced great players and have had such intense clashes that players of both sides have refused to play for Italy. 

Other Top Rivalries include: