Reasons To Toughen Your Training For A Competition

By Toby T

If you’re an athlete and you participate in a competition, you must’ve probably experienced a thing that is pretty common among athletes: you struggled to win even though you train constantly.

You may struggle to compete or perform at your best in a competition because of insufficient training. Lots of people don’t realize this but they need to train much harder in the weeks or days before the competition.

Here are six reasons why you should train harder than is necessary for competition.

It helps you be ready for the unexpected

Because the nature of competition is that the unexpected will happen, it is crucial to prepare for the unexpected, anticipates how to manage it effectively, and be ready to deal with whatever challenge.

Therefore, if your training regimen is restricted to what is logically expected, you may be competitive, but you won’t often succeed.

@karsten116 / Unsplash

Increases Confidence

An athlete needs to consistently out-train everyone they will encounter in their intended competition. And this is something they must force their minds and bodies to do.

Competing Emotions

The emotional aspects of competition determine whether a competitor succeeds or fails. This is because physical preparation techniques and training methods are remarkably similar worldwide.

To gain a true competitive advantage, an athlete must maintain composure, control, and calm during competition while performing their “job,” regardless of the circumstances.

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TUF (Training Under Fatigue)

Every sport has a vital technical component. However, being able to execute good techniques during training is insufficient. To win, you must be able to perform technically excellently under fatigue, pressure, and at high speeds repeatedly.

Overcoming adversity and difficulty

Tough training helps you to prepare to win anywhere, at any time, against anyone, and in any circumstance. Your opponents will try to defeat you regardless of your feelings, so you must train hard to overcome any challenge, difficulty, or adversity and still come out on top.

It prepares you for the competitive environment you will encounter

The training aims to prepare you to meet and overcome the demands of any competitive situation you will face physically, mentally, technically, tactically, and in any other way.