5 Interesting Facts About Bowling

By Peter C

Bowling remains one of the most exciting sports worldwide. The sport is for everybody and doesn’t require a lot of technical skills, which explains why it is still the No. 1 most played sport among Americans.

Although bowling seems very simple, we bet there are certain things you still do not know about the sport. So, if you’re curious about this underrated sport, keep scrolling.

Image credits: Steven Cordes / Unsplash

1. Bowling’s Origin Traced To Egypt

Recent archeological findings traced the origin of bowling back to ancient Egypt. They believed the Egyptians who lived around 5000 B.C.E. participated in a sport similar to bowling. The archeologists excavated the tomb of an Egyptian child and found nine stone pieces and one stone ball. This, they believed, shared some similarities with bowling.

2. Bowling Rules

As of today, bowling is one of the most interesting sports that is enjoying the participation of millions of people worldwide. Sadly, the rules of the game are not the same everywhere. In some places, for instance, the game features a fewer number of pins. However, the National Bowling Association is doing everything in its capacity to address this.

3. America Has More Bowlers Than Any Other Country

Aside from the 1.2 million professional bowlers who play bowling annually, a whopping 70 million Americans play bowling for fun every year. The American Bowling Congress monitors many bowling leagues, which explains why people participate more in bowling than other sports.

Image credits: Marc Mueller / Unsplash

4. Choose an Appropriate Ball

Bowling balls come in different sizes, and it is for a reason. To have a better grip on the ball and so that you can toss the ball comfortably,  it is crucial to choose wisely. The perfect ball for you is about 10 percent of your body weight.

5. Burn Some Calories

Bowling is also a form of exercise that helps you burn a lot of calories. Do you wish to lose some weight? Then bowling might be the perfect sport for you.