High-Performance Sports: The Importance Of Having A Winning Mentality

By Peter C

The key to achieving a winning attitude in high-performance sports is motivation. You should know that effective motivation is not all about a sweet, inviting, one-off talk by a powerful speaker.

Image credit: @anastasia-shuraeva / Pexels

Instead, an effective motivation is a lifestyle. People who are genuinely motivated live in a manner in which they are encouraged to attain excellence in all their endeavors.

Make use of this simple yet effective exercise

Gather athletes together before training and have them make a paper plane. Make a plane yourself so they can see how you want them to go about the task.

Then, give them three minutes to complete the task while observing the athletes’ performances during the task.

It is improbable that every athlete will make the paper plane the same way. Look out for that one, or two, or three athletes that will perfectly shape out their little paper place, even giving it nice-looking designs.

This is the attitude athletes and coaches have to promote, i.e., the attitude to give your best and do every little thing the best way you can.

Image credit: @jeffreyflin / Unsplash

Most successful athletes have mastered this ability to determine goals and then plan and manage the process of getting to that goal.

Goal setting and management are necessary for athletes to learn and use in their daily routines.

For instance, if your athlete’s goal is to get good grades in his upcoming Chemistry exam, the solution he needs to come up with is to study for the text. If your athlete’s goal is to go on a date with a girl, he’ll create a plan to woo her.

And this is how you will help your athletes develop a winning attitude.