Get Animated With 43 Funny Sports Memes For All Fans

By Peace L

Internet memes have become a large part of our daily lives. The right meme can make you laugh hard and put you in a cheerful mood. One of the communities that have massively adopted the use of memes is the sports community. Regardless of what sport you enjoy, there are many memes and meme wars related to the sport. Fans of one particular team in a sport create memes to mock and tease the opposition. These fans also make memes to praise their favorite players and officials in the sport. This piece contains 40+ sports memes that fans will cheer for! We have covered all sports from soccer to American football and even baseball – no team or player is safe under our watch!

Constant Through the Years

All these incredible Spider-Men standing in a circle and pointing to each other realize that they’re all the same person – Peter Parker. This exact illustration describes the Cleveland Browns. All through the 2010s, this team has remained the same. 

Source: NFLMEMES_IG / Instagram 

The meme wouldn’t be considered hostile if the Browns had been consistently good. However, that isn’t the case. In fact, this team has consistently been the worst. One saving feature that the league team has is their recognized formidable offense.

Baseball Fans Getting Benched 

The message in this meme means no disrespect. Football fans don’t care about whatever happened in the baseball world series. Congratulations to the world series winner, but it’s time to watch some football. The baseball fans probably didn’t care about football updates to be fair.

Source: NFL_Memes / Twitter 

Baseball fans couldn’t feel offended because this meme can relate to everything else that isn’t football. Other sports may not matter right now to anyone just interested in streaming their live seasonal football matches – or even being physically present at the stadium. 

It’s Like They Never Left 

When certain players become so prominent in the sport, it’s common for some fans to be loyal to them. Tom Brady is an excellent example of this. He played so well for the New England Patriots and eventually created a massive following for himself.  

Source: NFL_Memes / Twitter 

When Tom Brady was leaving the Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a considerable number of fans joined him. Their loyalty was however tested when the Patriots went on to crush their rivals in the league – some fans that earlier left with Brady returned to the Patriots. 

You Win Some. You Lose Some

Taking a first look at this meme, you can already tell that someone’s feeling sad. That is usually the typical reaction when your favorite sports team loses a match – whether they deserved to or not. In this case, the New England Patriots fans are suffering this sadness. 


In last year’s game against the Tennessee Titans, the New England Patriots suffered a defeat. Regardless of how bad the fans and team felt, they’ll eventually have to get over it. They should get in a better mood and be ready to win new games. 

How Many Goals Can You Save?

This meme is one that’ll crack you up. Someone took the meme from an episode of the popular animated The Simpsons TV series. In the picture, we see a hockey player tied to the goalposts – most likely with the idea that he’ll save the most goals that way. 


Reading this meme’s meaning, one would think that the Maple Leafs haven’t been saving enough goals. However, that isn’t so accurate. The team’s goalie has performed well in terms of goal-saving. This meme probably just exists to pull the legs of Maple Leaf fans. 

Playing for the Opposition?

Is Connor McDavid really playing for the Coyotes? No, he isn’t. In the game that this meme refers to, McDavid’s landing on that bench wasn’t intentional. Regardless, it’s a hilarious meme for fans on both teams (the Oilers and the Coyotes). 


What happened that led to this meme was an accident. In an attempt to avoid crashing into other players, the athlete (McDavid) dived off the court and ended up in the Coyotes’ seat. As fate would have it, a great meme has now been created to put smiles on the faces of ice hockey enthusiasts worldwide. 

We’ve Not Forgotten Football

This meme’s meaning is easy to read. It applies to different sports and their fans. In this particular meme, both basketball and football lovers are being addressed. The basketball season will typically attract a huge following, but what happens once it ends? 


For those who also watch football, it’s time to put aside basketball and pick up football. The football season also attracts a massive following and gives many people joy. Putting basketball aside at the season’s end doesn’t mean you love one sport more than the other. 

Sports are Safer on the Couch 

Humans have participated in various sports for many years. Regardless of what sport is available in your region, you’ll have become a fan of one – so long as you’re a sports lover. However, being a sports lover could mean actively doing sports or just supporting one.  

