SI Swimsuit Model Gigi Robinson’s Stand On Mental Health And Body Image Is Inspiring

By Peter C

Gigi Robinson may only be known as a social influencer, entrepreneur, podcast host, and photographer, but the 24-year-old won many’s hearts for speaking about her chronic illness and using her platform to educate people about the issue.

Image credits: itsgigirobinson / Instagram

It is not farfetched why Robinson seems passionate about this subject; at age 11, she was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a connective tissue disorder. So, she has had the experience and knows how it feels to be in such a condition.

Whoever has been following her podcasts would attest to the fact that this is just the least of the many positive contributions Robinson is making. In one of her recent podcasts titled Everything You Need Is Within, Robinson sought the collaboration of some well-known experts to discuss and draw awareness around vital subjects like body image, content creation, and mental health.

With her incredible followership on TikTok and her presence on other popular social media platforms, Robinson has since launched a campaign to educate patients, students, and others struggling with their body image.

Image credits: itsgigirobinson / Instagram

In one of her recent interviews, Robinson recounted her struggles living with EDS and its negative impact on her body, particularly her emotions and mental health. To overcome the situation, she revealed how she had to challenge herself to think differently. She discussed how she lives every day by her own life motto, saying, “I live by the saying ‘what someone else thinks of you is, frankly, none of your business.'”