40 Office-Inappropriate Mugs That Are More Revitalizing Than The Caffeine They Contain

By Aileen D

If you want to survive a corporate job, then you have to learn how to strike a balance between work and lightheartedness. You have to keep your head down and finish the tasks you’re assigned within the deadlines set. But at the same time, you want to be acknowledged for feats done at the workplace. Try to stay clear of office gossip, or worse, being the subject of it. Try not to date anyone at the office, try to stay level-headed, and most importantly, refrain from bringing inappropriate desk decor. You would get the attention of your boss, alright, but all for the wrong reasons. But if you’re looking for ways to pass the time, then having s***mugs like these could help you stay sane. Things might not get any worse off than this… at least, hopefully.

All images in this article are courtesy of sh*tmugsatwork on Instagram.

Mice Wordplay

This is perfect for those who love phrases that play on words. Simply ring the shop, place an order, and state how many you would like and just what color you would like them in. Then wait for these adorable mugs to be delivered to your front step.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

“You have a mice day now!” The woman that had placed her order, hands over a wad of bills to the courier. “Bye bye!” She waves her hand while the other arm secures the box of mugs with this family of mice on them.

One Mug, Two Functions

At first glance, this mug seems innocent enough. It’s cute. Others might even call it cheeky and childish. But wait until you see the bottom. There’s a good reason why this mug was designed to look the way it does.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Now, you wouldn’t have to choose. You can fill it to the brim with any drink to slake your thirst. If you’re not feeling parched, you could puff some herbs with it. It’s the perfect accessory to take with you when you’re on the road.

Us Everyday

We never said that we were morning people. We don’t understand why people would expect otherwise. How is it our fault if we find the sun too bright for our taste in the morning? Even the thought of it puts is in a sour mood.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

But noooo. Despite our warning, people have to cheerily greet us with a “good morning” or peck a kiss on our cheeks. Isn’t sunlight bad enough? Do people really have to push us over the edge? The nerve of them!

Literally, A Crappy Mug

Don’t you hate it when people use your cup? Whether you’re a germaphobe or are just particular about your stuff, everyone hates a mug thief. This person was tired of losing their cup, so they created this! It should cause people to lose their appetite.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Top it off with some choco-mallows to get the perfect drink — warm to touch and sweet to taste. Of course, no one would dare to drink from your mug, especially with semi-solids floating in them. They might just use your mug to barf in.

Just Your Luck

We had been engaging in this hobby way before we found out what it was called. Birders — that’s what a group of people who watch birds as a pastime are called. You could learn just how many species there are, by their songs, calls, looks, and even poop.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

But given that we’re only new to this hobby, we can’t tell whodunnit. We had taken a sip out of this mug and happened to look down at it because it tasted funny. It’s official folks. Now, we’re bird watchers!

Got A Friend In Him

As much as we hate having our age given away, there’s no denying that E.T. is one of the best films there are. A lovable extraterrestrial accidentally left on the planet manages to befriend a young lad named Elliott. Just what would have happened if he fell into the wrong hands?

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Like the government? If that happened, there wouldn’t be an E.T. asking us to phone home. There would only be bits and pieces of him in bottles and test tubes. Oh, and his lovely skull would be displayed for everyone to see.

If Edmure Tully Had A Mug

Before its last season, Game of Thrones was one of the best fantasy series we could ever hope for. There was magic, dragons, and white walkers to keep you in the loop. Oh, and that Red Wedding — George Martin had shown that even the main protagonists aren’t safe from butchery.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Now, if Edmure Tully had been born in this day and age, we could imagine him sipping from this mug. “There’s glory to go around!” He waves his mug and its alcoholic content sloshes to the rims. It’s never too early for a drink in his world.

It’s Britney, Bisch!

Despite her success, Britney has proved to us that life in the public eye isn’t as glamorous as it seems. She was hounded by the paparazzi and hated by “fans.” With little to no privacy, it was easy to understand why she had a massive breakdown, after shaving her head in 2007.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

But if Britney was able to survive that meltdown, then we’re certain you can too. We now see the idol piecing together fragments of her life, and being a responsible mom to her kids. We also see her finding better ways to cope. So will you!

The Deep Unknown

Just when we thought that scientists didn’t have a sense of humor, we came across this mug. The OP’s uncle had received it when he toured Space Australia. And ever since then, he had been genuinely interested in the deep unknown.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Oh, you bet he wanted to explore it. He bought all kinds of items, most of which we can’t find the words to describe. If we had known more about the deep unknown, we would have probably been as fixated as he was on uncovering its secrets.