Source: OfficialPDC / Twitter 

In this meme, Homer Simpson shows his love for sports (from the comfort of his couch). Not everyone is interested in physically catching a football or swinging a baseball bat. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t genuinely enjoy or support the sports.

Education for the Body

Sometimes, the same thing can look different when said in different ways – this meme is the perfect example. Both “sports” and “education for the body” refer to the same thing. However, the facial expressions of Winnie the Pooh are different when either of these things is said. 


You may prefer the sleeker term on the bottom half of the meme to the upper half. Back in the days of Physical Education classes, the sports experience may not have been the best. However, when we think of what we did back then as “education for the body,” it does sound cool. 

Ronaldo or Messi? 

Both Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are huge stars of European football. Both of these players have played excellently in their careers as footballers and inevitably gathered massive fan bases. However, their fans always seem to clash about who’s the better player. 

Source: ph.FAB / Shutterstock 

This meme compares both players to Tom and Jerry. Tom and Jerry are cartoon characters from our childhood, and they were always fighting each other. However, the meme says, “Jerry always wins in the end” – it’s pretty clear that the creator of this meme is a Messi fan. 

Want to Know the Future? Ask The Simpsons 

In the meme world, The Simpsons TV show has become very popular. One of the things The Simpsons is really popular for is how accurately they predict certain events before they happen. In this meme, The Simpsons have made another fantastic prediction. 

Source: NFL Memes / Twitter 

Homer sits on a couch across from the TV displaying the final scores of a match. The final game score shows that the Denver Broncos had 19 points against the Seahawks (with only 14 points). Believe it or not, this scoreline happened nine years later. 

See You Later 

Sports are a lot of fun and provide great entertainment – unfortunately, they aren’t for everyone. Certain people just don’t care about the sports world. This is a normal phenomenon in several other aspects of life – like politics, news, technology, and more. 


So what happens when the others talk about sports, and you know nothing about it? Take a look at this meme. It’s quite funny how Homer fades quietly into the bush behind him. That’s how you leave a conversation you aren’t interested in – quietly. 

The Wait is Over 

As a football lover, it’s always a great time whenever the NFL season is on. Every one, who’s a fan, looks forward to the awesome games on Sundays. However, these sweet fixtures usually grind to a halt once the season ends. 

Source: NFL Memes / Twitter 

What do you do when your favorite game fixtures are taken off the table for weeks? Because the wait can feel so long and tedious, it’s expected that football fans should be super excited when the Sunday games are back. 

Wait a Minute; They’re that Good?

Sometimes, you can’t tell how good an athlete someone is by just looking at them. Some look like they’ll be bad at sports until they start playing. This meme says it all. If you do your research, you’ll realize that several people have become stars after being looked down on before.   

Source: icsnaps / Shutterstock

You may have had a similar experience to this. A nerd in the class that hasn’t been given a chance to play the sport eventually gets picked to play for the team. It is at that moment that everyone’s opinion of that individual changes. 

The Legs do all the Gyming 

You know how there’s a common idea that several gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders focus on their upper bodies and fail to work on their legs? There’s a similar idea that’s the reverse for soccer players. This meme explains it clearly. 

Source: Naiy / Tumblr 

The typical soccer player will have well-defined legs, while their upper body barely meets up with the lower half. This can be expected as soccer players mainly use their legs in the sport. Regardless of that, it shouldn’t stop them from working on their upper bodies too. 

It’s Easier When You Know About It 

Have you ever tried to watch a sport that you know nothing about? It can be difficult. Even if you had a pro explaining to you while watching it, you’ll probably still struggle to understand. It’s normal to experience this – as most people have several sports whose rules they don’t get.  


If you eventually develop an interest in learning the sport, you can always work towards understanding its rules – It’ll just take you some time. After watching a good number of games, you’ll eventually become knowledgeable enough to watch the sport seamlessly. 

I Love You

Not only do we love sports, but we also love players of the sports. It’s normal to develop a liking for specific players. It may be because of their skill, charisma, looks, etc. Whatever the reasons are for liking your favorite player, you’d always be excited to watch them play. 

