40 Symbols That Are Hidden Right In Front Of Us In Everyday Products

By Jishnu B

People of the 21st century are creatures of habits. They wake up, eat, work, sleep — it’s an endless cycle of rinse and repeat. Although our ages, professions, and personal views differ, we still have our own respective lifestyles that follow a routine, whether it’s intentional or not. There is a pattern even to irregularity.

However, we must always remember — routine dulls your senses. The comfort of rinse and repeat often blinds us and we don’t even know it. For example, those who drink soda regularly do not feel the need to check the bottle. But there is no need for it as they had purchased and consumed the product many times before. As a result, the consumer is completely missing the subtle things that are veiled in it. The goal of this article is to make you aware of the hidden symbols that are concealed in our everyday products.


Pinterest is the ultimate place for those who want to enjoy aesthetic photos yet refuse to indulge in toxic social media drama. Every month, the image-sharing site has 430 million active users. They differ from the other media by cataloging the photos on smaller scales and allowing the users to access them faster.

Image Credit: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock

Just like you would on an idea board, you “pin” the photo you like. In return, you’ll be suggested more photos like that in your feed. But even frequent users may not notice that the Pinterest logo is shaped like a pushpin, as an homage to their pins.

Subway Logo

You have probably heard of Subway, as it is one of the biggest fast food chains worldwide, with 37,540 locations in 100 countries. With the slogan of “Eat Fresh,” they aspire to serve their customers the freshest ingredients for their sandwiches.

Image Credit : monticello / Shutterstock

The logo design of Subway tells us a lot about the functional aspect of the fast food chain. They aim to deliver fresh yet quickly prepared meals. Thus, the “S” and the “Y” of the Subway logo have opposite-facing arrows, both pointing toward the establishment’s entrance and exit.


Beats manufactures some of the best headphones and speakers on the market. The company was founded by rapper Dr. Dre, and Apple later acquired it with 3 billion USD and stocks, making it the largest purchase of Apple to date. Clearly, Beats makes quality products if Apple is willing to spend such a sum.

Image Credit: Beats By Dre and Lucy Yang / Insider

The Beats logo — a simple white ‘B’ on a red circle — also reflects their company motto. However, if you look closely, it resembles a person wearing headphones. Looking closer, you might even see the smile on the red circle, which signifies Beats’ aim to deliver consumer satisfaction.

Hershey’s Kisses 

These are the sweetest of all kisses. First launched in 1907, Hershey’s kisses have been a beloved staple for chocolate lovers for over a century. The chocolate, which has a distinctive teardrop shape with a flat bottom, is very high in demand given that the company produces more than 70 million kisses daily.

Image Credit: SMR Chocolates / Facebook

The package of Hershey’s kisses has an extra kiss hidden in it. You won’t find it in the package, rather, it’s on the outside. Just look at the title printed on the packaging. Focus on the “K” and “I.” The negative space between the letters creates a vertical kiss with its conical shape.

Bread Ties

Bread is a staple in our diets (assuming you don’t have a gluten allergy). It’s literally one of the oldest foods in the world — the evidence of its existence dates back to 30,000 years ago. However, just like any other food, we must ensure it’s in edible condition.

Image Credit: duluthnewstribune.com

You should always check the expiry and manufacturing date to avoid health issues such as nausea, diarrhea, and cramps. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to check. The colored tag tied to the package has the manufactured date printed on it. That’ll help you gauge its freshness.


This one is not just a fun discovery, but it’s also a piece of knowledge that will save you from a multitude of health problems. We all use various beauty and skin care products. However, did you notice the little drawing of the half-opened container on the packaging? That is called P.A.O. (Period After Opening).

Image Credit: Chloe Pantazi / Insider.com

P.A.O. indicates how long you can use the product after opening the packaging. Usually, the drawing of the container will have a number and the letter ‘M’ printed on it. That indicates that the products are safe for human usage for the given number of months. For example, this one is safe for 24 months.


NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is well known for its flamboyant, six-colored peacock. They are often dubbed the “Peacock Network.” Throughout 96 years of existence, N.B.C. had gone through several corporate logos before permanently settling for the bright peacock, though they still modify it to match certain holidays.

Image Credit: Big Joe / Shutterstock

The colorful peacock logo speaks of N.B.C.’s proud history. The broadcasting media was credited for being on the front line of the color television program. They successfully brought color into the mainstream media and to the houses of the citizens. Thus, N.B.C. started donning the multicolored peacock as a homage to their past achievement.