Small and Perky

One guy threw a damp towel across his friend’s face. “Race you to it!” He dashed out of the house as the other tugged at the towel slack against his face. “Where are you going?” He yells. He could hear his friend faintly, “to see some tits!

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

And at the sound of that, this young man hurriedly tugged the towel off. He rushed to the backyard where he found his friend looking frantically left and right. “Where, where?” His friend pointed at a tree where a crested tit with its pale buff breast perched.

Doesn’t Sense, Make Any

Here is one thing we have learned about ordering a customized mug. Check to see if the guy understood your request. It would be a shame to wait for a month, only to receive a mug with a cryptic message like this.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

We don’t know whether to recommend that this guy take up a design or a grammar course. To make matters worse, he had made hundreds of these. And the only way you could correct the typo was to hurl it against the wall and correctly piece it together.

Need A New Prescription

This woman had been getting more and more migraines recently. She had been getting enough sleep so she didn’t know what might be causing it. With her patience wearing thin, she sought consultation. Within minutes, her doctor wrote her this prescription.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Looking at him again, she shook her head. “No, you’ve got to give me something stronger.” Her doctor explains, “this is strong enough.” She fumes and rises to her feet. She leaves her doctor staring at her and she decides to get a second opinion.

Hold the Sugar

Who would have thought that, without making changes to your diet, you could gain weight drinking only fraps and ice cold coffees? As soon as he heard that Starbucks filled tumblers and mugs, he placed an order handing this bad boy over the counter. “Hold the sugar, will you?

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

I’m trying to lose some weight.” The barista looks stoically at him. But underneath the mask, a grin was starting to form. The barista quickly spins around to place the mug on the counter and prepare his Caffe Misto. All the while, this badboi stands there, reminding him not to add extra sugar.

Never Satisfied

To date, Bruce Lee is one of the most commendable martial artists and screenwriters. Reports claim that he clocked in a punch at 190 kilometers per hour and that he can do over 200 two-finger press-ups. So it’s no wonder he still has so many fans.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

When you help yourself to another serving of coffee, remember what Bruce Lee said, “be happy, but never satisfied.” Those cravings are understandable. Just one mug of coffee is never enough to satiate anyone’s caffeine-driven mind. So go ahead, brew yourself another pot.

Found Him

Remember this 2003 film? As kids, we couldn’t count how many times we rewatched it. Our parents had to throw away the DVDs just to keep us from doing so. But after watching those first few minutes, we just had to know what happened to Nemo!

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Instead of finding him in the aquarium at the dentist’s office, we found his face plastered over this coffee mug. He smiles shyly at us, tricking us into releasing him back into the ocean. Not this time, Nemo. Marlin is on his way to get you.

You Wanna Talk About Mother

Men can be as coarse and rude all they like, but interestingly enough, they are very protective of their mothers. This guy nearly threw a punch at his childhood friend. Fortunately enough, the other ducked in time. What had been the cause? Why, this mug!

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

His friend sneers. “Yep, read her bio. It said…” The guy threw another punch. This time it landed on his friend’s jaw. For the next half hour, all you could hear were grunts, furniture breaking, and heavy breathing. And all because of this mug!

The Neanderthal Espresso Machine

If you’re wondering what to give a friend who’s into sci-fi and space travel, then worry no more. This mug will use the Force to get your hand to click “buy” online. Give your friend this customized mug that could hold freshly brewed coffee; though it’s more fit for tea…

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

*Machine incessantly squawks.* In any case, R2-D2 should be able to help you satisfy your needs. This astromech droid can extinguish burnt dishes, clean your dirty espresso machine and even resuscitate it after you’ve written it off as broken. Time for some R2-Tea2!

Leave Foxes Alone

The Brits sure have weird hobbies. Many of them engage in fox hunting. Reports say that it has been around since the 1400s as an adjunct to hunting stags and rabbits. Although it has lost its popularity, those who do hunt say it’s a form of “pest control.”

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

But the only pest that we see, is this very mug. We think that outdated things should be dispensed with. In this day and age, we can hardly call foxes pests, nor can we consider mugs like these as works of art.

Should Grow!

Try as we might, we had never been any good at growing plants. Even if we were given succulents, they would either wither away or die from excess water. But finally, we managed to grow one vegetable in our lonely garden.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

It’s just that you won’t be able to harvest it. At the very most, you could drink from this cute mug, or give is a present to a loved one. We’re sure that they would love the idea of growing their garden of mugs.