Source: Discussing Film / Twitter 

Even when your favorite athlete isn’t playing a game, you’d still like to see them doing other things. Fans follow their sports idols on various social media platforms – even after retiring from the sport. Seeing how much love fans have for their sports icons can be impressive. 

Let It Go!

To easily explain this meme, we’ll make a reference to soccer and its rules. In a soccer game, the last team to touch the ball before it goes outside has to forfeit the throw to the other team. Get it? 

Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios / YouTube 

If a teammate keeps going for a ball that the opposition has pushed outside, you’ll be compelled to yell, “let it go!”. If that teammate eventually touches the ball last before it goes out, your team would have missed a clear chance to get a throw-in advantage. 

The Simpsons Doesn’t Miss, Does It? 

The popular Simpsons TV show has unbelievably predicted events with high accuracy on many occasions. In this meme, an episode of the Simpsons depicts the Buffalo Bills present at the 2020 playoffs as qualified contenders – and that isn’t all. 

Source: Still from episode / FOX

The meme also shows that the stadium is empty – with only Homer and another fan in the seats. Funny enough, the exact thing happened at the playoffs when the governor decided to keep most fans out of the stadium. 

Another Tom and Jerry Meme 

In most sports, there are usually strong rival teams. For whatever reason, fans of both teams constantly war about whose team is better. In this meme, the rival teams are Real Madrid and Barcelona. Soccer lovers will understand that this is no little rivalry. 

Source: Juan R. Velasco / Shutterstock and DeviantArt 

The meme rightly compares both teams to Tom and Jerry. Both cartoon characters are known to fight each other constantly. The meme also says that they can’t live without each other. Inevitably, even though both soccer teams fight, they still share some good moments. 

You Can’t Escape Getting Older 

An athlete’s prime is in no doubt in his youth. When athletes are still in their 20s, you can expect their best career performances. However, once they start getting older (entering the mid-30s and beyond), their peak performance begins to drop.  

Source: NFL_Memes / Twitter 

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have had their best years in the sport. However, since aging is inevitable, these athletes are not as good as years ago. The decline in their abilities was quite evident from their performance during their first match with Saints as the opposing team. 

England Vs. Ireland 

This one is a particular meme. Internet users that have attempted searching for memes relating to England vs. Ireland in sports events usually turn up empty-handed. You may get disappointed if you’ve just witnessed an exciting match that needs to be topped off with a meme. 

Source: Reddit / zacharyheidenreich 

This dilemma is because the Irish War of Independence dominates Google search entries. So if you went and typed England vs. Ireland in Google, you’ll get several pages of feedback concerning the war. You’ll have to do a more specific search to get the memes you desire. 

Early Retirement

Certain athletes have had to make an early career retirement for one reason or another. Andrew Luck is one of such athletes. In his prime, this quarterback was a shining star. Because of how well he played, it was inevitable for his retirement to hurt fans.


This SpongeBob meme illustrates the untimely retirement of Andrew from the sport – even though he may not have said the same thing in the meme. Regardless of the hurt some teammates and fans felt when he left, the athlete’s excellence in the sport should be celebrated.

Guess The Ref Didn’t See That 

Different rules are applied in sports to ensure fairness to all participating teams. In a situation where the referee is meant to penalize your team for a fowl, and he doesn’t, you’ll feel happy. This meme shows players’ happiness when they get away with a foul. 

Source: Rahulus / YouTube 

The “no-touch” call is frequently heard in volleyball games. This meme would appeal greatly to fans of the sport. One can’t blame the referees – they’re single individuals who can’t observe every moment of the game. There’ll be times when it favors your team, and other times when it favors the opposition. 

Gimme My Money!

Sports betting is one of the many things that fans engage in. You can place bets with a proper betting company or do it amongst your friends. The joy of winning a bet against a friend is depicted in this meme. You can stake different things in such bets. 


You can bet on different things in sports – which players will be penalized for fowls, final score lines, and more. Winning a sports bet makes you feel like you know your stuff – it may also feel like pure luck sometimes. However, that feeling of happiness is sure. 

Just Admit It

This meme is designed to appeal to non-football lovers. A fan of the sport will try to convince an uninterested individual that they’re missing out on something spectacular. By choosing football, they’ll have successfully quenched a thirst that has been there. 