U.S. Pennies 

The U.S. penny has very little value in the current inflated American market. However, it is still one of the oldest parts of the American currency, issued back in the time of President Abraham Lincoln. Throughout two hundred years of its existence, the penny had been redesigned quite a few times.

Image Credit: Albanymuseum

You may not see it first, as you will probably be distracted by Lincoln’s visage on the copper surface. However, if you check around Lincoln’s shoulder area, you’ll find a tiny V.D.B. stamped in there. The initials belong to Victor David Brenner, the sculptor who redesigned the penny in 1909.

Barber Poles

The history of barber poles dates back to the Middle Ages. However, the poles stood the test of time and are frequently seen in the modern barber and hairdresser establishments. They are distinguished by their rotating helix shape with white, blue, and red stripes.

Image Credit: Marcs Classic Barber Shop / YellowPages.com

Back in the medieval era, the common people were mostly illiterate, meaning they wouldn’t be able to read the signboard for barber shops. That’s why shop owners came up with the colored pole, which will help the people identify them. In the old days, barbers performed surgeries, hence the use of medical-related colors.

Coca-Cola — The Polar Bear with Secrets

There is no way you haven’t heard of this beverage giant. Invented 136 years ago, the carbonated soft drink stood the test of time and is currently the most popular drink worldwide. The company is worth a whopping $286 billion in 2022. The drink is sold worldwide, and they have more than 60 flavors.

Image Credit: Marc’s Classic Barber Shop / YellowPages.com

One of the biggest reasons behind Coca-Cola’s success is its ability to adapt quickly. They often modify their packaging for special occasions to keep things interesting. In the ’90s, they used cute polar bears as their mascot. Looking closer, you’ll notice the little coke bottle in the nose as well as the bottle cap-shaped eye.


It all began with Jeff Bezos in his humble garage full of his dreams. Amazon started off as an online bookstore. Within a few years, the company grew into a giant that provided nearly every single item and service imaginable. In 2022, Amazon is worth $1453.66 billion!

Image Credit: Tada Images / Shutterstock

The Amazon logo that we see today was designed 22 years ago. It’s just “amazon” written in simple white font, but the yellow arrow underneath carries a hidden meaning. Notice how the arrow went from “A” to “Z.” That alludes to Amazon’s aim to serve the customer everything — from A to Z.


Undoubtedly, Toyota is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. Every middle-class family you know probably owns their own trusty Toyota. The company made Toyota Corolla in 1966, which became the best-selling automobile ever worldwide. They manufactured and sold hundreds of millions of cars. Currently, their net worth is $282 billion.

Image Credit: caak.mn

Their logo is also quite famous. There are many varying guesses as to what the logo could be. Many say it looks like a cowboy hat. However, that had been debunked. The shapes represent the bond of trust between the company and the producers. However, the logo spells out Toyota as demonstrated in the photo.


Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in existence. They are the first company in the U.S.A. to be worth more than $1 trillion. Apple is highly praised for its innovative and stylish products, and owning one is a norm in western society. Currently, the company is worth $3 billion.

Image Credit: Christopher Hebert / International Data Group via macworld.com

Rob Yanov designed the iconic Apple logo that we see today. He was struck with inspiration after purchasing a bag of apples. The famous logo of an apple with a bite taken out of it was taken from “bytes,” a crucial unit in the tech world.


Unilever is the parent company that owns many renowned brands such as Dove, Ben & Jerry’s, Lifebuoy, Sunsilk, Knorr, and many more. The multinational company sources its product in all 190 countries. They are also the biggest manufacturer of soaps in the world. Currently, Unilever is worth $121.45 billion.

Image Credit: BYonkruud / Shutterstock

Unilever owns one of the most impressive corporate logos. The “U” symbol has smaller symbols within it, making it extremely detailed. Looking closer, you’ll find drawings of D.N.A., fireworks, palm trees, ice creams, and many other small items. All the small details allude to the different sorts of services that Unilever provides.


FedEx created waves by being one of the first companies to offer overnight delivery services. Not only do they provide services worldwide, but they are also one of the most active cargo services in the world. The company went by “Federal Express” from 1973 to 2000.

Image Credit: Elliott Cowand Jr / Shutterstock

“Federal Express” was chopped down to “FedEx” in 1994. Like many other companies, they also incorporated their motto in their logo. If you look closely, you notice the arrow between the gaps of the “X” and the “E.” The arrow alludes to their fast delivery service.


Beginning as a safety razor back in 1901, the company had grown into a giant within 120 years of its existence. Currently, they manufacture many toiletries, including toothbrushes, shaving creams, and various other personal care products. Though they’re mainly famous for their razors.

