Celebrity Hairstylist Chris Appleton Shares A Glimpse Of His Workout Routine

By Peter C

We live at a time when people are encouraged to pay more attention to their fitness and overall health. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton understands the importance of keeping fit always, and he’s ready to give whatever it takes.

Image credits: chrisappleton1 / Instagram

The beauty pro, who is famous for being the sought-after of most American celebrities, stunned his followers after sharing a glimpse of his fitness journey. Many of his fans were surprised to see the celebrity hairstylist crushing his workout with passion.

In a viral video on TikTok and Instagram, Appleton could be seen alongside his trainer Zach Powell engaging in a serious workout. The viral video shows Appleton crushing some Ab Curls exercises. What was more exciting about the video was how he balanced a 25-pound weight plate on his knees.

With the intensity of the workout, it is safe to say that Appleton had been hitting the gym months before the video surfaced. Some exercises accompanying the session include diamond sit-ups, weighted tuck-ups, seated knee tucks, and hanging twisting ab curls.

Image credits: chrisappleton1 / Instagram

This simply shows that Appleton prioritizes his physical fitness just as much as his hairstyling career. Before the video surfaced, the Los Angeles-based hairstylist shared vital tips about his fitness routine. There was a time he revealed his favorite upper body workout. Surprisingly, Appleton shared his experience earlier this month about his progress with his high-intensity cardio workout.