Forehand Smash: How To Master This Table Tennis Technique

By Peter C

One of the most commonly used strokes in table tennis is the forehand smash, but what is it really all about?

Image courtesy of @shvets-production / Pexels

Most tennis players always try to finish off the point with a forehand smash during a match. It is not as easy as it appears on paper because it requires mastery and an excellent technique to execute it well.

A forehand smash is well carried out when the incoming ball gains a more significant bounce. You should make sure you use state-of-the-art paddle rubber in order to create a better shot.

A greater bounce will enable you to drive the ball downward with full speed by swinging the paddle at shoulder height.

Steps to increase execution of a forehand smash

Backswing: Involves rotating your body to the side. A perfect backswing creates a dependable and thorough foundation for your forehand to excel in a match.

Ready to Strike: Adjust to the ideal paddle-ball connection. Make sure that you are already in a great position to strike, and then rotate your body with a forward movement while you put the body weight on the front foot.

Image courtesy of @olly / Pexels

Follow-Through: This is when you properly guide the ball and bring it out to the full potential needed. Players must be leaning forward while hitting a forehand smash in order to get the best results.

Best Practice to Improve Your Forehand Smash