Image Credit: BalkansCat / Shutterstock

The sharper the razor is, the safer the shaving process will be. Dull blades are hazardous and can cause a multitude of problems. Gillette prides itself on their ultra-sharp products that’ll deliver a smooth cleaning process. This is why the G and I on the packaging look as if they had been sliced through.

Danish Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has released so many different packaging throughout the years and nations. Despite its ever-changing packaging, Coca-Cola consistently kept its white cursive font on the red surface. However, consumers started noticing how one portion of the logo looked identical to the Danish flag.

Image Credit: TadekSolarz / Twitter

Coca-Cola saw the chance struck while the iron was still hot. In 2013, they collaborated with McCann Copenhagen. Around that time, Denmark had also been ranked no.1 as the happiest country by the U.N. In celebration, Coca-Cola started an airport campaign where travelers could take flags from the logo.

Gas Gauge 

This is a hidden secret that’ll help you survive major disasters. Every day approximately 17 thousand car accidents happen in the United States alone. That’s why you should learn every little detail possible about your vehicle — since, even the smallest of mishaps can easily lead to death.

Image Credits: Stanislav Fedashov / Shutterstock

A responsible car owner must always keep track of how much fuel they have left, as well as the tire’s conditions. You cannot just zoom off when you don’t have any fuel. To make matters less complicated, car manufacturers point arrows where the gas cap is. This makes things easier for new car owners.


BMW is one of the best luxury car brands on the market. They are the fourteenth biggest producer of cars in the entire world. The German company was originally an aircraft manufacturer. After the Second World War, they permanently stopped doing that and only created luxury cars.

Image Credit: staticmotorsports.com

There are several speculations about the true meaning of the BMW logo. They’ve had the same checkerboard blue and white pattern since 1929. However, it was later discovered that the logo was an imitation of the Bavarian flag, the state where the journey of BMW started, and where their headquarters is.


Wendy’s is one of America’s iconic and classic fast food joints. They are the third-largest hamburger fast-food chain with 6,711 locations worldwide. The joint is iconic for its signature square meat patties, fries, frosties and chillies. They are most certainly a staple in the lives of almost every American.

Image Credit: R.Y.O. Alexandre / Shutterstock

Wendy’s had the same smiling red-haired girl with braids as their mascot from the start. The redhead was Melinda Lou “Wendy” Thomas, the daughter of the founder Dave Thomas. Interestingly, the stripes and bottom around the mascot’s collar spell out ‘mom.’ It’s an indication that all food is made with the same motherly love.

King of Hearts

Many may say that poker is a luck-based game. However, card players will always argue that you will need certain skills and qualities such as patience and quick thinking. There are many speculations about its ancestry. Many believed it originated from a 10th-century emperor from China. Others think it came from Persia.

Image Credit: Wiki Commons / Enoch Lau / CC BY-SA 3.0

If you are observant, you’ll find that the king of hearts is the only king without a mustache. It’s speculated that an unskilled worker was responsible for this mustache crisis. In the past, cards were manually printed with curved wooden blocks. A worker most likely messed up the carving and missed the mustache.


Oh, how could we ever forget our old friend. Bluetooth was the ultimate media-sharing wireless wonder that assisted us after the 2000s. Technology has evolved ever since, and Bluetooth has seen a decline in usage. However, it is still found in wireless devices such as microphones, speakers, and headphones.

Image Credit: Bluetooth SIG and Lucy Yang / Insider.com

We are all very familiar with the Bluetooth icon. Jim Kardach, the founder of Bluetooth, was researching Vikings’ history during the development of the wireless network. The name was a combination of the Viking alphabet and the Norwegian king Harald V. The logo was formed with old Norse letters that stood for H and B — Harald’s initials.


It is definitely the ultimate party dip in the world. Taco and game nights are never complete without Tostitos’ jarred salsa and tortilla chips. Over the years, the Mexican snack managed to become an American staple. Tortilla chips are a huge subsection of the Tostitos company.

Image Credit: teddyfeed.com

Just tortilla chips alone are amassing over 20 billion dollars worldwide, and Tostitos contributes quite a lot to that. It’s no wonder it was incorporated in their logo. The middle part of the logo looks like two grownups and a child sharing a tortilla. It makes sense since it’s a family snack.

The Power Button

The power button is a familiar sight to all of us who use any form of technology. Those who are reading this article right now can access the power button on their device. The function of it is quite simple. With one push, it will fire up our device or shut it down.