SpongeBob stares at a glass of iced water till he’s dried from thirst and eventually admits that he needs the water in this meme. The meme compares that iced glass of water to football. So why deny yourself the satisfaction of watching football? Start today!

Fantasy Football is Important

In this meme, Homer approaches two similar situations very differently. In the first half, he sleeps while claiming to plan for his future. However, in the second half, he stands focused in front of a blackboard as he draws up complex plans for his fantasy football playoff run.   


Fantasy football is a game that has become very popular. Lovers of the game show a remarkable level of dedication to winning. Hence, the meme correctly depicts the charisma of some fantasy football gamers when playing – in comparison to other life matters. 

The Good, Bad, and Ugly 

Sports coaches play a huge role in the success of their teams. Different coaches will have their kind of approach towards helping their team win – they could be really nice or very strict. In this meme, we can see a general depiction of what tennis, soccer, and basketball coaches are like. 


The depicted demeanors of these different coaches are accurate when you think about it. The general perception of tennis coaches is that they’re the nicest guys. Soccer coaches aren’t the nicest, but they aren’t the worst either. Basketball coaches are perceived as the most demanding guys. 

In a Bit

Seeing how SpongeBob is patiently seated and seemingly deep in thought, one can easily understand this meme. If you aren’t a baseball fan, you’d feel out of place during baseball season. You won’t be able to engage in the baseball talks when that’s all everyone else can talk about.  


As a football fan, it may seem like the NFL and NCAA seasons are still far away. However, you’ll just need to exercise a little patience. While waiting for your favorite sports season to begin, you can enjoy binging highlights of old games you enjoyed. 

Let’s Test Your Knowledge 

It takes a certain level of NFL knowledge to crack this meme. Those who are big enthusiasts of the sport shouldn’t have a problem understanding the meme’s message. If you aren’t an NFL fan, or you’re simply unable to understand it, you may have to call on a pro friend.

Source: Bikini_Btm_News / Twitter 

Understanding this one should crack you up. The character in the meme is Squidward from SpongeBob. So what’s he doing on a football field? The answer to this question lies before your very eyes. Find it and have a nice laugh. 

Sundays are Boring Without Football

Football fans can instantly connect with this meme once they see it. The unmistakable look of sadness on Homer’s face depicts how fans of the sport may feel when it’s Sunday without NFL games. But what can we do about it?  


Like Homer, you can lie in bed feeling sad or cheer yourself up with recordings of past football games. It would be great if games were fixed for every Sunday of the year, but that’s not possible. Once the season is over, Sundays won’t have any matches. 

A Simpsons Meme for Neymar 

If you watch The Simpsons, you’ll be able to catch so many of these meme moments in different show episodes. The animated series has done it again, with Neymar being the reference. In this episode, Brazil’s national team goes to the world cup with their top player – El Divo. 

Source: Simpsons Best Moments / YouTube 

In the picture, El Divo is injured during a world cup match. Neymar found himself in a similar situation when he got badly injured in Brazil’s world cup match against Colombia. The star player was unable to compete for the rest of the cup. 

A Super Bowl Win in the Stone Age 

This is one hilarious meme. It says that the Kansas Chiefs celebrated their last Super Bowl win (before 2020) in the Stone Age – that’s quite an exaggeration. However, the message is quite clear. This simply means that the team hasn’t secured any Super Bowl win in a very long time. 


Before their well-deserved win in 2020, the team’s last win was in 1970 – that’s a long time ago, right? Regardless of what people may say, the facts remain that this team has destroyed the dry spell that possessed their team for decades. 

Squidward Plays Football

Spongebob fans will instantly recognize the squid-like athlete in this meme. That’s Squidward – Spongebob’s neighbor. Squidward, who most people mistake for a squid, is actually an octopus. Did you know that? Look at that, some sport and Spongebob trivia in the same article.


The meme jokes about what this football game can alternatively be called. It’s Squidward playing football – so “Squid Games” can go. The joke is funnier if you’ve seen the popular Netflix show called Squid Games – although they played completely different games from what Squidward is playing here.

