All-Time Top 5 Best Female Bikers

By Eric M

Even when men dominate numerous sports, it is evident that females are beginning to carve themselves successful careers in the same fields and gaining significant recognition. In the motorsport and motorcycling industry, female bikers have been throwing phenomenal performances and have begun gaining some attention. Here’s a roundup of the all-time top five best female bikers based on their success on the track.

Ana Carrasco

Image credits: Francesc Juan / Shutterstock

Ana Carrasco was the only female competitor in Moto GP when she was 17 in 2014. The Kalex KTM rider in Moto 3 disclosed that her love for bikes started when she was only 3. Afterward, Ana advanced to the Spanish MiniGP and later to the Spanish 125 Championship in her early teenage years.

Ana Carrasco made her Kalvo KTM team debut in 2013 and was the only female biker to earn points in Moto3 later that year at the age of 16.

Maria Costello

Maria Costello previously owned the Guinness World record of the fastest female rider from Isle of Man TT as she clocked an average lap speed of around 114km/hr. The record was broken in 2009 by Jenny Tinmouth. The English biker lit the track on the challenging sport’s most brutal days.

Jenny Tinmouth

Jenny Tinmouth is the only female rider to make it through to the end of the British Superbike Championship. She broke Maria Costello’s Record of the fastest Isle of Man TT female biker in 2009. She later smashed her record in 2010 by hitting an average lap speed of 119.45km/hr.

Jenny is the current holder of the world record, as no other female biker has been capable of beating it.

Image credits: Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB / Shutterstock

Jane Daniels

Jane Daniels was only beaten by Laia Sanz in 2013’s Enduro World Cup, after which she beat the champion in the final race. She started 2014 in high spirits and finished second in the WEWC’s first Spanish round. She has, since then, been regarded as one of the greatest UK female bikers and is expected to scale to greater career heights.

Elena Myers

Elena Myers has numerous accomplishments and awards to her name. She was the first lady to win the Daytona International Speedway Motorsport race in 2012. She was also the first female to win the US {2010 Infineon Supersport 600cc race.