Image Credit: techspot.com

The power button logo is simple. It looks like a circle that had been impaled by a stick. However, in this case, the circle represents ‘0’ and the stick represents ‘1;’ both of the binary digits are used for computer programming. 0 stands for inactivity, while 1 means activity.

Atlanta Falcons

Football fans are most definitely familiar with this sports league. They had been a part of the N.F.L. since 1965. In the 55 years they existed, the falcons won six division championships and appeared in two Super Bowls. The league resides in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Image Credit: dean bertoncelj / Shutterstock

The peregrine falcons are native species in Georgia. The bird of prey was chosen as the mascot due to their focused and determined hunting skills. The league also has its eyes on the prize, just as a falcon keeps its eyes on the prey. The flying falcon also resembles an ‘F.’


Pepsi is another classic in the beverage world. They started their journey in 1893, a whopping 129 years ago. They started off as Brad’s Drink. Within a few years, they donned the name we are all familiar with today — Pepsi. The company is worth more than $155.9 billion.

Image Credit: Zety Akhzar / Shutterstock

Pepsi went through phases of evolution during its long existence. However, they always had the color white, blue, and red in their logo. The Pepsi globe that we see today was remodeled in 2014. The signature tri-colored combination is taken from the U.S.A. national flag.


Toblerone is one of the finest sweet treats that you can buy. The chocolates are widely recognized for their distinctive triangular prism shape. The company is quite old — it was established in 1908, making the chocolate 114 years old.

Image Credit: matsiukpavel / Shutterstock

The triangular shape was derived from the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. The founder thus gave the chocolate its signature shape, and it has remained that way ever since. The Matterhorn is stamped on the packaging. But you’ll also notice the bear ingrained in it. The hometown of the chocolate, Bern, has a wide bear popular.


Sony Vaio started off as a laptop series. They were a commercial success due to their advanced features and sleek design. In February 2014, Vaio became an independent corporation after separating from Sony. They collaborated with Japanese investment firms. Currently, they are more focused on mobile phones than laptops.

Image Credit: Enrique Fernández / Flickr

The company logo is simple yet stylish. Many would credit the attractive logo design for Vaio’s excellent market performance. But it’s more than just visually appealing. The interconnected “V.A.” represents an analog circuit symbol. Meanwhile, the “I.O.” is a digital sign — the opposite of analog circuits.

Statue of Liberty

Despite being a gift from the French, nothing truly defines America like the Statue of Liberty. The 305 feet and one-inch-tall lady liberty had been guarding the New York Harbor since 1886. She is most definitely a key tourist attraction spot in the U.S.A.

Image Credit: TZIDO SUN / Shutterstock

3.5 million visitors gather every year to catch a glimpse of her. Lady Liberty’s most distinctive features are her jade green hue (it was originally golden, though the color has since oxidized), the burning lamp in her head, as well as the seven-pronged crown. The seven spikes on her head stand for the seven continents.


We have all used USB at some point in our lives. It’s amazing how one little cable can make things complicated so fast. USB connects two or devices with the help of specialized cables. Whether it’s charging your phone or transferring data, USB makes things easier.

Image Credit: Golden Sikorka / Shutterstock

The USB symbol is derived from Neptune’s trident. The trident symbolizes power, something that USB offers us. But that’s not all. The square represents ground voltage, and the tiny arrows symbolize data or serial bits. It’ll be a little complicated to understand if you don’t have substantial technical knowledge.


We have all seen the Paramount credits rolling before the movie starts. This is one of the oldest surviving production studios in the world. Only four other studios outranked Paramount as the oldest. Paramount also made history by only releasing movies in digital form since 2014.

Image Credit: Allmy / Shutterstock

The Paramount logo consists of a mountain surrounded by twenty two stars. Originally, they had twenty four stars — all representing the 24 artists signed to the production house back when it first made its Hollywood debut. However, in 1970, the logo went through some changes. Two stars were cut off for unknown reasons.

Toothpaste Tubes

Brushing one’s teeth is crucial to everyone’s personal hygiene. Thus, oral care products such as toothpaste and mouthwashes are a regular part of our cleansing routine. Americans go through 400 million tubes of toothpaste all by themselves. Not doing oral care can lead to a multitude of problems.

Image Credit: teddyfeed.com

Since it’s a very regular and unexciting part of our daily routine, we rarely pay any attention to the toothpaste packaging. You may not have noticed it, but toothpaste tube lines have a stripped and ridged texture. They aren’t mere decoration. Red indicates natural ingredients and chemicals. Meanwhile, black indicates pure chemicals.

