George Miller: Scotland’s Oldest Gold Medalist

By Toby T

Miller, 75, is the lead director for Melanie Innes, an athlete who won the B2/B3 mixed pairs bowls for Scotland and defeated Wales in the finals.

While basking in the glory of earning the title of oldest gold medalist in the competition, the man found the time to encourage people, both young and older, to participate in sports.

According to Miller, hard work had been a significant factor in his team’s success, with the team winning all their games with flying colors.

@shvetsa / Pexels

Both athletes have visual impairments. Miller and Ewing, as directors, assist the players by allowing them to visualize the field of play, explaining the angle and distance of the bowl from the jack, and helping them find a line. Miller’s assistance, according to Innes, was invaluable. 

Since there was a 75-year-old on each side, the recent award event was sure to crown a new oldest victor, with Wales’ Gordon Llewellyn being only five months younger than the Scottish director. Scotland was victorious in the end. Miller did not indicate that an endpoint was in sight as the group digested their victory.

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When their 72-year-old Scottish teammate Rosemary Lenton and 58-year-old Pauline Wilson won the women’s pairs competition two days prior, they broke the previous record. Lenton thinks going outside and interacting with others is more of a social activity that accumulates to give them the successful results they have achieved.

He believes that people shouldn’t just sit and wait for things to come their way. People must put forth the effort to do so.