Water Therapy

A lot of people may not know it, but one common cause of headaches is dehydration. People just don’t drink enough glasses of water each day. This woman intends to remedy that, by drinking from this ceramic jug. It should do the job!

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

The beauty of this pitcher is that you could place some leaves in it, pour hot water and allow it to steep. Alternatively, you could make a fresh pitcher of lemonade. Whatever you use it for, this hefty mug is unlikely to break any time soon.

Grab That

If you are wondering what to give your significant other, your search is over! We have come up with a mug with the perfect message for him or her. Make sure to take a picture of them while they read this cute text. We’re sure they’ll break into a grin.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

With all that junk in their trunk, who wouldn’t want to avo piece of dat hass? While you’re at it, brew them some coffee or make some tea. Set a plate of biscuits by the side and have a little laugh over this well-meaning text.

Itching to Scream

We may not have been able to do much stuff with our gramps and nana, but we can fondly remember accompanying them to Bingo night! Mom would announce the numbers, while dad would hand off the prizes. And our baby brother, well he would be itching to scream…

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

We may not be able to play as often as we did, but we have mugs like these to remind us every once in a while to do so. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Blocking off those numbers can get your heart racing.

So Theroux That Phase

Many know him as the softspoken TV presenter on BBC. He has made a dozen of documentaries about taboo subcultures and even the justice system. But lately, he has made waves on Tiktok because of his (cringe) rap. Remember about his money not jigglin?

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

We are glad that Theroux is theroux rapping. To be fair, his rap of it a decade after is better than his performance in early 2000s Weird Weekends. Despite this face-palm performance, Louis is one of Britan’s most beloved icons.

“Give Me 20!”

These pals have different plans for the weekend. One intends to build muscle whereas the other intends to grow a belly. Since both treasure their friendship, they have come up with this lovely compromise. Would you ever consider doing both?

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

For every five squats, both pals get to take a shot. Since both are heavyweights when it comes to alcohol, they are able to perform about 200 squats before throwing in the towel. They feel like lurching towards the toilet.

Take It As A Sign

This man hurriedly wrapped the mug in paper and then shoved it inside a box. He hailed a taxi and gave the driver his uncle’s address. In 15 minutes, he steps off the cab, heads to the porch, and rings the doorbell. There, he hands over his gift.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

If Alcoholics Anonymous won’t work, then this might. His drunkard of an uncle curiously peers at the face. “Why do I see double?” His eyes narrow as he stares at the mug, then back at his nephew. “That means enough alcohol for the day!

Out of Cage

This man looked after this bird after it landed on his porch. It had broken one of its wings. This man tended to the bird and gave it food for over two weeks. Once he had seen this bird’s wings had healed, he set it free.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

But in those two weeks, it seems like he had been able to domesticate this bird. It wouldn’t leave him. Instead, it chirped contentedly as if to ask if there was room for one more critter in the house. There are lots!


We would have never imagined that data could be transferred at such speeds today, but there’s a good reason to pine for outdated computer models. They were sturdier. Take this PC set that was used to house a collection of pens.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Alternatively, you could use this PC set to steep some teabags in. If you have had a rough week, you can place a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream inside it too. Maybe that’s what this PC needs to bring it back to life.

More Milk?

Everyone in this household has a love for milk. It’s a bitter battle to see who will get the last drop. While preparing himself some coffee, this man turned around to hear where the snicker had come from. “More milk?” This cup asked incredulously. “We can see where it’s all headed.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

This man covers his tummy ashamedly. Good thing there was no one else in the room. But this mug bore witness to his humiliation. “Don’t you dare think about it,” the mug sneered, “put a cap on it and put that jug back in the fridge.” The man does as he’s told.

Beauty On the Inside

We are certain you have a perfectionist co-worker. We know you dislike him/her, but you can give them this gift as a little trick. We’re sure this will infuriate them, and you can laugh at their expense. Take a look for yourself.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Make sure to wear a sincere, placating smile. “It’s the thought that counts.” Give them a pat on the back and tie it off with a half-hearted compliment. “Just thought this would appeal to your nature.” Then head off to your desk, committing their reaction to memory.

