Top 5 Richest Boxers In The Game

By Eric M

Boxing is one of the most brutal games you can ever indulge yourself in. Nonetheless, what do you expect if a lot of money is on the table?

Boxers are among the top paid athletes in the sports world. As a result, some of them have amerced a lot of wealth despite being in the ring only a few times. Here’s an updated ranking of the top 5 richest boxers.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (380M)

Image credits: A.RICARDO / Shutterstock

Floyd Mayweather is a man of his charms and strengths. Besides his successful boxing career, the man is the richest boxer in 2022. He has a net worth of around $380 million. He has landed endorsement and sponsorship deals combined to raise this figure. Floyd Mayweather will become one of the greatest boxers ever to live.

George Foreman ($250M)

George Foreman is the second wealthiest boxer in 2022. He is a retired boxer but still rocking the cheques! His net worth is $250 million.

The American earned the nickname Big George from his stature – He is 6ft 3 inches in height. In 81 professional career games, George Foreman has won 76!

Manny Pacquiao ($200M)

Famous after the legendary match between him and Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao is not a new name in the boxing industry. He has numerous achievements to his name and, interestingly, is also a politician. His net worth is estimated to be about $200 million.

Among his numerous achievements, Manny Pacquiao is has won three world titles in the eight boxing weight divisions.

Oscar De la Hoya ($200M)

Image credits: Eugene Powers / Shutterstock

The 48-year-old Oscar De la Hoya is the fourth-richest bóxer in the world right now. He has had a total of 45 professional matches and has won 39 of them. He has dual citizenship as an American and Mexican.

Oscar De La Hoya’s net worth is roughly $200 million.

Lennox Lewis ($140M)

Lennox Lewis is a dual-national boxer with Canadian and British citizenship. He is a retired boxer and has an estimated net worth of around $140 million. He is nicknamed ‘Lion’ and has won several titles in Commonwealth, British and European competitions.