Stardust Casino

Built on the famous Las Vegas strip, there was a time when the Stardust Casino was the biggest hotel in the world. The outer space-themed resort was quite a hassle to establish, having to change ownership several times. The resort was also renowned for hosting many entertainers. But Stardust was sadly demolished in 2006.

Image Credit: Wikipedia / Henning Schlottmann / CC BY 1.0

Back in the 1950s, a nuclear testing site was built in Nevada, a few miles away from the Las Vegas strip. Many would gather around the nearby towns of the testing site to watch the explosions happen from a safe distance. Thus, Stardust’s bursting logo is derived from the mushroom cloud of the nukes.


Baskin-Robbins is a beloved ice cream and cake shop. They are credited with being one of the biggest ice cream shop chains in the world, with 800 locations in approximately 50 countries. Now, you can find even find nondairy items there.

Image Credit: Cneo Osman / Shutterstock

Its logo is also a reflection of its roots. The founders, Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, owned separate ice cream shops. In 1953, they collaborated and created Baskin-Robbins with 31 distinctive recipes — one for every day of the month. Thus the logo has a hidden pink 31 as an homage to the original recipes.


Jeeps are widely praised for their durability and spacious design and have been a hit since their introduction 77 years ago. Jeeps are an amazing choice for a family vehicle. The maintenance of the automobile is also within the affordable range. They are especially good for travelers who like to go off-road.

Image Credit: accidentpronehiker / Reddit

Jeeps have a peculiar-looking footrest. Those who are versed in Morse code might immediately recognize the pattern. The code on the footrest actually says “sand, snow, rivers, rock.” This makes sense since Jeeps pride themselves on their durability. They can drive through almost any natural element.

Le Tour De France

Le tour de France is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most prestigious sports competitions around the world. Around the time of Bastille holiday, athletes all around the world gather in France to join this 23-day-long cycling competition. The grand tour is 119 years old, making it one of the oldest traditions.

Image Credit: letour.fr

Le tour de France logo is simple, yet absolutely adorable. If you look closer, you’ll find a person cycling in the logo. Just look at the “our” from the “Tour.” The “r” resembles a person hunching on a bicycle. Meanwhile, the “o” and the orange circle look like the two wheels of a bicycle.


The South Korean automobile manufacturer is one of the biggest car companies globally. Their affordable vehicles are often purchased by middle-class society. Hyundai owns the biggest automobile manufacturing facility in the world — in Ulsan, South Korea. They pump out 1.6 million units per year.

Image Credit: DennisM2 / Flickr

The Hyundai logo consists of a simple slanted “H” in a horizontal oval. It’s a no-brainer that the H stands for Hyundai. However, inspecting closer, you’ll notice the “H” looks like a silhouette of two people shaking hands. This represents Hyundai and their trusting relationship with their consumers.

Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines was founded in 1926. They had hubs in America, Amsterdam, and Japan. Later the airline ceased to exist in 2010 after they were acquired by Delta Airlines. Prior to the merger, it used to be the sixth largest airline worldwide. Due to the merger, Delta became the largest airline in the world.

Image Credit: Wiki Commons / Eddie Maloney / CC BY-SA 2.0

Northwest Airlines altered its logo a few times during its existence. The latest and the final one was donned in 2003. It consisted of the airline initials, with the “n” encircled and an arrow pointing downwards. The circled “n” represents north. Meanwhile, the downward arrow is pointing west — thus cleverly indicating northwest.

Eight of Diamonds

This is another display of something being right under your nose yet you never noticed it. Anyone who dabbles in card games is familiar with the eight of diamonds card. In the field of cartomancy, it stands for independence and hard work. It’s considered a good omen for those who operate businesses.

Image Credit: Photo_for_you / Shutterstock

However, the internet’s metaphoric jaw was on the floor when someone pointed out that there was a hidden 8 in the card. If you look at the negative spaces between the red diamonds, you’ll notice the 8. It’s quite amazing how the card had existed for hundreds of years, yet nobody noticed it till recently.


This is an American nonprofit organization that helps people find employment. They also operate outside of the U.S.A., providing services in countries like South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico. Goodwill has thrift stores that are perfect for those who are on a budget. You’ll find everything from Halloween decorations to creepy dolls.

Image Credit: Jay Skeeba / toledoblade.com

The Goodwill logo consists of a half-smiling face on a blue surface. However, if you look at it further, you’ll notice how the face looks like a “g” — the letter that stands for Goodwill. The logo is an accurate representation of them, as they aspire to bring happiness to those who aren’t as fortunate.