A Kick of Epinephrine

His job only affords him four hours of sleep every night. To help him get through the day, he relies on five to eight cups of coffee for a kick of epinephrine. This morning, he hadn’t even finished his drink when he was abruptly woken up.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Who would have thought that having a spider in your coffee would be more effective than caffeine? Not only did this man’s eyes widen, but his newfound spidey sense was tingling. Do you reckon he might be able to shoot webs out of his wrists?

No Time For Breakfast

We can tell just how much of a workaholic this guy is from the looks of this mug. Instead of coffee, it is filled to the brim with pork and beans, and a lone hotdog. He gobbles it down, sets the mug to the side, and resumes his work.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

It may not look like it but that was probably healthier than most of the meals kids eat nowadays. With just one serving of this, this man manages to get through the day, filing papers and taking calls. Would you ever consider having your breakfast served like this?

Pair them With Buns

This man likes to play jokes on his co-workers. He saw this mug and thought to bring it to the office. During the break, he filled this mug with water, turned the mug around making sure everyone could read it, and then drank as loudly as he could.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

One co-worker laughed so hard juice spurted out of her nose. Another stared mouth agape until the bite of burger fell from her mouth. One was visibly insulted while the others just shook their heads. “Nothing to be embarrassed about.” This man winked.

Bitter Roast

After hours of work, these two lovebirds decide to take a little break. She heads over to the kitchen to prepare snacks for both of them. She asks her boyfriend just how he would like his coffee. He shows her this.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Not too strong then.” She makes sure to roast the beans longer. Then she grinds them. In a couple of minutes, she places a tray of food on the desk and hands him his cup. “I brewed it just to your liking!”

After You Stay At Her Place For A Week

It’s safe to say that most women get more easily attached than men. Spend a week at her place and she will end up looking like this. One hand circled around your leg, and the other grasping a metal beam; she will refuse to let you go.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Being the McDreamy that you are, even her dog will be in it, siding with her at this. He will paw at you to stay a couple of days more, just so you can feed her treats. Don’t bother leaving. She has hidden the suitcase somewhere.

Just Following Orders

If we could give this mug to anyone in the family, we would hand it to our youngest sibling. That kid can weasel his way out of anything. Once when we had asked him to prepare half a cup of coffee for us, he came, mug in hand with barely anything in it, saying…

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

And as usual, he was right. We could do nothing but fill the mug to the brim with hot water because we hadn’t anytime to brew ourselves a fresh pot. We hurry to our laptop and carry on with our work.

Rare and Highly Valued

For their grunt work, therapists deserve to be recognized. They sit patiently, helping you unweave your complex life narrative. Then they will ask a couple of questions to help you reframe your view of things. Now that we’re thinking about it, therapists are…

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

…highly valuable creatures. We’ll just refer to them as a whole instead of commending someone exclusively. To be fair, any therapist could easily turn into a hind-kicking mule if they listen to someone vent for long enough. But for the most part, they’re amazing individuals.

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom

This mom and her son have a shared love for the grotesque. So when this man came across this mug at an exhibition, he thought to buy it for his mom. “So how about we rewatch the movie, for old time’s sake?

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

They had a pint of ice cream and some buttered popcorn to munch on during the movie. Despite having watched it several times, his mom would end up screaming most of the film. Next up, the feature flick starring Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

Fill Her Up

We have got another giver. This man arrives at his girlfriend’s house, gifts in hand, and waits for her to open the door. He asks that she open one particular box first. She asks “what’s so special about this.” He cocks his head and says “well, that’s what you look like.”

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

She can’t help but break into a bought of laughter. She looks at him and back at the mug,” I do not!” She returns the mug to him. “Oh yes, you do!” He takes her hand and leads her out of the kitchen. “Now, how about we fill her up?

Never Too Early

People in this household have a unique way of waking everyone up. You won’t hear roosters crowing or alarm clocks going off in the early morn. You will hear a quaint ringing from a bicycle chime as a sign that it’s time for you to get out of bed.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Of course, people tighten their robes and shuffle their way to the kitchen. There they will groggily rub their eyes and then ask for a mug of tea. Mom will pour milk first before pouring tea in. Then she will serve you a platter of eggs.

Takes the Biscuit

As if things weren’t bad enough, the UK chose to withdraw from the European Union. A lot of people suffered from Brexit blues, claiming that they hadn’t been getting enough sleep thinking about the consequences of Brexit. As the Brits would put it, this really takes the biscuit.

Source: s***mugsatwork/Instagram

Here, we thought that Europe was composed mainly of London. Without it, just what was the European Union, and how would the UK function on its own? All we know is that it is too early to tell whether this move is a success or a failure.