Football or Family? Make Your Choice 

Should this be up for debate? For serious football fans, nothing will keep them from enjoying the season’s games. There’s always lots of excitement in the football community whenever a new season starts. Wife and the kids want to go to church? Sorry Hunny, no can do.


It would be wonderful if the entire family shared a love for the sport. That way, everyone gets to enjoy the games together. However, if that isn’t the case, it’s still okay. Friends and family of football fans will know when to let them enjoy their favorite teams’ play.

How Rare are Good Refs? 

A referee’s decision during a soccer game can influence the match’s final outcome. For this reason, it’s common for fans to be displeased with a referee’s performance. However, referees are just human, and they can’t make perfect judgments during games. 

Source: Lolsimphsom / Facebook

There are times when fans may feel like the referee is intentionally out to frustrate their team. All these combined reasons make it feel like it’s a rare occurrence for the referee to actually be great. Regardless of what the referee does in a game, fans should keep encouraging their team.

Name Change Anyone?

These Winnie The Pooh memes are quite hilarious. This one in particular works for so many situations. Winnie doesn’t look like he cares much in the upper half of the meme. However, in the lower half, his facial expression shows an obvious level of interest.  

Source: imgflip 

The uninterested facial expression of Winnie is observed when “Super Bowl” is said. A name change to “Superb Owl” makes Winnie more interested. So what do we settle for? We’ll need to choose the latter if we want to satisfy the cartoon bear.

Watching a Super Bowl in The Stone Age 

Do you think they had Super Bowls in the stone age? Probably not. However, this meme says that the Dallas Cowboys fans viewed their last victory from the comfort of stone couches. We can all agree that this is an exaggeration, although the message is clear.

Source: Marcia Snook / Pinterest 

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in decades – precisely 26 years. Being a team fan isn’t so easy when they’ve failed to secure a win in so long. However, true team lovers will keep showing their love and support. 

Slow Down Coach

Grasping new things can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’re already working hard to keep up with something else. Coaches are charged with drilling their team until they become formidable in their sport – So what’s all the fuss in this meme?  

Source: 9gag 

The meme shows a look of surprise and some terror on a minion’s face when the coach announces a “new drill.” Imagine a squad that has been working hard on some set of drills, and then the coach says he wants them to try something new – they’d most likely share the same look with the minion. 

Oh, You’re a Cowboys Fan

Once the football season ends, football fans will have a dull waiting period till another one begins – this is especially hard for people who are only football fans. With this in mind, the first half of the meme accurately captures the excitement that most fans feel when a new season arrives. 


However, what happens when the team you support hasn’t won any Super Bowls in decades? That’s what the second half of the meme addresses. Once the new season arrives, Cowboys fans may not be the most enthusiastic football lovers. 

Ever Been Hit By a Baseball? 

This meme is hilarious. Being hit by a baseball is quite serious, but this meme constructs the scenario in a way that’ll crack you up. The facial expression on Spongebob is already enough to make you laugh – now read what the meme says. 


The idea of someone staring at an approaching baseball till it gets in their face is funny. It gets funnier when the person keeps wondering why the ball is becoming larger – it’s about to hit you, dummy! Anyways, anyone hit by a baseball should seek medical assistance asap. 

Whose Side are You Really On? 

It hurts when the team you support is getting destroyed by the opposition. Have you ever felt like you want to change sides mid-game? Well, that’s what has happened with Homer in this game. He’s supporting one team in the game’s first quarter and comes out supporting another in the 4th. 


The team Homer supports in the first quarter is the Denver Broncos (look at his shirt). However, he disappears into the bushes behind him for the 2nd quarter and comes out with a Seahawks’ shirt in the 4th quarter. In that game, the Broncos lost to the Seahawks. 

Another Simpsons Prediction?

Seeing that this is another Simpsons football meme, you may be wondering if this is another one of their famous predictions. The truth is, this isn’t a prediction. The creator of this meme tweaked the original shot from the cartoon episode. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

He made the change to the scoreboard in the background. The original scoreboard showed Boston vs. Springfield. The New England Patriots have won 34 points against the Falcons (with 28 points) in this revised version.